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What programming language should blockchain development platforms use today

Time : 20/10/2021 Author : v8au9h Click : + -
        In this era, blockchain development technology has gradually developed its own pace. Now many regions and even countries are planning for blockchain development technology, hoping to have their own day on this track. So for many blockchain development platforms, what computer programming languages should be used? According to the current blockchain development platform projects, most computer programming languages have been applied, such as JavaScript, c++, solidity, Java, go, etc. each computer programming language has different characteristics. Different blockchain projects on this blockchain development platform will use different languages, so which one is more in line with the current trend?.
        JavaScript is a dynamic scripting language based on prototype programming and multi paradigm, and supports object-oriented, imperative and declarative styles. It is widely used in web application development. It is often used to add various dynamic functions to web pages to provide users with a more smooth and beautiful browsing effect. At present, it is also one of the popular programming languages. And it can run on a variety of platforms. The blockchain development platform lisk allows developers to build applications here. C++ is not only the inheritance of C language, but also an object-oriented language. It can carry out procedural programming of C language, object-based programming characterized by abstract data types, and object-oriented programming characterized by polymorphism and inheritance.
        While c++ is good at object-oriented programming, it can also carry out process based programming. Therefore, c++ can adapt to the size of the problem. Solidity is a high-level language for smart contracts. It is a language for developing Ethereum smart contracts. It mainly runs on Ethereum virtual machines. Its syntax is close to Java, which can also be said to be an object-oriented programming language. Because Ethereum has always been in the leading position in smart contracts, many blockchain development platforms allow smart contracts to be transplanted from Ethereum to the new blockchain network to ensure compatibility with solidity.
        Java is an object-oriented programming language. It not only absorbs various advantages of c++ language, but also discards the concepts of pointer and multi inheritance that are difficult to understand in c++. Therefore, Java language has two characteristics: powerful functionality and ease of use. Because of its simplicity, distributed, security, portability, multithreading and other characteristics, it is very popular in program development. At present, it has more than 9million developers. In practical applications, Java can write desktop applications, web applications, distributed systems and embedded system applications. Therefore, it is widely used in the development of blockchain technology. The last programming language, go, is a new open source programming language. It is also a statically strongly typed and compiled language developed by robertgriesemer, robpike and kenthompson of Google.
        The syntax of go language is similar to that of C, but its functions include memory security, GC, structural morphology and CSP style concurrent computing. As a statically typed language, it has no hierarchy in the type system, so users don't have to spend much time defining data type relationships. In garbage collection, go language provides basic support for concurrent execution and communication. In terms of compilation, it fully combines interpretive language to provide convenience for testers to understand, combines dynamic type language to build a foundation for developers, and combines static type to provide guarantee for the security of data information. Among so many programming languages, go is obviously more suitable for the development of blockchain development machines, which is also recognized by many people. It has been officially named in 2007 for more than two years now. It can not only solve distributed computing, but also is a new language in the field of cloud computing.
        Except that bitcoin is developed by c++, the current mainstream clients are basically developed by go language, which also establishes the absolute position of go language in the whole blockchain industry. In other words, go language meets the characteristics of high concurrency, cross platform and high execution in all blockchain development. Now blockchain development technology has been slowly developed, and the progress of the times also requires changes in computer language programming. Then, under today's blockchain development platform, go is more in line with our mainstream, which will be the key direction for blockchain development talents to learn next. Blockchain development technology is a high-tech, and it still takes some effort to understand it thoroughly, but I believe that according to this trend, blockchain development talents will be recognized by people and have many new ideas.
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