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[view] blockchain with Chinese characteristics is not "blockchain" at all

Time : 20/04/2022 Author : 51jt8g Click : + -
        Decentralized, tamper proof and other well-known cliches, the superior Chen Weixing naturally disdains to say. His most sensational argument is probably that blockchain can eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor &mdash& mdash;& mdash; The unfinished business of Marx and Lenin in his life and the subsequent unfinished business has found the ultimate solution here in Chen Weixing, which is the blockchain of "equalizing the rich and the poor". Before blockchain was "immortalized", Chen Weixing mainly relied on the name of the fast founder to walk the Jianghu &mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash; Backed by at, it was the bloodiest war in the history of China's Internet, with tens of millions of subsidies a day, attracting hundreds of millions of users to watch and eat profits.
        Therefore, Chen Weixing said that Zhu Xiaohu cut leeks. We, the grass-roots people who seek truth from facts, are firmly opposed. We, loser users, who hasn't picked up too fast and dripping wool?. Compared with the fast name, blockchain and bitcoin were much more marginalized before the Spring Festival &mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash; Money security, the world's largest blockchain asset trading platform, has only 5million users; Throughout 2017, there were 30million transactions of bitcoin, that is, the order volume of didi in a day. Founder Chen Weixing is very angry, but CEO Lu Chuanwei, who really lives and dies with speed, is much more low-key.
        After the merger of kuaidi and Didi, LV Chuanwei made investment in transformation and became invisible in public view. In August, 2012, kuaixing went online, but Chen Weixing, who was born as a game player, was used to making fast money. He was a little unable to support the market when he worked hard like taking a taxi. Externally, it seems that Chen Weixing is not the best candidate for CEO recognized by investors. Quick angel investor Li Zhiguo found an old acquaintance Lu Chuanwei from the United States. Three years later, when didi kuaidi merged and talked about this highly profitable investment, Li Zhiguo once again praised LV Chuanwei, "Lv Chuanwei is a practical person who comes from a product background and has always been very low-key.". Although in a magazine report, Chen Weixing claimed that it was he who invited LV Chuanwei to make the decision and gave him more favorable equity than himself.
        However, according to Ye Yun's circle of friends, who was then kuaixing's public relations director, LV Chuanwei took over most of Chen Weixing's shares with real money, including the money to sell American houses. Without allin of Lu Chuanwei and others, there may not be an amazing valuation of billions of dollars later. However, from the perspective of Chen Weixing, he did earn a quick sum of money in front of him, gave up a possible large sum of money, and passed by, which may be more painful than never having it. Zhu Xiaohu is just the opposite of Chen Weixing &mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash; Three months after the quick taxi went online, Zhu met Didi, who was sad that he couldn't get enough money, and then bet from the angel round to the end, becoming the winner of the shared travel card game, who didn't make the first move but had the highest return multiple.
        In an interview with Wang Feng, Chen Weixing said, "I can't help it. I lost. So I drowned my worries with alcohol" &mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash; When he merged kuaidi in 2015, he used alcohol to relieve his worries. It is estimated that his worry is not that he sold his kuaidi shares quickly, but that his kuaidi shares were sold too early. Blockchain emphasizes decentralization. According to Chen Weixing, blockchain can lead losers to a free world and an equal society &mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash; However, it is obvious that he is hostile to heaven and earth in the three-point group, and regards those with different views as "sb". It seems that he is not "decentralized" at all, and is not democratic and open at all. It is estimated that in his view, dissent is either stupid or bad.
        When zhaohejuan, the founder of titanium media, who was invited to join the group, mentioned that there were many ICO swindlers, Chen Weixing immediately began personal attacks, "I have seen a lot of underworld in the media"; "Pulling you into the group is to let you learn to save one by one"; "You are a primitive person who has no legal concept at all": "now many journalists violate the law, and the risk is much higher than blockchain.". For Zhu Xiaohu, who publicly said that cutting leeks by ICO was a fraud, Chen Weixing was certainly even more impolite, saying that Zhu Xiaohu wanted to die in the old era. Even Zhu Xiaohu is cutting leeks in order to fight back, and he doesn't hesitate to "pull himself into the water." "to be honest, I'm also a person who has cut many leeks in traditional equity investment. Isn't it true that the stock of a taxi? I also invested in more than 7 super unicorns last year, invested in the early stage, and then organized a pile of VC to follow the later stage, and quickly listed in the unicorn row in a round in a few months.
