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The application practice report of blockchain energy and power industry, edited by Qulian technology, was officially released

Time : 11/04/2022 Author : 4n8sga Click : + -
        On March 15, the Key Laboratory of blockchain technology and data security of the Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as "the laboratory") released the application practice report of blockchain energy and power industry (hereinafter referred to as "the report"), which was prepared with the participation of units such as quchain technology. The report aims to study and analyze how blockchain technology can play a role in the energy and power industry, promote the development of renewable energy and the digital transformation of power enterprises. According to the report, the energy and power blockchain infrastructure security issues are not paid enough attention, and efforts should be made to tackle the underlying core technologies. At the same time, the research on Interoperability Technology should be strengthened to promote the integrated development of power ecology. At the same time, development suggestions should be put forward from the aspects of policy guarantee, talent training, ecological construction and so on.
        In the future, Qu chain will work with industry, University, research and application parties to help the research and application of blockchain technology in the field of energy and power, and help achieve the dual carbon goal with a new generation of information technology.
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