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Is money speculation equal to blockchain

Time : 01/05/2022 Author : 1h9l0r Click : + -
        Blockchain, as the underlying technology of bitcoin, is well known with the rise of digital currency. Although blockchain is presented to the world as the underlying technology of bitcoin, it is not attached to bitcoin. On the contrary, bitcoin is only an application of blockchain technology. "At the beginning of last year, I heard a friend accidentally talk about the relationship between bitcoin and blockchain, and I realized that blockchain technology may be a very good technology for the transmission of asset value." Chenyujing, head office manager of subcontractor bank, said in his speech. Due to its decentralized, tamper proof, consensus, anonymity, openness and other characteristics, blockchain technology has shown its application value in many fields. In particular, the development of this technology in the financial field has prompted it to move from the background of bitcoin to the foreground.
        "Financial resources are a special kind of public resources. Due to human selfishness and information asymmetry, governments and financial institutions tend to abuse public resources. The most serious consequences of the abuse of public resources are inflation, a pile of bad debts, debt to equity swaps and stock market disasters. Blockchain technology is likely to solve this problem.". In the financial field, blockchain has entered into peripheral financial products such as commercial paper, supply chain finance, real estate trust, asset securitization, consumer finance, equity crowdfunding and pension finance with its new concept of decentralized, low trust cost and collective maintenance of distributed accounting management, which to a large extent promotes the development and innovation of the financial industry.
        Among them, the value of blockchain technology is particularly important in solving the problem of information asymmetry in the financial field. In the blockchain world, only consensus information is written, and useless false information will be automatically rejected by the system, which will help the financial industry to avoid the risks caused by various information asymmetries, such as the problem of repeated mortgage of assets. But why is there only concern and research in this area, but in fact there is not much real investment? One is the obstacle of policy, and the obstacle of social resources segmentation. Now there is no such condition to integrate it. From a historical perspective, currency, as a social relationship, has been affected by scientific and technological progress in its previous morphological evolution and connotation expansion.
        Since the 21st century, with the rapid progress of information technology such as big data, Internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the form of money and its circulation mode have become increasingly digitalized and networked, and digital money, a new currency different from traditional money, has emerged. The earliest digital currency originated from an anonymous and untraceable e-cash system proposed by davidchaum in 1982, but the e-cash database under Cham paradigm has the problem of infinite expansion. In 2008, Nakamoto published bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system, which proposed a new idea of electronic payment &mdash& mdash; Change Cham's three-party trading mode into a decentralized point-to-point trading mode &mdash& mdash; Solved this problem.
        At the same time, with the popularity of bitcoin, a mutually verified public accounting system, its underlying technology blockchain technology has also surfaced, and many advantages brought by the technology itself have also made the popularity of digital currency soaring, which was once suspected of threatening the existing currency system. However, some insiders said that from the three perspectives of currency value stability, public economics and transaction cost theory, the private digital currency represented by bitcoin does not have the basic functional characteristics of currency and cannot evolve into a global currency. Legal digital currency is undoubtedly the best choice. Of course, in addition to the fact that digital currency is not hindered by recognition, the chaos of its development and its inherent limitations also mask and distort the technological highlights of the blockchain, such as decentralization.
        Although most of the early capital that did not pay attention to cryptocurrency was unwilling to recognize the capital gains from entering the cryptocurrency market in the early stage, such advantages do exist, such as mining giants such as bitland. At the same time, the existing monopoly and the difficulty of digging money in the later stage have not encouraged the latecomers enough, and the enthusiasm of adding new capital is obviously very low. This is also very reasonable. Unless the old order can provide higher returns than expected for new capital, the "digital currency" market can only be abandoned by the mainstream market.
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