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Time : 23/12/2021 Author : 97ouag Click : + -
        In October, 2021, the monthly observation of bond issuers of social zero and key industries: the growth rate of social zero rebounded slightly, and the financing scale of bonds in key industries shrank -20211118-far East credit -15 pages pdf。 November 2021: credit extension continues to advance, and there is a slight upward pressure on the money market interest rate. Capital observation, currency outlook -20211114- Guosen Securities -27 pages pdt。 Report on the investment and trading strategy of nickel and stainless steel futures in November 2021: the demand for limited production and improvement is flat, and nickel and stainless steel maintain a volatile operation -20211116-soochow futures -28 pages pdf。 Tianjiao investment strategy report in November 2021: the accumulation node continues to move backward, with strong price support -20211118-soochow futures-30 Pages pdf.
        Monthly white sugar futures investment and trading strategy report in November, 2021: Chen sugar inventory accelerated to be depolymerized, and Zheng sugar had a strong shock -20211117-soochow futures -37 pages pdf。 In November 2021, the monthly egg futures investment and trading strategy report cleared up the profit recovery, and the continuous growth of the supplementary column brought hidden worries about the sunset of the long-term egg price -20211117- Soochow Futures: 22mpd. Monthly pig futures investment and trading strategy report in November 2021: differentiation of pig futures trend -20211117- Soochow futures -27 Pages pdf. 2021 new energy vehicle (Weilai, ideal, Xiaopeng, Weima) enterprise comparison series report (I): dislocation competition under the 100 billion track, differentiated survival path of new car making forces PDF.
        The industry wide report circle is a platform dedicated to sharing all kinds of high-quality research reports, such as domestic and foreign industry research reports / special hot industry reports / white papers / Blue Books / annual reports. All reports come from hundreds of institutions at home and abroad, including special research on retail consumption, finance, Internet +, machinery manufacturing, new energy industry, etc.. At present, nearly 62000 + industry reports have been collected, involving 11 sectors and 305 sub sectors.
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