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Time : 17/01/2022 Author : 5jvkbi Click : + -
        An in-depth report on the transportation industry: "thousands of sails pass by the side of the sunken ship". The transportation industry may have an inflection point -220330 (22 pages) this year pdf。 Depth of pharmaceutical and biological industry: development and transformation of prevention and control under the normalization of covid-19, review and Prospect of COVID-19, and vaccine and drug opportunities -20220330 (46 pages) pdf。 Hesheng silicon industry - investment value analysis report: the boom of silicon-based industry is rising, and its core advantages are stable in the leading position -20220330 (32 pages) pdf。 In depth research on the new energy vehicle industry: one of the series of industrial technology foresight, determination of the path of the big cylinder, and attention to opportunities related to the industrial chain -20220330 (54 pages).Pdf.
        Qibin group - one of the in-depth tracking reports: photovoltaic float leader, R & D system creates a new round of growth potential -20220330 (29 pages) pdf。 Nonferrous Metal Industry: the new energy industry chain takes advantage of "lithium", and the supply and demand gap supports the upward movement of lithium price center -220327 (28 pages) pdf。 Spring 2022 strategy report of the automotive industry: looking for marginal increment, the most intelligent certainty -220329 (35 pages) pdf。 Research on UHV industry: create UHV "power engine" and lay smart grid "fast lane" -220330 (page 27) pdf。 New photovoltaic technology in electrical equipment and new energy industry · Depth 2: detailed disassembly of TOPCON component premium and cost -220330 (31 pages).Pdf.
        HPV vaccine in the vaccine industry research report: policies promote the penetration rate, and the HPV vaccine market is expected to usher in rapid growth -20220329 (21 pages) pdf。 Zijin Mining - in depth report: business cycle superposition, world-class projects are gradually put into production, and the new energy and new materials industry is actively deployed -20220330 (46 pages) pdf。 A series of reports on new technologies in the lithium battery industry - high nickel + high voltage + big cylinder: a turning point in large volume, optimistic about investment opportunities in silicon anode and derived new materials -20220330 (48 pages) pdf。 In depth report on the food and beverage industry: the fifth of the series, the performance of the food sector during the epidemic in 2020 -220330 (35 pages).Pdf.
        LuoJishan Research Institute: 2019 Shenzhen electric logistics vehicle charging Pile Optimization location layout: comprehensive optimization system analysis of vehicle pile network based on big data (page 46) pdf。 Zero2IPO Research Center: 2016 analysis report on investment opportunities in health care, intelligent manufacturing, cultural media and big Internet industries (27 pages).Pdf.
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