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How to understand today's "blockchain"? What's your opinion on this?

Time : 05/11/2021 Author : yiz257 Click : + -
        Hello, I'm Arong. Everyone must have seen the "blockchain" technology on the Internet these days. What's the matter with this "blockchain"? What kind of high-tech is it? In fact, at present, I am also confused. Blockchain is a decentralized, data encryption and distributed storage technology. Once data is stored, it cannot be tampered with. The so-called tamper free means that even if you change it, it is invalid. Because "blockchain technology" is decentralized, that is, there is no unified storage center, but there are many nodes. Each node is equivalent to a center, and each node is connected. Once data is stored in blockchain, Every node knows the data you store. Even if you change it in the center of this node, other nodes still store the data you originally stored.
        To put it simply, in your class of 50 students, if you encounter difficulties, you ask the monitor for help and borrow 10 yuan, but only you and the monitor know about it. But if blockchain technology is applied, then you borrowed 10 yuan from the monitor in front of 50 students in the class. Now the whole class knows about it. Even if you want to say that you didn't borrow money from the monitor, the whole class knows that you borrowed 10 yuan from the monitor, It is equivalent to that there are 48 witnesses to this matter, and it does exist. Blockchain technology is such a technology. You can see that many reports are about blockchain and bitcoin. Maybe you will mistakenly think that bitcoin is a blockchain. In fact, it is not. Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency. Please check it accurately.
        Blockchain is a technology, and bitcoin is an application case of blockchain technology. How I wish I had bitcoin! Even oneortwo is OK!. The application of blockchain technology in bitcoin is very successful, so can it be applied to which industries? In fact, I think that if blockchain technology is really developed and applied, it is possible to apply this technology in all walks of life, especially in the financial industry. Everyone knows that there are many old timers in the credit industry, such as those who borrow money but don't pay it back, those who run away, and so on. I believe everyone has seen such news. Why does this happen? In short, it is not enough to prove that once blockchain technology is applied, where do you borrow money, This information will be encrypted, distributed and stored in each block node, so how can we rely on it!.
        The application results of blockchain technology on bitcoin are ideal, so the country will definitely attach importance to this technology, and the blockchain technology team will certainly strive to upgrade. I think blockchain technology will definitely develop and popularize applications. What's your opinion on this?.
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