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"Economist" Zhai Shanying swindled billions with "blockchain" and ran away? It's absolutely lawless

Time : 09/10/2021 Author : 95kmhn Click : + -
        Those who click on this title to enter, don't doubt their eyes. You're right. It's an "economist" who has run away with billions of money. Moreover, Zhai Shanying has millions of fans on social platforms, and he is also known as the two famous mouthpieces in the critical circle together with Sima Nan. Why so many fans? Because this man was the embodiment of justice before, he exposed too many financial scams on social platforms and let many people avoid the fire pit, so many people believed his words deeply, and he was also called "the economist of the people", which now seems to be a kind of irony. So far, some people can't believe it, and Zhai Shanying ran away, but he also publicly posted a video saying that he ran away, and mocked investors, saying: you are stupid to be cheated.
        This is simply too fearless. The sentence "finance is fraud" came from a positive energy economist, from the so-called "people's economist", and it also said the words of killing people's hearts. If you are cheated because you are stupid, you will continue to be cheated. Those cheated users may really want to thank Mr. Zhai for this unique class, which is really unforgettable. And Zhai Shanying is very good at pretending to be himself. The titles he said before may look fake now, just a means of fraud. As an economist, he didn't study the economy, but also began to build blockchain and counted a BSc point project.
        A box miner was also developed. The miner cost less than 100 yuan, but the price was 88000. It is said that selling boxes alone has sold more than 1 billion. This so-called cloud box is an ordinary iron box, online G memory module. This kind of thing doesn't say 100 yuan, even 88 yuan is too expensive, but it can sell for tens of thousands of yuan? The leeks' money is really easy to cut. No wonder Zhai Shanying wants to say that you are stupid. In this way, Zhai Shanying completed the final harvest through the blockchain, and ran away directly with billions of money. This money was built on the hard-earned money of leeks who believed master Zhai's nonsense. It can be seen that no one can be trusted in the investment market. This is a bloody lesson. I hope investors can take this as a warning.
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