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Moke Encyclopedia blockchain token economic model and value consensus

Time : 08/07/2021 Author : lt95h4 Click : + -
        Editor's note: This article is based on the voice sharing of Mr. xiongyurui, the operation and development consultant of MOAC foundation, in the "return of the king - consensus group of MOAC autonomous communities". Hello, everyone. I'm very glad to see you participate in the MOAC autonomous community. It is also a great honor to have the opportunity to share with you today the blockchain token economic model and how the value consensus is formed. Blockchain, in fact, has many ambiguities. Generally speaking, it is a decentralized distributed ledger, which starts from the technical side. In our view, this definition is problematic. Blockchain is not a so-called decentralization, because we all know that one of the characteristics of blockchain is that it can not be tampered with, traceable, etc., so it is naturally a trust mechanism. We can know that the result is credible, so blockchain itself is not a so-called decentralization.
        It is a process of getting rid of people-centered, and there is no need for people to endorse through intermediaries or so-called trust. In the blockchain world, you can directly trust a stranger. So, what is the form in which blockchain is confirmed when it gets rid of people-centered? In fact, it is value centered. In this process, we draw a conclusion: blockchain is actually a community of interests driven by value consensus. What is the value of blockchain? This value proposition is very important. We form a community of interests around values. What we often say today is the direct reflection of this value.
        Based on this system, digital currency will never be stable. Because it is the characteristic of distributed global coordination, it is doomed that the value consensus of digital currency will continue to fluctuate violently. And if the so-called pass is stable, it often means that the project is close to death. This is the most attractive point of digital currency. The first is called technology. The blockchain we often talk about actually refers to this one. It can also be called a trusted or decentralized distributed ledger. The complete technical system is composed of distributed network, distributed computing power, distributed storage, etc. So what is this technology used for? It is to maintain the distribution, operation and demand of the whole system.
        It is just, fair and open. The second is Dao, which is a decentralized and distributed autonomous community. Dao is a so-called distributed autonomous community in the world of blockchain. Let's discuss and work together to achieve this. Moreover, we should ensure that there is no way to tamper with what everyone does, what everyone says, and what they contribute. It is a brand-new social relationship, which includes personal life feelings, value experiences, our dreams, as well as family and friendship. Thanks to the first piece of technology, the Dao community can do many things.
        Up to now, many countries want to ban bitcoin and Ethereum, but after so many years, they have grown stronger and stronger. Especially after Facebook Libra came out some time ago, the whole blockchain industry, including digital currency, has been greatly shocked. In the past, digital currency was a little secretive. Now even national government departments are studying it and want to come out to be a national digital currency. This distributed autonomous community, in short, is what it contains. As long as we are not willing, no one can take it away. And as long as I do it, there will be rewards. In the traditional world, such intervention is unlikely to happen.
        If you join this Dao, you must contribute value, which includes at least two layers of value return. The first is to see what contribution you have made to this community. For example, you may send a circle of friends, or you may tell someone about the value of MOAC today, then this value will be mapped into it, and the direct result is that the price of MOAC will increase. Don't underestimate such a value-added, because when thousands of people are doing the same thing, this value-added will be greatly mapped out. If you have a lot of MOAC in your hand, and you buy a lot, you feel that you have made contributions to MOAC. This idea is not impossible, but when you have such a mentality waiting for others to make contributions, this mentality will also be reflected in the value, and the result is that we see today's MOAC.
        For an ecosystem, if you just buy token, you can contribute. Obviously, the growth of a company is not. In a decentralized distributed autonomous community like Dao, we see a very fair and just way: there are fish in the river and shrimp in the river. Don't underestimate your every contribution. As long as you are willing to do it, it will eventually be summarized and reflected in value. The second level is the value of contribution just mentioned, that is, every thing you do and every professional participation will get token rewards. We will put a lot of token incentives in the community, and you can get them if you have the ability. The principle of blockchain is "one thing, one thing, one settlement".
        Every time you launch an activity, you will be rewarded after you finish it. In Dao, a distributed autonomous community, everyone does what he is best at. Everyone needs help from others, learns to appreciate each other, and gives his most professional things. Even if you are not professional, please give your enthusiasm and attitude. In Dao community, everyone is equal. Everyone shows his enthusiasm, his specialty, his drive and the whole process. When everyone is doing this, it is reflected in the whole community, and finally reflected in the value. Everyone feels hopeful. This is the essence of Dao distributed autonomous community.
        We just talked about the first is technology. Technology ensures the fairness of the community. The second is the Dao organization, which is a group of people working together. In this process, we don't have to worry about the infringement of personal interests. As long as we formulate this rule, everything is meaningful. The third part is the pass, which is a tool of distribution and incentive. With the development of users, the token has gradually been widely recognized. When more and more people believe it, it can be developed into a digital currency. Tong Zheng is a very advanced organizational relationship and economic model. In Tong Zheng, we often say that consensus is value.
