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Blockchain video subtitles,Beijing: a series of policies to optimize the business environment will be launched one after another

Time : 05/08/2021 Author : impsfd Click : + -
        Beijing, March 28 - according to the Beijing Municipal Administration of government affairs service, on March 27, the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People's Congress voted to adopt the Beijing Regulations on optimizing the business environment. In combination with the relevant policies on optimizing the business environment reform, in order to let more business people know and enjoy the changes and dividends brought about by the business environment reform, The Beijing Municipal Administration of government services will launch a series of micro videos to interpret policies to optimize the business environment. How to use electronic licenses to achieve undocumented "face brushing" services? How to realize convenient communication with judges? What can we do with blockchain for government services in Haidian District& hellip;& hellip; These questions are answered by the upcoming micro video.
        Focusing on the business environment reform version 3.0 of the new deal, the micro video content focuses on government services such as blockchain applications to benefit enterprises and facilitate the people, refines policy points and cores, and focuses on the actual problems, key links, workflow and operation steps solved by the new deal. It is mainly in the form of animation, which is produced and launched in batches by adding original animation elements, together with words, explanations, scenes, cases and other forms. For the content suitable to be displayed in charts, it will also be combined with the video to make a picture to understand and work operation flow chart, which will be integrated and published on the window of the capital website, so as to make an easy to read, concise and clear interpretation of the city's business environment policy. It is understood that after the end of the epidemic, the way of live explanation will be adopted according to the situation, integrating short video news reports and Muke video production technology to enrich the video content.
        At the same time, the service measures for foreign-funded enterprises will also be accompanied by English subtitles for bilingual interpretation.
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