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Onenew Financial Daily: the registration of youkede technology innovation board was approved; Shenzhen Stock Exchange releases Shenzhen blockchain 50 Index

Time : 11/08/2021 Author : znt7vi Click : + -
        On December 24, the State Council issued opinions on further stabilizing employment. The opinions mentioned that the targeted RRR reduction policy of Inclusive Finance should be implemented, and the funds released should focus on supporting the financing of private enterprises and small and micro enterprises. Encourage enterprises to absorb employment. Reduce the conditions for small and micro enterprises to apply for entrepreneurial guarantee loans. In that year, the proportion of newly recruited qualified personnel in the existing employees was reduced to 20%, and the proportion of more than 100 employees was reduced to 10%. For enterprises that absorb registered unemployed people for employment for more than half a year, sign labor contracts for more than one year and pay social insurance according to the regulations, conditional regions can give one-time employment subsidies, and the implementation period is from January 1 to December 31, 2020.
        On December 24, the Publicity Department of the Long'an county Party committee of Nanning City, Guangxi Province said that recently, some criminals took the opportunity to hype the concept of blockchain, and under the banner of responding to national industrial policies, carrying out entrepreneurial innovation or "financial innovation" and "blockchain technology", illegally absorbed public funds in the name of the so-called "virtual currency", "blockchain mall" and "blockchain game", infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the public. For clues suspected of illegal fund-raising and crimes, you can actively report to the local non department, and you can also directly submit relevant criminal clues to the public security organ. Once the clues are proved to be effective and adopted, you can get corresponding reporting rewards. On December 24, the Dalian banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued 11 fines one day, including three companies, including Sunshine Property Insurance, Ping An Bank and people's life insurance of China.
        Among them, Sunshine Property Insurance received 4 tickets, a total of 390000 yuan was fined, and the relevant person in charge was warned; Ping An Bank received 4 tickets and was fined 500000 yuan, and 3 relevant principals were warned; The people's life insurance company of China received three tickets and was fined 360000 yuan in total, and the relevant person in charge was warned. On December 23, Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau announced the latest progress in the case of money jar, a P2P platform. According to the notice, on December 13, 2019, Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Procuratorate decided to arrest the suspect Yang moujie of the platform according to law. According to the needs of the case, the public security organ has entrusted a third-party audit department with the right to audit the platform borrower.
        The public security organ solemnly urges all borrowers and individuals to fulfill their repayment obligations in time and return the loan to the special account to be collected as soon as possible. At the same time, the public security organ once again warned the staff involved in the money jar platform (including the resigned staff) that they should take the initiative to return the full amount of their illegal gains such as bonuses, commissions and commissions during their work in the company to the special account to be collected, and take the initiative to come to the case to explain the situation, so as to strive for a lighter and lenient treatment. On December 24, at the urging of the public security organ, Yang and other borrowers and the staff involved in the case of qianfutong company returned a total of 2.7827 million yuan of illegal income. At present, the total collection of the special account is about 5.8439 million yuan.
        Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Procuratorate made a decision to approve the arrest of seven suspect, including Chen mouhong, Wang mouran and Yu mouli. Recently, it was rumored in the industry that Lexin, the head platform of mutual fund, was applying for a consumer money license, and insiders said that Lexin was very confident that this consumer money license was approved, and the registration place was likely to be one of them in Shanghai or Shenzhen. Recently, many financiers who are interested in cooperating with Lexin in the loan assistance business said, "although Lexin has a good momentum at present, we will not choose to cooperate with Lexin for the time being out of caution and considering the existence of orange wealth management." (Xinliu Finance). On December 24, the special class for online loan risk disposal in Gongshu District, Hangzhou, the financial office and Gongshu District Public Security Branch issued a notice on the case of Hangzhou e-gangcheng Internet Financial Services Co., Ltd. suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits.
        The information shows that e-kong finance filed a case for investigation on April 3. So far, the police have taken compulsory measures against four people including suspect Zhou, and the public security organ has frozen 15 bank accounts in total. The police said that investors should click "confirm rights" on the page of "E-Hong Kong financial investor exchange platform" on the official account of "Gongshu District Financial Office" before December 31, 2019, and check the data such as "cumulative investment amount", "platform balance before filing", "cumulative income" and "outstanding principal" in the list of platform investment amount. On December 23, the Xihu District branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau held a press conference to inform the latest progress of the "Dingjia" case of long-term rental apartments.
