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AsiaInfo technology data infrastructure platform and medium platform operating system were selected in the atlas of China's digital intelligence industry 10

Time : 04/02/2022 Author : e7j8if Click : + -
        Recently, the 2022 big data industry summit guided by the China Academy of information and communications (hereinafter referred to as the China Academy of information and communications) and the China Communications Standardization Association released the "China digital intelligence industry map 1.0", and the data infrastructure platform and data middle platform operation system independently developed by CICA technology were selected into the map. Previously, AsiaInfo edge AI and other digital intelligence products have also been selected into authoritative maps such as the panorama of edge computing industry by the China Academy of communications and communications. This shows that the data intelligence product system created by AsiaInfo technology is becoming more and more perfect and mature, and has become an important part of the innovative development of China's digital intelligence industry. Based on the industry recognized dikw information theory framework, AsiaInfo technology creates a data intelligent classification system under different combinations of "data, algorithm and computing power" to solve practical problems in specific fields.
        Figure: CICA technology data intelligent classification system [pay attention to the official account of "CICA technology new technology exploration" and read "building enterprise data intelligent system for value realization"]. Based on the principle of separation of storage and computing, the data infrastructure platform adapts to the cloud native 5gpaas platform from the edge to the cloud, providing enterprises with integrated management of data lake and warehouse, multi cluster and multi tenant management and control capabilities, and at the same time, it has the ability of data weaving for computing network, helping customers to build an efficient and safe enterprise level distributed big data infrastructure platform. The data center operating system is oriented to data integration, processing, governance, security, sharing, etc., and provides "steward" services throughout the life cycle to help enterprises drive business innovation and growth with data.
        The general artificial intelligence platform is the hub of the smart midrange, providing step-by-step construction of algorithm models, full life cycle management services, as well as solutions and standardized AI applications with strong scenarios, low cost, software and hardware integration. The data exploration and analysis platform is an agile and open tool that supports massive data analysis and visualization. It provides rich visualization and simple drag and drop operation functions, and can integrate a variety of data analysis algorithms to help enterprises quickly build a data visualization analysis system and realize intelligent decision-making. Knowledge map tool is a one-stop full process knowledge computing platform based on "big data +ai", which provides a full stack of core capabilities covering knowledge ontology construction, knowledge extraction and fusion, knowledge reasoning and application, and helps customers build knowledge maps and rapid applications.
        Edge intelligent all-in-one machine is a software and hardware integrated product for edge intelligent scenes. It has a variety of product forms, and deploys powerful AI capabilities to the edge in a lightweight manner to meet the needs of production, operation and maintenance, security and other businesses. The global intelligent operation and maintenance platform encapsulates the whole process capabilities of fault discovery, diagnosis, self-healing, prediction, etc., constructs reusable and evolvable operation and maintenance components, and externally empowers them in the form of OpenAPI, so that intelligent operation and maintenance can be quickly implemented to ensure quality, control costs, and improve efficiency. The robot process automation platform provides "one-stop" capabilities for process robot development, deployment, scheduling, operation, monitoring and management, and customizes the digital labor force with strong scalability, flexibility and high plasticity for customers.
        Blockchain products provide alliance chain services for enterprises. Through the decentralized mode, industry data can be quickly linked and industry alliances can be built in a minimalist manner. Trusted privacy computing based on blockchain supports secure intersection, hidden query, joint modeling, joint statistics and other scenarios. General artificial intelligence mainly focuses on developing multi-purpose machines that think and work like people. Based on the data intelligence classification model of CICA technology, we can imagine what characteristics computer programs with general artificial intelligence will show. Once there is a system that meets this description, we are almost sure that all human work will be replaced by this kind of artificial intelligence.
        At present, AsiaInfo technology has a relatively perfect data intelligence theory and product system, and has accumulated extensive and profound practical experience in the fields of communication, finance, transportation, government affairs, radio and television, etc. AsiaInfo technology will continue to adhere to the concept of "orderly and controllable" to promote the production, learning and Research of machine intelligence, and strive to become the promoter of the development of China's digital intelligence industry, helping the industry transformation and economic upgrading. AsiaInfo Technology Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as AsiaInfo technology, stock code: since 1993, it was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 19, 2018. It is a leading provider of software products, solutions and services, and a leading provider of digital intelligence and full stack capabilities.
        In 2019, AsiaInfo technology established the strategy of "one consolidation and three development", accelerated the development of data-driven operation business on the basis of stabilizing the operator market, and gradually successfully entered the financial, government affairs, energy, radio and television, transportation, postal and other large enterprise markets, and proposed the development goal of "by 2025, the business scale will exceed 10 billion, and new businesses will occupy half of the country". In 2021, the company's operating revenue was nearly 6.9 billion yuan, and the "three new" business revenue accounted for more than 22%. At the beginning of 2022, AsiaInfo technology successfully acquired iResearch consulting, forming seven digital intelligence core capabilities: consulting planning, product development, implementation and delivery, system integration, intelligent decision-making, data operation and customer service, creating a closed-loop customer service, and becoming a leading digital intelligence full stack capability provider.
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