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Blockchain technology under the epidemic is difficult to bear the heavy responsibility, but the future is foreseeable!

Time : 27/07/2021 Author : ygjit6 Click : + -
        In the past, many people believed that blockchain was just an underlying technology, which seemed to have little to do with daily life. Only when things happen around us will we find that this society may really need some more transparent and credible mechanisms to improve it. Today's society has been an era of "credit society" and "information explosion". The blockchain industry also provides many feasible solutions. For example, on January 31, the "mutual treasure" homepage of Alipay insurance platform has launched the "mutual treasure covid-19 special guarantee"; Baidu launched the baas platform based on blockchain, which is applied to credit, asset securitization, asset exchange and other businesses.
        With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, many enterprises are about to start work. However, as the epidemic is not over yet, many enterprises, organizations and teams are using the convenient Internet to carry out "distributed" office work and complete various tasks in coordination. However, people will find that this can be done in the short term, and many problems will be exposed in the long-term distributed cooperation. Perhaps this "work from home" is just a distributed cooperative behavior. If the timeline is extended, we will find that many organizational structures will definitely need to change in the future, which means that the change of "production relations" has begun, and the clue of "distributed collaboration" has emerged.
        In the future, innovation and transformation will become the rigid demand for the survival of enterprises. The centralized organizational form with corporate system as the core is likely to gradually reduce, while the new large-scale collaboration mode of platform, community and line will gradually become the mainstream, and blockchain is the most critical emerging information infrastructure to achieve large-scale distributed collaboration. In the process of fighting the epidemic, blockchain has begun to show its skills, especially in the complex scenario of multi-party collaboration. Driven by this wave of innovation, blockchain applications will drive into the fast lane. When domestic blockchain applications were in full swing, Xiaoyi found no transnational blockchain applications.
        Although the blockchain technology is not very mature at present, it is of great value in the global joint prevention and control. For example, in the collection and distribution of global relief materials, blockchain can be used to reduce the cost in the process; The blockchain can help reduce the risk of virus infection by registering and tracing passengers' travel tracks; And if the global epidemic is decentralized, the situation that the United States suddenly does not disclose the specific confirmed amount of each state will not occur. The above blockchain transnational projects are single, not diversified enough, and there are few projects. However, domestic blockchain research is more inclined to the application layer, and enterprises deeply involved in the application field may break through. At present, the domestic blockchain has risen to the national strategy, and there are paying institutions; On the other hand, blockchain technology companies have business landing, which will promote more business cooperation.
        The core reason for the absence of the blockchain of transnational epidemic prevention is the lack of commercial motivation. It is worth pondering that the United States, which has been cutting-edge in the field of science and technology since World War II, has been restrained. On the one hand, the United States did not pass the issuance plan of Libra, on the other hand, the U.S. regulators tried to suppress the development of blockchain technology. According to incomplete statistics, in November 2019, 86 blockchain application projects were disclosed worldwide, including 57 blockchain application projects disclosed by China, with a month on month increase of about 110%. In contrast, the overseas market is extremely cold. In November, the number of blockchain application projects disclosed was second only to China in the United States and Japan, with 9 and 4 respectively; Australia, Singapore and Thailand followed closely, with two disclosure projects in each of the three countries.
        In terms of the main types of projects, among the 86 application projects in November, the number of government departments was the largest, especially the enthusiasm of local governments in China was the highest. According to the statistics of interlink pulse Research Institute, 33 of the 86 application projects are government departments, including 28 government departments across China, accounting for more than 80%. First, China's innovative ideas in landing applications are subversive. Just like the same traditional e-commerce, there are so many ways to play in China, with Taobao, and then tmall. After tmall, there is, and after, there is pinduoduo. After pinduoduo, there are now many other social e-commerce, and all kinds of fun e-commerce. These business models are innovative, In terms of application, China's innovation is more than that of other countries in North America and Europe.
        Second, we have the advantage of population flow. Any interesting innovation will soon have hundreds of thousands, millions or tens of millions of people to support a closed-loop business. Blockchain is an open-source world, and the whole world is on the same starting line. In the future, the advantages of China's landing applications will be greatly displayed. If the Internet is now almost equal between the United States and China, then the United States must be running at a slower speed than China in the blockchain world. Under the upsurge of blockchain concept, more and more experts, scholars and insiders around the world are thinking about the changes, impacts and possible risks it brings to society.
        The current blockchain technology has not been further developed. The status is very similar to the Internet without broadband, 4G and 5g technologies in the 1990s, which leads to the blockchain not being well applied. Now the most widely used is still on the digital currency dominated by bitcoin. Even so, the number of bitcoin transactions that can be confirmed per second is less than 10, which is insignificant compared with hundreds of thousands of transactions per second of credit cards. However, he believes that with the gradual improvement, blockchain will eventually become an infrastructure like the Internet, directly realizing the exchange of value. In short, blockchain will co-exist with the Internet in the future, and value exchange can be achieved even without the network, such as direct consumption with personal "credit score" in society.
        Blockchain information traceability and blockchain disintermediation financial services, which are widely favored, are not well used in this epidemic. It can be seen that efforts need to be made to implement blockchain in the real industry. In addition, under the epidemic, we can see that many new technologies and tools are also facing instant massive clicks, while the performance and processing capacity of blockchain infrastructure still face great challenges. At present, there are still difficulties in the blockchain industry. The foundation of the enterprise itself is weak, and the basic technology needs to be developed; The exploration of business scenarios is not deep enough, and there is no unified standard and application mode for each scenario. The blockchain technology behaves like a child under the epidemic, or it does not have the ability to meet the joint examination in the short term; Blockchain institutions should develop higher team combat capabilities. How overseas cooperative institutions play an important role in the epidemic also requires institutional managers to think and layout.
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