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Blockchain and innovative thinking,Qiaolian education group blockchain training activity came to a successful conclusion: preschool education advances and innovation first

Time : 30/05/2022 Author : cx36lq Click : + -
        Pilot workstation. Since being approved to establish the station, qiaomante professional station has focused on the professional design, research and development and education training services of blockchain courses. According to the pilot reform spirit of "smart learning workshop 2020 master student innovation workstation" set up by the school planning and development center of the Ministry of education, qiaomante professional station has stood up to build a blockchain technology professional training technology service platform with national first-class education standards. On the day of the training, Jack Chan, the head of the professional station of qiaomante, first introduced the project and explained the vision development plan of the professional station of blockchain Technology (Figure 3). According to the development trend of blockchain field, stationmaster Cheng said, "blockchain is the next wave of national science and technology strategy. All industries are inseparable from the industrial innovation of blockchain technology. Digital technology-based talents are an important innovative composite backbone of traditional industry innovation.",.
        Then, Mr. Pan Wei (Figure 4), a senior blockchain education senior training lecturer at qiaomante professional station, popularized the following contents of blockchain technology in vivid and vivid language: basic principles of blockchain technology, consensus mechanism, Ethereum's ecological innovation of blockchain 2.0, use and management of digital packets, etc. An interactive activity of prize winning Q & A was held for all the students. The employees of Qiaolian education group who participated in the training performed actively and answered the blockchain technical knowledge just finished the training accurately and concretely, which reflected that qiaomante professional station was very professional in the internal training of blockchain knowledge,. President Lin of Qiaolian education group also affirmed that "the training effect is very good, and it is necessary for Qiaolian Education Group employees to comprehensively learn and understand emerging technologies".
        What kind of sparks can blockchain and early childhood education produce? Qiaodongcai, senior training lecturer of blockchain technology development education in Qiaoman special zone, explained and shared the application prospects of blockchain + early childhood education from the perspective of technology and application (Figure 5). Scenery. A number of front-line early childhood educators and curriculum experts on the scene (figures 6-1 and 6-2) were deeply touched and actively published avant-garde ideas on the industrial innovation of "blockchain + early childhood education". All leaders of Qiaolian education group and educators have reached a consensus that blockchain technology combined with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data will bring endless creativity of unimaginable cross-border innovation to the preschool education industry.
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