        Hangzhou long-term rental apartment "Dingjia" broke its capital chain in August 2018 and declared bankruptcy and liquidation, but its boss, Mr. Wei, refused to pay the account books for many times. On December 21, the court took judicial detention for 15 days. It is understood that the bankruptcy of Dingjia has something to do with the "rent loan". According to the introduction, Dingjia receives the house from the landlord and rents it to the tenant. The financial institution first advances the rent that the tenant needs to pay to Dingjia at one time, and the subsequent tenants return the money to the financial institution on a monthly basis during the rental process. Through "rent loan", Dingjia achieved rapid expansion. As of August 2018, Dingjia has operated 2440 houses, involving more than 4000 tenants and landlords.
        On December 24, the CSRC approved the IPO registration of ucloud Technology Co., Ltd. (ucloud) on the science and innovation board, and ucloud may become the "first share of cloud computing" in the domestic capital market. Ucloud youkede is a neutral third-party cloud computing service provider in China. It has deployed 32 availability zones around the world, covering 25 regions, and has provided services to tens of thousands of enterprise level users in the Internet, government, education, retail and other industries. On December 24, the postal savings bank of China was officially included in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index. According to the relevant index compilation rules and the ranking adjustment principle of total market value and transaction amount, it is expected that the postal savings bank will also be included in Shanghai Stock Exchange 50, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 and other major stock indexes in June 2020.
        According to the prediction of insiders, according to the current market value calculation of the postal savings bank, the maximum allocation funds brought by the allocation needs of relevant index funds are expected to reach about 8billion yuan in the future. (Securities Times). On December 24, Zheshang Bank announced that the closing price of the company's A-share stock had been lower than the company's latest audited net assets per share (the company's latest audited net assets per share was 4.94 yuan) for 20 consecutive trading days, meeting the conditions for triggering the measures to stabilize the stock price. The company will convene the board of directors before January 8th, 2020 to formulate and announce specific measures to stabilize the stock price. Recently, Huang Jianhui, President of China Minsheng Bank Research Institute, said at the event that the factors to be concerned about in 2020 are the structural deterioration under steady growth, the variables in the Sino US trade negotiations, and the abnormal fluctuations in the real estate market.
        He further said that the counter cyclical adjustment of monetary policy would continue to work. In addition, Huang Jianhui also mentioned the need to develop a new equity trading platform based on blockchain and other digital technologies to serve private enterprises and the public. (Huaxia times). Recently, according to the official website of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Tianjin banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau agreed that China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd. would accept 200million shares of Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. held by China Century Investment Co., Ltd. After the completion of the transfer, the shareholding ratio of Minsheng Bank was 54.96%, and Century Investment no longer held the equity of Minsheng financial leasing. Recently, Xinye technology newly registered and established a financing guarantee company, Fujian Zhiyun Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., which is also registered in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The legal representative is Miao Meng, with a registered capital of 300million yuan. Its business scope includes loan guarantee, bill acceptance guarantee, trade financing guarantee, project financing guarantee, letter of credit guarantee and other financing guarantee businesses.
        The total registered capital of the two financing guarantee companies under Xinye technology reached 400million yuan. On December 24, Ping An of China announced that Mr. Xie Yonglin officially replaced Mr. Ren Huichuan as the general manager of the company from December 24, 2019, which was approved by the ninth meeting of the 11th board of directors of the company and reported to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission for approval. On December 24, according to the ticket disclosed on the official website of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Fude property insurance Zhenjiang Center branch had two illegal acts, including giving the applicant benefits beyond the insurance contract and failing to use the approved insurance terms in accordance with the regulations, and was fined 50000 yuan and 100000 yuan respectively, a total of 150000 yuan.
        On December 24, "cloud accounting" announced that it had completed the round D financing of US $85million. The lead investor was vitruvianpartners, and Duowei Haituo acted as the financial adviser of this round of financing. Cloud accounting said that this round of financing will be mainly used for in-depth research on RPA, PAAS, elastic computing, fiscal and tax knowledge map, expand the scope of customer groups of products and services, increase marketing and service investment, as well as the construction of enterprise SaaS service ecosystem, and introduce a large number of middle and high-end talents in research and development, marketing and services. On December 22, Tianjin Jinmi investment partnership (limited partnership), one of the investment entities of Xiaomi technology, added foreign investment, and the investee was Shenzhen Cunzhen Qiushi Technology Co., Ltd., the operating body of "shenlanbao".
        The business scope of Shenzhen Cunzhen Qiushi Technology Co., Ltd. includes e-commerce technology research and development and e-commerce platform operation; Information security technology research and development services; Data mining, data analysis, data services and digital resource development. On December 19, Tianjin Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes, and its registered capital increased from 1.09 billion yuan to 2.94 billion yuan, an increase of about 170%. Tianjin Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2013, and its legal representative is mu Rongjun, the co-founder of meituan. Its business scope includes computer software and hardware, network technology development, technical services, etc. the company is wholly owned by Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd., the main operator of meituan. The suspected actual controller and ultimate beneficiary of the company are Wang Xing.
