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Understand the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5g, and blockchain,The difference between blockchain and big data

Time : 17/02/2022 Author : l7acwh Click : + -
        Hello, everyone, I'm Lao Cai. Today, I'm going to talk with you about some hot words in the sophisticated field of today's society. I believe you are familiar with the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5g and blockchain. But is it clear about their main functions and how they work together? Now let's briefly introduce each one. Let's start with the Internet of things. The Internet of things, or IOT for short, refers to the real-time collection of human or object characteristic information, including thermal, optical, acoustic, electrical, biological, location, etc., through various intelligent sensors, radio frequency identification technology (RFID), global positioning system (GPS), infrared sensing system, laser scanner and other devices, and then through various network access, to realize the intelligent perception, identification, and dynamic management of people and objects.
        IOT is based on traditional telecommunication network, which makes people or things that can be independently addressed interconnected, and finally forms the situation of "interconnection of all things". Then let's talk about cloud computing. Cloud computing can be regarded as a service architecture of distributed storage and computing. The resources of a single machine are always limited. By integrating the storage resources and computing capabilities of multiple machines and adapting appropriate distributed algorithms, we can process the huge and complex data processing tasks submitted by users in a very short time, so as to achieve cost-effective network services. Let's briefly talk about big data and artificial intelligence. With the above data collection and storage calculation process, we naturally have a large amount of data.
        Through appropriate means, usually including data preprocessing (ETL), modeling, development, visualization and other steps, the process of iterative analysis of massive data is the main work of the big data stage. The analysis and insight provided in the late big data stage can be used as the basis and reference for the artificial intelligence stage, which relies on it to complete the final decision. To put it simply, 5g. 5g is the basic communication carrier and the prerequisite for realizing the "interconnection of all things". It can be regarded as infrastructure construction. If it still stays in the 4G era and does not have enough data transmission rate and network bandwidth, it can only be "a skillful woman cannot make bricks without straw", and there is no future.
        Having talked about this, careful little friends may have found that such a grand blueprint seems to be missing something? Yes, safety. The emergence of blockchain just makes up for this defect. Its "tamper free", "traceable", "decentralized", "encrypted transmission" and other mechanisms have effectively laid the foundation for the implementation of the "trust network". Judging from the current development trend, it has a very broad market prospect. After understanding the meaning and functions of the above hot words, let's summarize and see how various technologies work together. From the perspective of the architecture of the whole intelligent system, IOT can be seen as the tentacle, cloud computing is the supporting platform for storage computing, and the insight and analysis results provided by big data are used as the input of artificial intelligence, enabling AI intelligent systems that can make correct decisions to enter people's work life.
        In such an era of "data explosion", if we ignore data security, everyone is running naked. The birth of blockchain has well avoided security risks, and laid a solid foundation for "privacy protection" and creating a "trust value network". OK, that's all for today's sharing.
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