        For example, diamond is a stone, and many of them are artificial. But after hundreds of years of crazy marketing, it has been highly recognized in the field of love. Love is eternal, and one will never die. In the economic model of the pass economy, another feature is to work first and then settle accounts, doing everything and settling accounts. Next, I'll share with you the design of the whole token economic model. When a blockchain project is proposed, the most important thing is to propose value. When our community puts forward the value consensus, the value proposition belongs to this part. The proposition of value is what we want to do, how to do it, and then what we use to ensure in the distribution system, and then what we want to accomplish.
        Corresponding to token economic model, this is called trust mechanism, which is consensus. for instance. You have a friend who talked with you. He said that there are black haired pigs at home, which have very good breeds and genes. They are all free range and are very popular in the local area. Are you interested in finding several people to do this together. In the traditional field, maybe your idea is to find a few investors, invest some money, entrust a management team, and then start buying piglets, raising pigs, etc. when you finish it all, sell it, so the business activity is completed and the value is realized. Then in the blockchain field, when you put forward this value, there can be a second way of thinking. Since this thing is very good, but I don't have so much money, why don't you join us to create a co creation? Let's make a trust tool, such as sending a chain and some tokens.
        In this process, we found that the token is worthless at the beginning, because it is actually worthless at this time, because it represents the thing we want to do. We haven't started to do it yet. It's just that we have created such a trusted tool. After this tool is proposed, we may be project startups, technology startups, etc, We endorse our ideals, future distribution system, reward system, etc. through this consensus mechanism. This is the first step of the blockchain project, which may be a white paper. The second step involves the dissemination of value.
        The dissemination of value is to spread the value proposed in the first step, so that more people can form a greater consensus. In this process, some people are willing to come in, for example, to help you find better pigs, better water sources, simply come and help you raise pigs, and so on. In this process, everyone has made contributions to this value, which are recorded in the value and incentive account book. At this point, the blockchain project process has reached the third step, the value realization stage. At this time, when pigs are raised, you will suddenly find that these tokens are useful at once. For example, you can exchange a token for a kilo of pork. At this time, the corresponding token economic model is called general voucher, which is simply an internal voucher.
        The fourth stage is called the circulation of value. The token economic model corresponding to this process is called pass ticket. At this time, we can go to the secondary exchange, that is, the value can circulate freely. Anyone who buys this token at the exchange can exchange it for pork. At this time, token began to realize large-scale circulation, because it can be realized. The corresponding value is not only pork, but also value-added outside. This is what we call the fourth stage, the circulation of value, also known as pass vouchers. The token economic model corresponding to the higher stage is called the settlement parent currency.
        What about the mother currency of settlement? That is to say, you suddenly find that the businesses providing feed think it is too troublesome to settle in RMB, so I just use your token to settle. Therefore, many upstream and downstream supply chains of pig breeding are willing to use your token as a settlement tool. At this time, Congratulations, you have become what we usually call the mother currency of settlement. This is a whole ecological process. At present, there are few mother currencies for settlement, and Ethereum is one of them. The last stage is called social consensus. In this field, when everyone agrees that you can be used as a settlement tool among them, the so-called social consensus is formed, and then it becomes a digital currency.
        At present, only bitcoin can be called digital currency, and Ethereum can be called half digital currency at most. When we look at the complete token economic model and blockchain project process, the real inspiration for us is what your positioning is, how to position MOAC, and in what direction the token economic model of MOAC is positioned. Take a comparative look at the blockchain project process, and how many things you need to do. If it is defined as the settlement parent currency, at least you have to go through value circulation, value realization, value transmission The foundation of every step and every place must be consolidated. Otherwise, even if there is no consensus, what is the use of the whole project, including the value of MOAC!.
        Therefore, the proposal of value is of great importance to the entire autonomous community of MOAC now, because around the proposal of this value, how can we spread it next, how can we realize it next, how can we circulate the value next, and how can we turn this circulation into the mother currency of settlement next? If everyone's heart is a little bigger, there will be another step, how can we form a social consensus. At present, MOAC has been circulating in the market for more than a year, and there has been a peak period. Although we seem to have achieved value circulation, why do we want to do this again now? It is because we must make up the missed lessons and work.
        The topic of value consensus has been raised repeatedly by the foundation in order to reach a consensus that everyone can recognize. What is the consensus of MOAC? It is not a simple slogan. We must deeply understand the technical framework of MOAC, what is MOAC going to solve, what is MOAC going to do, and what is the future of MOAC?. The above contents about the economic model and value consensus of the certificate come from Dr. Xiao Feng of Wanxiang capital and Mr. Fu Dekun of hongshisan capital. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks!.
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