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System development NFT trading platform | how should companies and creators enter NFT?

Time : 19/07/2022 Author : 6vc4w5 Click : + -
        This program is "new economy" and "financie", talking with various experts about "nextbigthing!" Develop NFT trading platforms in future business systems, such as Web3, blockchain, encrypted assets, etc., metasphere and creator economy. It is a collaborative podcast program system development NFT trading platform. In the third scene, we welcomed Mr. coomotoiayake, who is familiar with Mr. Paji (paji.eth) and tokyotakumode, on twitter. From the NFT project we are currently focusing on, "what kind of future will NFT create?" we will provide the first part you talked about.
        "Financie" is a new crowdfunding service, which uses blockchain support to buy tokens for sports teams and individuals. At financier, you can buy tokens for more than 100 events, focusing on the tokens of professional sports teams such as football J League, baseball, basketball, ice hockey and table tennis. In addition, token buyers can participate in activities and benefits according to the project. Please install "financie" smartphone app on IOS or Android to enjoy a new rescue experience. "Your dream becomes everyone's property" financie.
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