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In depth analysis of blockchain social Ono by "post-95", "returnees" and "blockchain social applications"

Time : 04/10/2021 Author : xo0jz3 Click : + -
        Starting blockchain entrepreneurship in 2014, it successfully developed and operated the value social app "era" based on cognitive surplus, with a monthly trading volume of more than 8million, becoming a popular social media product. Subsequently, the blockchain game "cryptodogs" based on graphics algorithm was successfully developed and operated, and sold more than 1000 eth on the first day. Currently, the first decentralized pan social application app "Ono" based on blockchain technology in China is being developed. It has been invested by top institutions or investors such as Fu Sheng, CEO of cheetah, Songhe Fengfeng, Zhulu capital, Huachuang capital, coin capital, etc. As a post-95 blockchain entrepreneur, Xu Ke has her own characteristics. There are 100000 Weibo fans. She has her own unique views on blockchain. Her early experience of studying abroad makes her very rich experience. Her involvement in blockchain entrepreneurship also proves her cutting-edge and original vision.
        Registration time: December 18th, 2017. The company was renamed Beijing nuozhou Technology Co., Ltd. by Beijing houzong Information Co., Ltd. on February 8, 2018. Although the background strength of the company is general from the data, blockchain has its own unique charm as the outlet of 2018. Before and after Ono, it has received tens of millions of yuan investment from cheetah CEO Fu Sheng, Songhe Fengfeng, Zhulu capital and Huachuang capital, and recently received millions of dollars of coin capital investment created by Li Xiaolai, the richest man of bitcoin in China. Xu Ke himself has also attracted the attention of the media. Xu was the first person to enter the blockchain social field.
        Some people say that Ono is more like a suggested version of Weibo or a simple version of wechat, but people who really know Ono know that they don't want to do something others are already doing. Thirdly, Ono continues to innovate in technology and is committed to bringing users a more open and free way of social interaction, which is different from our microblogging and wechat, such as location-based information publishing and instant burning chat rooms, which were not available in previous social applications.
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