        On December 24 and 23, Xi'an signed a number of key projects in the electronic information industry with enterprises such as China Resources, ZTE and Tencent. Among them, the total investment of the urban sub center project of China Resources Group is 1.8 billion yuan. The first phase will build headquarters and R & D centers, focusing on the investment and incubation of various industries of China Resources Group and the new generation of information technology quality projects. ZTE eco chain industrial park project focuses on Eco chain enterprises such as intelligent terminal manufacturing, 5g mobile communication, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, etc. Tencent cloud computing R & D center project is the only cloud computing R & D center and the group's core R & D organization in the northwest of Tencent. (Xi'an daily). On December 24, baidu Research Institute released the 2020 technology trend forecast. AI technology itself and various business solutions have become increasingly mature and are rapidly entering the "industrialization" stage.
        With the continuous investment of domestic and foreign technology giants in AI technology, there will be many AI model factories and AI data factories around the world in 2020, which will produce AI technology and commercial solutions on a large scale and apply them to all walks of life to help industrial upgrading. According to CCTV Finance on December 23, recently, Guangdong police destroyed two illegal fourth party payment platforms, arrested 107 suspect and detained more than 1.6 million yuan in cash. It is reported that Mr. Jiang, a citizen of Zhanjiang, downloaded an app through a friend's introduction. It is said that this app can use blockchain technology to allow users to adopt virtual e-dogs as investment and wealth management products to obtain income.
        Mr. Jiang invested about 80000 yuan in the principal, but before long, the platform suddenly shut down. The police investigation found that this "financial investment" app that deceived the victim "invested" by recharging and then speculation in foreign exchange, futures, bitcoin and other ways. This recharge channel is called the "fourth party payment platform". Compared with third-party payment, fourth party payment is an online payment platform between third-party payment and merchants. It does not have a license to operate payment and settlement business, which is an illegal online payment channel. On December 24, after all the financial management subsidiaries of the six major banks were opened, the recent layout of joint-stock banks, urban commercial banks and other banks has significantly accelerated.
        According to incomplete statistics, at least six bank financial management subsidiaries have made "new moves" in the past week: Xingyin Financial Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned financial management subsidiary of Industrial Bank, has officially opened, ningyin Financial Management Co., Ltd. and Hangyin Financial Management Co., Ltd. have received approval for opening, Bank of Nanjing and Bank of Jiangsu have been approved to prepare for the establishment of financial management subsidiaries, and the first financial management subsidiary to set up a foreign-funded holding company in China has also received regulatory approval. (economic information daily). On December 24, Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Shenzhen blockchain 50 index. According to the announcement, in order to reflect the performance of companies related to the blockchain industry in Shenzhen stock market and provide investors with richer indexed investment tools, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. are scheduled to release the Shenzhen stock blockchain 50 index, code 399286, on December 24, 2019.
        The Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that the Shenzhen blockchain 50 index takes the companies listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange whose business fields involve the upstream, middle and downstream of the blockchain industry as the sample space, and selects the top 50 stocks to form the sample stocks according to the daily average total market value of the past half a year from high to low. The index is weighted by the free circulation market value, and the sample stocks are regularly adjusted on the next trading day of the second Friday in June and December each year. On December 24, Lu Lei, deputy director of the State Administration of foreign exchange, revealed when attending the 2019 annual meeting of the National Forum held by China News Service in Beijing that the cross-border financial blockchain platform built by the State Administration of foreign exchange is currently the only blockchain platform that the central state organ has filed with the state Internet information office.
        Next, we will gradually expand the pilot scope and expand the application scenarios of blockchain technology in cross-border financing and macro Prudential Management. (country is a through train). On December 24, the China Insurance Industry Association and the China Communications Standardization Association officially released the "insurance industry cloud computing scenario and overall framework", "insurance industry cloud service provider capability requirements", "insurance industry cloud computing software product technical specification Part 1: virtual software" in Beijing "Maturity model of research and operation capability supported by cloud computing platform in the insurance industry" and "guidelines for cloud computing insurance risk assessment" are five standards of cloud computing related groups in the insurance industry. The five standards stipulate the cloud computing scenario and overall framework of the insurance industry, the capabilities of cloud service providers, cloud computing software product technology and other contents.
        (Shanghai Securities News). Recently, paulgosar, a Republican congressman of the United States House of Representatives, submitted a cryptocurrency act 2020 (Draft), hoping to promote the regulation of the U.S. cryptocurrency industry. The draft points out that the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is the only regulator of encrypted commodities, while the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the only regulator of encrypted securities. The draft also requires that the two institutions must publish the list of certification and registration institutions that can create and conduct digital asset transactions, and update them in real time. (
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