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Blockchain Encyclopedia,BVM virtual machine: seize the blockchain business economy track

Time : 14/11/2021 Author : ilp139 Click : + -
        BVM is a general-purpose virtual machine built on the bottom blockchain, which is used to process and execute smart contracts in the bottom system. As the core component of bottoms, BVM has the advantages of high certainty, high concurrency and high scalability. It can realize arbitrary execution logic and ensure the consistency of execution results of any node in the distributed network, providing strong support for decentralized applications. At the same time, combined with the botcompiler compiler technology independently developed by the bottoms Institute, it can compile Java, c# and other computer languages into a unified BVM instruction set, so as to achieve cross platform, and enable the developers of smart contracts to participate in the development of bottoms' ecological applications without learning a new development language, reducing the learning cost and development threshold of blockchain.
        In addition, BVM uses interoperability and other technologies, which are highly decoupled and customizable with the upper code. Easy to use, just create an object that can be used in many different blockchain and non blockchain scenarios. Bottoms Research Institute has invested a lot of energy and cost in BVM research. Next, the Institute will publish a series of articles on BVM. The purpose is to exchange the latest progress and experience of the Institute with friends in the developer community. The full name of VM is virtualmachine, which can be understood as the operating environment of smart contracts in the context of blockchain. In the blockchain system, the contract code will be compiled into the form of bytecode, which cannot be run directly on the operating system. An actuator is needed to execute these contracts. In the software system, these actuators can be regarded as an abstract "machine", and BVM is such an actuator.
        Ethereum has completed the smart contract support of the first system in the blockchain system, and has also become the mainstream development environment for early smart contract developers or development companies. However, EVM has its limitations. Compared with mature virtual machine systems, the efficiency of virtual machines is extremely low, and it is difficult to support more complex applications and environments. However, a mature virtual machine system needs a series of huge project composition as support. In the current environment, using a new programming language (solidity) is not a wise approach. The high learning threshold makes the community bear a lot of compatibility and learning costs, while bottoms develops block virtual machines based on the existing mature virtual machine standards, so as to reduce the developer threshold and expand the win-win ecosystem, Improve security.
        BOT coding is a compiler independently written by bottoms, which provides IR intermediate language between high-level programming language and machine language. BCODE itself can also be used as the back-end of multiple languages, providing language independent optimization and code generation for multiple CPUs. Compare traditional compilers with BOT coding. Traditional static compilers, such as GCC, are generally completed by three components: the front end, the optimizer, and the back end:. The source code is compiled into a file in BCODE format, and then the BOT codinglinker link is used and optimized. The obtained bcoding is finally translated into the machine code of a specific platform. In addition, BOT coding supports JIT, and some lightweight operation instructions will be inserted into the code generation process to run the information, and the nativecode will be adjusted to adapt to the specific architecture.
        JIT is to write the part of the machine code generated by the original compiler directly into the current memory, find the corresponding machine code and execute it through the conversion of function pointers. It is often used to deal with memory management, symbol redirection, dealing with external symbols and other issues. For BVM, we have always planned to build a lightweight virtual machine to meet our vision of mobile and IOT in the future. Wren was initially selected. Later, in the test phase, when transferring with empty contracts, it was found that the transfer times were very slow and could not meet the requirements at all, so wasm was replaced, and the transfer times were several times that of Wren. Webassembly is a new bytecode format.
        Its abbreviation is.Wasm Wasm is a file name suffix, which is a new low-level secure binary syntax. Although webassembly to machine language also requires a "translation" process, it belongs to machine language to machine language translation, so the speed is very close to machine language, so the speed is very fast. Wasm allows c/c++ and other languages to write programs running in the web. Wasm is actually a bytecode format, which is the underlying binary syntax, loading time period and high-speed execution. It is the target file format designed for web multilingual programming. Increase the strength of the current BVM ecological army. Because it supports multiple languages, it is easy to migrate from traditional languages, and the basic support in the traditional web field can also be grafted.
        The migration of web applications to blockchain DAPP applications has become possible. Webassembly can allow any language to compile into its asttree, which is equivalent to the code written in other high-level languages that can run directly on the blockchain smart contract. If EVM is a blockchain virtual machine, BVM will be a virtual machine that can professionally serve the blockchain business system. (author: bottoms Research Institute, the content comes from the content open platform "get number" of chain get; this article only represents the author's point of view, not the official position of chain get).
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