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Blockchain concept is popular, and there are more than 1000 concept stocks? Beware of the concept of rubbing (with institutional comments)

Time : 26/08/2021 Author : t1k93s Click : + -
        The number of related concept stocks rose by the daily limit across the board, and the number of A-share trading stocks also hit a recent high, reaching 160 rarely. Even convertible bonds have been brought to a fire because of this. For a time, they were temporarily suspended due to excessive growth in a short time. However, while investors and listed companies are flocking to blockchain, they should pay more attention to whether there is a situation where fish eyes confuse pearls. According to the evening news of Xinhua News Agency on the 25th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective learning on the current situation and trends of blockchain technology development on the afternoon of October 24. Market data showed that on the 28th, the A-share blockchain concept sector soared across the board, a bright red. In the session, nearly 100 blockchain concept stocks rose by the daily limit, and dozens of individual stocks on the one-stop trading board.
        Take tongdaxin software as an example. There are 126 concept stocks in the blockchain concept sector of the software. As of the closing, more than 90 stocks still rose by the limit. According to preliminary estimates, the market value of the above sectors increased from 1.48 trillion to 1.60 trillion in one day, with a sharp increase of about 120billion yuan. The collective rise of blockchain concept stocks has also greatly increased the activity of the market. According to data, the number of daily limit stocks in the two markets has been small recently. The number of daily limit stocks in the five trading days last week has never exceeded 50, but on the 28th, the number of daily limit stocks in the two markets has reached 160, which is rare in the near future. For example, the opening price of Navitas convertible bonds on the 28th was as high as 139.00 yuan, up more than 20% from the closing price of the previous trading day.
        As the increase exceeded the threshold, it was temporarily suspended by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The detailed rules for real-time monitoring of abnormal trading in securities of Shanghai Stock Exchange stipulates that if the intraday trading price of other bonds without price rise or fall restrictions rises or falls by more than 20% (inclusive) for the first time compared with the previous closing price, or rises or falls by more than 30% (inclusive) for a single time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange may temporarily suspend trading in the session, and the duration of the first intraday temporary suspension is 30 minutes. In the previous investor relations activity table, Nanwei software once revealed that the company has created blockchain electronic license products. The company's blockchain electronic license products provide a trusted electronic license comprehensive solution integrating management, use and authentication, making full use of ant financial's technological competitive advantage on the blockchain.
        After the popularity of blockchain fermentation, investors in the A-share market could not sit still and flocked to the interactive platform to ask whether the listed companies had anything to do with blockchain. As of press time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive easy to search with "blockchain" as the keyword, we can find that the record of questions related to blockchain has reached 1600 since October 26. For example, Jinglan technology announced yesterday evening that the "blockchain agricultural production traceability system" independently developed by its subsidiary haonongyi e-commerce Co., Ltd. (formerly known as "Gu'an Jinglan cloud Technology Co., Ltd.", referred to as "haonongyi") and with independent intellectual property rights has been filed through the national cyberspace office. Affected by this news, Jinglan software, which had continued to consolidate, rose strongly on Monday.
        Some netizens joked that "after 48 hours of continuous efforts by various people, the A-share blockchain concept stocks have been expanded from more than 50 to more than 1000". However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that listed companies are flocking to announce that there may be fish's eyes and hot spots involved in blockchain. In addition, if investors over speculation, after the market returns to rationality, the relevant risks can not be ignored. In fact, a close observation shows that many companies only said that they would actively explore blockchain and did not substantially intervene in blockchain business. It is not ruled out that there are hot spots to push up the stock price. Shengxing also said that blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm.
        At present, the company's subsidiary Shengxing cloud and the joint-stock company Astor technology have no related business. When presiding over the study speech, General Secretary Xi pointed out that the application of blockchain technology has extended to digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields. At present, major countries around the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. China has a good foundation in the field of blockchain. We should accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and actively promote the integrated development of blockchain and economy and society. On January 10, 2019, China's "Regulations on the management of blockchain information services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") was issued and will enter into force on February 15, 2019.
        At that time, the relevant person in charge of the state Internet Information Office said that the introduction of the "Regulations" aims to clarify the information security management responsibilities of blockchain information service providers, standardize and promote the healthy development of blockchain technology and related services, avoid the security risks of blockchain information services, and provide an effective legal basis for the provision, use, management, etc. of blockchain information services. According to the research of Dongguan securities, blockchain is based on blocks, and each block contains multiple branch nodes. Whether between blocks or between branch nodes within blocks, they are all chain data structures constructed in chronological order and combined with cryptographic algorithms.
        Compared with traditional databases, blockchain does not need the endorsement of authoritative intermediaries. Because each block can participate in the whole process of data authentication, storage and maintenance, each block is equivalent to an independent ledger. In the past, the traditional double entry bookkeeping evolved into a distributed bookkeeping of "whole network sharing", which truly achieved decentralization. In terms of classification, according to whether the blockchain system has a block access mechanism, it can be divided into license chain and non license chain. Among them, license chain includes alliance chain and private chain. Dongguan Securities pointed out that blockchain has a wide range of downstream applications, helping the industrial upgrading of traditional industries. In 2009, blockchain technology was first used in digital currency. After years of innovation and upgrading, the application field of blockchain continues to expand, gradually extending from digital scene applications to industrial entity applications.
        At present, blockchain technology has been practiced in many industries such as finance, medical treatment, justice, industry, media, etc., helping traditional industries realize digital transformation. Among them, the financial industry has taken the lead in trying out blockchain technology in cross-border remittance, transaction settlement, credit investigation, supply chain finance and other businesses. Through the combination of technology and real industry, blockchain is gradually moving towards "virtual to real", and it is expected to further expand its application to vertical fields such as people's livelihood, smart city and smart government in the future. According to the research view of Western securities, there are two background considerations for the proposal of blockchain strategy: from a foreign perspective, under the background of Sino US trade friction, science and technology has changed from the previous independent and controllable follow-up tactics to the strategy of blockchain (together with 5g) to occupy the commanding heights of science and technology; Domestically, we need to improve social governance capabilities (targeted poverty alleviation, small and micro enterprise loans, etc.).
        The agency believes that promoting industrial innovation with technological innovation is the main theme of blockchain development in the next 3-5 years: in the past 15 years, the Internet has brought great development and progress to society, but the Internet has brought efficiency. What blockchain can change is the relationship of trust (blockchain application, instantly encrypted), from the past "Internet +" to the present "blockchain +". In cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, the first three technologies are to improve productivity, and blockchain changes the production relationship. Now the efficiency can be developed to 3500 transactions per second, which can cover most application scenarios and application requirements.
        Western Securities believes that blockchain applications have been implemented in many scenarios: food traceability, judicial deposit, music copyright, game trading, and data authenticity of supply chain finance to meet the application problems of financial products. Among them, supply chain finance is expected to be the largest application scenario because it covers the widest and deepest areas.
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