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Virtual clothing is labeled as "digital collection", and the price of a piece is as high as thousands of yuan

Time : 16/11/2021 Author : 9rmsut Click : + -
        Following the concept of meta universe fire, everything can be meta universe. Recently, a virtual clothing show has been launched on social platforms. Clothes that you dare not wear or cannot wear in real life. In the meta universe, you can boldly realize the freedom of dressing. The reporter of Jimu news saw in xiaohongshu that every virtual garment sold on the shelves has a digital collection label, a unique serial number on the blockchain, Limited sales, and unit prices ranging from tens to thousands of yuan. These virtual clothes have bold color matching, avant-garde design, as well as imagination, sense of technology and other effects that cannot be shown in real clothes. However, buyers can only synthesize virtual clothes into real-life photos, and can't wear them into the real world.
        Therefore, it was ridiculed by many netizens as a QQ show labeled "meta universe". Will you spend money on a virtual garment that you can see and touch?. A blogger explained that virtual clothing is a digital fashion that uses computer technology to simulate cloth. The attributes of virtual clothing can be independent of height, figure and age, so that anyone can easily wear clothes with dream materials and styles to meet the exploration of fashion avantgarde. The reporter of Jimu news noted that the virtual clothing is basically sold in limited quantities. In xiaohongshu, "R-space virtual fashion buyer's shop" regularly sells each issue of virtual clothing at 12 noon every Friday.
        On June 30, in the fourth virtual fashion preview released by the little red book "R-space virtual fashion buyer's shop", a total of 17 new virtual costumes, including accessories, clothes and shoes, were added, with prices ranging from 19 yuan to 599 yuan. A dress called "and night talk" was limited to only one. The "yunbu Shuxu" virtual clothing digital work launched by a designer brand costs up to 4999 yuan per piece. With the blessing of the concept of metauniverse, every virtual dress sold on the shelves has a "digital collection" label and a unique blockchain serial number. Before purchasing, you need to authenticate your real name and open a digital account, and you must be at least 18 years old.
        The purchase method is that the Seller issues a sale notice on the platform. After it is put on the shelves, the buyer takes a picture of the virtual clothing he wants, receives the exclusive number of the clothing, and then selects a personal photo of the person who wants to wear the virtual clothing and sends it to the seller. Generally, the photo of wearing the virtual clothing can be received in a few days. On social platforms, many bloggers showed their own virtual clothing shows: Armor dress, love glass embossed new Chinese dress, metal face fish scale color contrast dress, water droplets condensed into crystal bubble dress, etc. "Wear a virtual dress for your birthday and be the butterfly of the universe." Not long ago, little Han, a girl born after 00, showed her birthday photo: wearing a cyberpunk mecha Red Jumpsuit skirt with silver butterfly wings, cool and dreamy.
        Xiao Han spent 399 yuan on this virtual dress. "This skirt is a limited sale of a digital artist. I grabbed it and sent it to him, and then he sent me the photo of wearing the skirt back. It's a little expensive, but it's really cool." Xiao Han said that in February this year, she began to start virtual clothing. So far, she has spent nearly 3000 yuan to buy virtual jewelry, virtual shoes, virtual clothing, virtual handbags, etc. Talking about the original intention of virtual clothing, she said that virtual clothing is an artifact to save "waste films". "For example, in the past, I spent a lot of time making up and choosing clothes for my birthday. Finally, I took a lot of photos, but I couldn't choose a desirable one. After buying virtual clothes, any photo can become a fashion blockbuster, and because they are all sold in limited quantities, there will be no embarrassment of hitting shirts.".
        ”。 "Who can not love when reality and technology are integrated?" Blogger Amy said that what she likes is not only cool virtual clothes, but also that special meaning. "Compared with clothes in the real world, virtual clothes are more like an art.". The reporter of Jimu news noticed that each virtual garment has its own exclusive name and unique meaning. For example, a virtual dress called "sharp Mermaid" uses shell elements as the keynote on the upper body. The designer said that he hopes to protect the fragile heart behind it with a hard shell. "Even if the mermaid foam is destined to burst at one touch, life will continue to be wonderful. Only by making himself stronger can he have a real fairy tale.
        ”。 In 2019, a Dutch digital fashion company thefabricant and artist Johanna jaskowska created a digital virtual garment called "iridescence" (meaning "Rainbow"), which was made through 2D garment pattern software and 3D design software, plus powerful rendering tools. Finally, it was bought in New York at a bidding price of $9500 (equivalent to 60000 +). Later, luxury brands and fashion brands have also deployed virtual clothing. For example, the golden glass dress NFT designed by Du Jia Banna set a new transaction record for virtual clothing at the price of nearly 700000 US dollars (about 4.46 million yuan).
        In 2021, the concept of meta universe rose, Gucci and bobley successively launched virtual clothing, and Nike launched several virtual sneakers online. Not long ago, annakiki released NFT virtual clothing capsule series in autumn and winter 2022 &mdash& mdash; "Post human coding" is an imagination about the "post human" era inspired by designer Yang Zi from the science fiction film "Rita". Annakiki synchronously launched the "metauniverse" plan, coded the series of clothes into a series of NFT virtual fashion, and invited stars to cooperate and experience. Ji kejunyi, Zhang Li, Meng Jia, wannida, Shen Mengchen and others all showed photos of wearing NFT virtual clothes.
        "Virtual clothing has promoted the exploration and innovation of the fashion industry. Compared with traditional physical clothing, it gives the wearer unlimited wearing experience. At the same time, it is more sustainable and environmental friendly, without purchasing raw materials, reducing energy consumption, and facing the problem of handling inventory at the end of the season. But virtual clothing is not a substitute for physical clothing, but another field." According to a designer, buying virtual clothes is like playing games and spending money on skin, but this "skin" is for yourself. The reporter of Jimu news noticed that at present, the presentation of virtual clothing is still in the static stage and cannot be displayed dynamically, that is, the wearer can only send personal photos to wear it, and can't wear it in videos, and a virtual clothing with a price of 100 yuan or even 1000 yuan can only be worn once.
        Therefore, many netizens also questioned: "this is not to spend a lot of money on a picture", "Yuan universe QQ show", "New IQ tax". "Virtual clothing is not a simple p-chart, but essentially different." A designer said that it is necessary to adjust the light source and the dynamics of virtual clothing according to the photos uploaded by the buyer to achieve a better upper body effect. This later process is not simple, and it is difficult for ordinary people to achieve the effect that digital artists can achieve. Wang Peng, an associate professor of the Gaoli Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said in an interview with Jimu news reporters that to some extent, virtual clothing relies on digital technology platforms and has certain digital asset attributes.
        For young people who really like this concept, it has a certain collection value, but if they simply make money for hype, there is a certain development space in the short term because it is an emerging thing, but in the long term, excessive hype should be avoided. After all, the risk and income are proportional.
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