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Tmall TOC blockchain College - decentralization

Time : 17/07/2022 Author : p3v571 Click : + -
        When it comes to blockchain, the word decentralization is inevitable, because the underlying logic of blockchain is: decentralization, self-control, openness, transparency, etc. Decentralized system: nodes are equal to each other. Any node can become a center, and any center is phased, and it is not mandatory for nodes. In the early stage, compared with other animals, the human body was not big enough and weak, so it did not have an advantage in the survival competition. However, human beings have shown amazing power in organizing large-scale communities and achieving large-scale cooperation. Centralization extends and enlarges the strength of individuals through division of labor and cooperation, and shows competitiveness; Through the overall planning of resources, the overall utilization efficiency is improved, showing the viability.
        1. Ideologically, the rise of humanism requires the liberation of personality, freedom and equality, and the demonstration of free will; 2. In terms of tools, the emergence of the Internet enables information to flow more efficiently and at a low cost, capabilities can be exchanged quickly, and free will can be fully expressed without too much management and participation of the center. Ideologically, diverse value propositions make the community prosperous; The Internet, which empowers individuals, such as we media, gives individuals great power, but affects and changes the world. It is not dependent on centralized organizational forms that slowly appear. Blockchain based payment, especially for cross-border payment, has obvious efficiency advantages. The feature of decentralization plays a huge advantage in some application scenarios.
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