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Yaoan express | blockchain concept detonates A-share domestic public chain collective explosion

Time : 21/05/2022 Author : zrq47n Click : + -
        It is proposed to take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction of attack, increase investment, strive to overcome a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. On Friday, US blockchain and digital currency concept stocks rose strongly, with China concept shares soaring 107.76%, the largest one-day increase since its listing, and the share price hit a seven month high. Since its landing in the capital market in 2014, Xunlei's share price has been as thrilling as a roller coaster. First, it was not favored by the capital market, and its listing was broken, and its business was depressed. Later, every transformation will bring about the rise of the stock price, but the subsequent failure of the transformation will bring about the sharp decline of the stock price.
        Whether it's a capital tycoon, a hot money tycoon, or just shengdou Xiaosan, I've been talking about blockchain and school district blockchain these two days, telling the story of blockchain and imagining the future of blockchain. It seems that the drama of Xunlei doubling in one day last Friday will soon be staged in the A-share market. People's enthusiasm is also reflected on the exchange platform. According to statistical data, questions related to blockchain have been asked 830 times in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and 7 times in Shanghai Stock Exchange in recent two days. In response, many A-share listed companies have intensively released blockchain related news, and at least 16 companies have admitted to involving blockchain business, successfully rubbing against the strongest wind in history. I'll see you for a long time.
        Today, the three major A-share indexes collectively opened higher, and blockchain concept stocks brushed the screen strongly. Blockchain concept stocks triggered a tide of trading, with Fuguang shares up nearly 15%, and nearly 100 shares including 2345, Guangbo shares, Jinglan technology, Tianxia wisdom, and Cultural Great Wall closed the trading board. With the improvement of the status of blockchain industrial ecological strategy this time, for the future market, as long as the big cake can be stabilized, the domestic star public chain should be able to get out of a good market. As for blockchain, it is now an upsurge of national learning. I hope you can seize the opportunity to pay attention to us, follow the footsteps of the motherland, learn blockchain with An'an and improve yourself.
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