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Declare that "public welfare, environmental protection, zero investment, high yield" when encountering these "investment projects", beware of losing everything

Time : 01/11/2021 Author : 9g34yx Click : + -
        In response to the above situation, Wansheng District anti illegal work office issued a risk warning that such organizations are mostly registered abroad and forged into overseas legal virtual currencies to provide domestic trading services. Once there is a risk, it is very difficult to recover investment funds. In order to help citizens enhance their awareness and discrimination, Wansheng District anti illegal fund-raising office also introduced in detail the relevant forms and risks of illegal fund-raising. With the development of blockchain technology receiving widespread attention, some criminals took the opportunity to hype the concept of blockchain, illegally absorbing public funds in the name of so-called "virtual currency", "blockchain mall", "blockchain game", "investment in IPFs distributed storage server project", and infringing on public rights and interests.
        Many so-called high-yield investment projects that wear the cloak of blockchain and rub against the hot spots of "currency" and "chain" actually have nothing to do with blockchain technology. First, there is obvious networking and cross-border. Online transactions have a wide range of risks and a fast diffusion speed. A large number of illegal funds flow abroad, making it difficult to supervise and track. Second, it is deceptive, seductive and hidden. Criminals use the hot concept to hype, fabricate various false projects, use high returns as bait, and manipulate the price trend of virtual currency behind the scenes. Third, there are a variety of illegal risks. Criminals have the characteristics of illegal fund-raising, fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal acts by holding offline activities or promoting in various forums and wechat groups, and luring investors and developers to join.
        The debt service agency announced that "by building an intermediate service platform between creditors and debtors, using big data and professional debt resolution tools to exchange and hedge assets, resolve the claims and debts of both parties or help equity holders realize their rights and interests", it took the opportunity to charge 10% of the consulting service fee and 20-50% of the high debt resolution fee, and then cashed the debt in physical form by stages through the associated e-commerce platform within 1-3 years to resolve the debt. In fact, this business model has high fees, long cashing period and falsely high physical prices, and its profitability and sustainable business model are in doubt, with great risks. In recent years, many places have appeared illegal financial activities under the guise of breeding black chickens or native chickens, promising to obtain high profits in the short term, enticing investors to invest and develop offline.
        Such high-yield breeding projects are promoted online through app, wechat group and QQ group, and offline by holding promotion meetings to attract people's participation. For example, a company claims that investors spend 80 yuan on the app to buy a black fowl, which is farmed by the company. After 200 days, it can be sold at 240 yuan / chicken. After deducting 10% of the service fee, investors can make a net profit of 216 yuan / chicken; If investors invest 24000 yuan to adopt 300 black fowls, they can sell 72000 yuan after 200 days, and investors can get a net income of 64800 yuan, with a return on investment of 270%. In fact, relevant enterprises do not have breeding sites that match their publicity, and the promised ultra-high return on investment is also obviously contrary to the laws of the market economy. They are playing a Ponzi scheme of "borrowing the new for the old", which is suspected of illegal fund-raising and pyramid selling. The general public should not participate in such proxy breeding projects.
        Some elderly care service institutions and enterprises, in the name of elderly care services and healthy elderly care, promise high returns, infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly and cause serious property losses to the elderly by charging membership fees and bed fees from the elderly and fraudulently selling "health products". High rebate cannot be realized. Most elderly care service institutions and enterprises do not have legitimate service entities and revenues that match their promised returns. The rebate funds mainly come from the fees paid by the elderly, which is robbing Peter to pay Paul. The safety of funds cannot be guaranteed. In the name of "VIP card", "membership card" and "prepaid card", some elderly care service institutions charge high membership fees, deposits or recharge membership cards to absorb public funds.
        A large number of funds from the public have not been effectively supervised and controlled by the sponsoring institutions, so there is a risk of transferring funds and running away with funds. Health needs cannot be met. Through conference marketing, health lectures, expert free clinics, free inspections, free experiences, gifts or unreasonably low-cost tourism, some enterprises carry out false publicity and promote the so-called "health products" whose health care functions have not been scientifically evaluated and approved, which often do not have health care functions and even delay the disease. There is a risk of violation of the operation mode. Some elderly care service institutions sell fictional elderly care apartments and elderly care villas, or promise to absorb funds in the name of investment, franchise, shareholding in health care and elderly care bases, elderly apartments and other projects by means of capital return sales, after-sales charter, agreed repurchase, sales of real estate shares and so on.
        There are risks such as illegal fund-raising in the above behaviors of relevant institutions and participants. Some P2P network lending information intermediaries (referred to as P2P network lending for short) break through the positioning of information intermediaries, design the borrowing demand as financial products to sell to lenders, or collect funds first, and then find the borrowing object, so that the lenders' funds enter the platform account and illegally set up a fund pool; Some P2P online loan operators issue false loan targets and use the funds obtained for their own production and operation. These acts are suspected of illegal fund-raising. It is reported that since 2016, Wansheng District has continued to carry out special rectification of P2P online loan risks. Up to now, there are no qualified P2P online lending institutions, and no foreign P2P online lending platforms have been approved to set up branches in the region to carry out relevant businesses.
        "In recent years, P2P online lending platforms have exploded frequently, and investors should carefully participate to prevent capital damage." Wansheng District crackdown office reminds the general public that participation in illegal fund-raising is not protected by law and the government will not pay. If you find clues about the risk of suspected illegal fund-raising, you can report to the relevant departments. According to the reward measures of Chongqing Wansheng Economic Development Zone for illegal fund-raising reporting, those who meet the reward conditions will be given a reward of 100-1000 yuan for reporting.
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