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The 50 billion members of the coin circle scam span 170 countries, and the planners are from rural Hunan?

Time : 11/05/2022 Author : lipqga Click : + -
        Moreover, if you invite relatives and friends to invest together, you can also get a high commission. The more people you invite, the higher your level and the more income you get. It is in this way that plustoken has attracted millions of people to join the partnership. The number of members involves more than 170 countries around the world, with more than 3000 levels, tens of thousands of digital currencies and up to 50billion funds. Since the emergence of emerging things such as bitcoin and blockchain, digital currency has become popular. No matter those who are familiar with it or those who are not familiar with it, they all want to try it. The MLM organization Chen Bo joined is called "western development". Although it was not long before the police cracked it, Chen Bo has long known the routine of MLM.
        After having an in-depth chat with a senior player in the coin circle, Chen Bo was told that his idea was very feasible, but the premise was that he must do a good job of covering and pretending to be more advanced. The origins of Peng and Ding are not simple. One is an expert in the field of blockchain, and the other is a well-known trainer in the MLM industry, with strong appeal ability. Plustoken claims to be a virtual currency wallet platform, which mainly helps users earn income by using the virtual currencies (bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) they buy. In order to make themselves look tall, Chen Bo and others found a foreign student Leo, who disguised himself as the founder of plustoken.
        Chen Bo and others named the promotion team of plustoken as Shengshi Alliance Community, and externally said that their platform was developed by Samsung and Google technology teams, with 17% of the shares belonging to Samsung and Google. Their R & D headquarters are located in Seoul, South Korea. In order to improve its credibility, plustoken began to advertise everywhere, from Nasdaq to aunt of the vegetable market. After some operation, a plustoken endorsed by a well-known company, relying on the world's best development team, founder and elite talents, appeared in front of the world. There are three main benefits for users who join plustoken, namely, the benefits of smart dog brick moving, the benefits of offline development, and the benefits of member executives.
        People familiar with the currency circle are not unfamiliar with the word "moving bricks". Generally speaking, it means moving funds from low-income places to high-income places, just like reselling goods in traditional industries to earn a price difference, but on the Internet, it is more intelligent and faster. Plustoken claims that its service is called smart dog. Users who want to open a smart dog must pay more than $500 in virtual currency as the opening fee. Under their propaganda, this smart dog is a mythical existence. It can make funds move unimpeded in global exchanges at the fastest speed, just to find the highest price. In addition, the plustoken platform allows cash withdrawal, and those who wanted to try it soon got the first benefit, so they kept adding investment, which was out of control.
        The second kind of income is the development of offline income. For example, your relatives and friends around you join through you, that is, your direct offline. The amount of their monthly income is also your bonus amount. The more people, the more you earn. With this series of perfect designs, in just one year, the number of people participating in plustoken quickly exceeded 2.7 million, including not only Chinese users, but also South Korea, Germany, Britain and so on. As a result, the internal level of plustoken has reached 3200, with a capital of more than 50billion, which is definitely the largest capital disk in the currency circle. Shortly after its establishment, someone once questioned the real planning team behind plustoken. Why did only one person named Leo appear frequently from beginning to end? Who are the members of his team?.
        However, there are now more than 3500 A-share listed companies, of which less than 100 have a return on net assets of 20%. This is still a highly risky stock market. How can plustoken make 30% easily?. There are also many people who are suspicious of the MLM of plustoken. Isn't the way they pull heads to make money a replica of MLM?. But plustoken gave a sentence of chicken soup, "this time it's different. This time it's the Internet and blockchain. You should dare to drink foam, otherwise you won't drink beer!". A virtual currency scam in the cloak of blockchain, a pyramid scheme recidivist from rural Hunan, why can you easily rely on the pyramid scheme to circle tens of billions of dollars and deceive millions of people in different countries?.
        There are many ways to make money, but it is always because of practical efforts and delusion of becoming rich by speculation, so we must be prepared to lose everything. Return to Sohu to see more.
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