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Tencent's Web3 dream was "shattered" in less than a year?

Time : 10/12/2021 Author : ijdhzq Click : + -
        According to interface, Tencent is planning to abolish its "phantom core" business this week. Tencent magic core is a digital collection platform under Tencent. It has been online for less than a year. Magic core is an innovative business of Tencent PCG. According to the Huaxia times, phantom nuclear told reporters: we have not received the relevant notice, and the current operation is business as usual. Currently, we are preparing a new version of the app and upgrading the experience of the old collection, and the sale of the new collection will be postponed. However, the phantom nuclear side did not deny whether the phantom nuclear would be abolished, nor did it tell reporters that the news was a "rumor". Even if Tencent does abolish the "magic core" business, it does not mean that Tencent completely abandons the blockchain.
        The industry speculates that at least the Zhixin chain on which "magic core" relies will continue to operate normally. Zhixin chain is based on Tencent cloud. It is a blockchain platform jointly built by Tencent, China network security and fengdiao straighten out. At present, it has provided blockchain services for Xinhua news agency, people's cultural and creative industry, Beijing Municipal Bureau of cultural relics and China Central Radio and television station. The domestic NFT boom originated in June 2021, when Alipay and Dunhuang Art Research Institute released two NFT skins, and the price was once fried to more than 1 million. Two months later, Tencent launched the NFT selling platform "phantom core" app, and later renamed the name of NFT as "digital collection" for compliance reasons.
        Magic core soon became one of the largest digital collection platforms in China. Since the Xinhua news agency released the first set of digital collections at the end of December last year, NFT was officially recognized, and the popularity of digital collections began to rise after the Spring Festival. One data shows that in February this year, there were no more than 100 domestic digital collection platforms. As of July, there are domestic online companies. However, since April and may, market sentiment has shifted from a very excited state to pessimism. "From everyone's chat, we can see that no one bought it, because it's unprofitable at present." Huang Kai, the manager of "digital Tibetan ship", told geek Park, "when the number of new users is declining and the number of platforms is increasing, we have clearly seen a trend that many platforms can't be sold, even large factories.
        」。 According to the report of "interface", the "Thirteen invited vinyl record NFT" on phantom core sold out in one second, but in the past month, many digital collections of phantom core have been unsalable. On June 21, phantom core released 20245 pieces of master Hongyi's calligraphy aphorism screen digital perfection, and 8206 pieces of wood watermark shizhuzhai painting series on June 17. Previously, phantom core maintained a new frequency of digital collections once a week, or even twoorthree times a week, while phantom core app has not sold new digital collections in the past two weeks. In February and March, the sales of magic core were excellent, and it was almost sold out immediately after its launch.
        Many buyers feel that even products of unknown small platforms can earn a lot, so the magic core under the big factory should earn more. If magic core can open the secondary circulation market in the future, the purchased magic core products will add more value. However, the greater the illusion of big companies, the higher the risk. "The money that digital collections can earn is nothing to Tencent. Because the regulatory policy is not clear, Tencent does not need to take risks to open the secondary market." Lucy, who started to build a digital collection solution platform last year, said. With the arrival of the bear market in the overseas NFT market, it also affected the domestic market. "Everyone feels that there is a risk of foam bursting, and phantom core is very determined not to open a circulation platform.
        Phantom core products have also become the first ones that cannot be sold. " She analyzed. For Tencent, when the digital collection can't be sold, and it can't open a secondary market to boost the market at the risk of policy, and the new business is "cornered", the business of making fast money will basically come to an end. Why are digital collections so popular? Azer, the director of a digital collection platform, observed that 80% of the early buyers of digital collections came from scalpers who fried shoe circles, Moutai circles and ticket circles. "These people realized that this was profitable, and they had a large user base." These user groups are mainly post-95, with men accounting for the vast majority, "belonging to the category that is not deep in the world".
        Soon, this attracted the attention of hackers. A member of the network security team told us that because of the appreciation space of digital collections initially hyped, they monitored that around March this year, the number of hackers' intelligence also began to explode. The Black Industry Association will monitor the major activities of the NFT selling platform in real time, sort them into tables, share them in the group, and update them every day. Then write a program to rush buy, and then resell. The whole process is profitable and illegal. The boost of black production further makes the hype in this field more crazy. Many digital collections have little value in themselves and lack competitiveness in aesthetics. "The current digital collection is very unhealthy. Few people pay attention to whether it has artistic value, and whether they really like it or have collection value.
        Only consider whether you can make money. ". According to Sun Quan, an internal employee of an Internet company who makes digital collections, making digital collections by the company is also equivalent to "cutting leeks". Seeing that other people have done it, he is also thinking about how to make a profit from it. He did not think clearly about the significance of this matter. ". Sun Quan found that some institutions will go to the digital collection platform, or the platform will find them, discuss with each other how to design games, and disclose in advance how to hype. Zhou Yu hit Huang Gai, one willing to hit and one willing to suffer. Investors are taking chances, thinking that they can make a difference by changing hands. Xu Beihong's digital ink horse collection, which is not exclusive, can be sold at a unit price of 128 yuan, and it will be sold out in seconds.
        "In fact, what you buy is a picture. There are few copyrighted products. To put it bluntly, it's IQ tax. It's meaningless.". "An industry that relies on unhealthy hype is certainly unsustainable." Huang Kai thought, "people in the industry also hope or call on the state to retain the resale of digital products as much as possible, while avoiding its financialization and hype. This depends on the national policy. For fear that the market is now damaged by some small platforms, the state will come up with a one size fits all policy and directly block the circulation. That will be a devastating blow to the industry.".
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