        Is this traditional method of cutting leeks in equity investment superior to the coin circle? Is the foam of the blockchain industry as high as the global stock market? ". When Mu Yan, an old rival, invited Wei Chenyang, an economist of the Federal Reserve, into the group, Chen Weixing said, "when all the economists of the Federal Reserve come, how can we discuss the problem?" Wei Chenyang had to retreat from the group. At the same time of antagonizing dissidents, of course, I want to shape my absolute authority. "I'm also a person from the old era. I'm more handsome than him (Zhu Xiaohu), but he wants to die in the old society, and I want to live to the new world.". Interestingly, for such a blockchain group that pays attention to faith, it is clear that all the leaders involved are in the group about whether Mu Yan is suspected of false propaganda by the leaders. Chen Weixing attacks continuously, and Mu Yan clarifies continuously. As a result, they fight back and forth several times. How about the truth, not to mention the onlookers? It is estimated that hundreds of leaders in the group at 3 o'clock do not know the truth, forcing Mu Yan to claim to "Sue" Chen Weixing.
        Ironically &mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash; A small dispute caused by a decentralized blockchain group, because it is getting louder and louder, requires help to the centralized national judicial system. Interestingly, just today, another Oolong occurred in the group at 3 o'clock. Zhu pan, the founder of mushroom head blockchain, who was modeled as an entrepreneurial benchmark by the Hainan provincial government, claimed that he saw that Hainan was going to open a token exchange. The news quickly brushed the screen. As a result, the party came out to refute the rumor, claiming that the wechat was stolen, and the news was untrue. In order to completely counter the accusation of blockchain cutting leeks, Chen Weixing sent a circle of friends, "the cryptocurrency I personally hold will never be cashed out (legal currency).
        True believers will never cut leeks, nor should they be leeks! ". At the top are pioneers such as bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto and Ethereum founder vitalikbuterin, who are the God of the coin circle. Secondly, mining machine manufacturers make tens of billions of profits a year. For example, foreign media reported that the profits of bitland last year were more than $3billion; Then there is the exchange, which may have billions of profits a year, as well as large miners. Next, it may be the issuers of various counterfeit coins. But subsequent investors can go beyond this disdain chain and take all the winners. Chen Weixing has invested in dozens of chain coin and coupon companies, including coin security, Huo coin network, qtum, Tron and so on.
        Yuan'an, which received tens of millions of dollars of angel round financing in September last year, has become the world's largest blockchain asset exchange with 5million users in nearly 200 countries. According to China entrepreneur, the coin issuance fee is up to 10million yuan, including the equivalent currency of 5% of the total issuance. Huo coin, which was launched earlier, has more creatively launched a voting mechanism for the digital currencies waiting to issue coins. In the latest round of voting, 10 digital currencies finally got the opportunity to go online. The voting page showed that egcc ranked first with 31.95 million votes. According to the investment mechanism of Huo coin, each vote requires users to consume 0.1ht. HT is a digital currency issued by Huo coin itself, and its current market value is about 15 yuan.
        In this way, the voting cost of egcc alone is nearly 48million yuan. And the big men in the whole 3o'clock group said elegantly that they would not talk about ICO or the low-end topic of speculation &mdash& mdash; It's not that they are indifferent to money, it's because they have a higher level of money making methods. As long as more people in the original non currency circle and chain circle know blockchain and become believers in blockchain (wealth creating effect), they will inevitably flock to the exchange to buy money, fry money and ICO, because this is their only chance to share the dividends of blockchain. Blockchain technology may be decentralized, but in terms of wealth distribution mechanism, blockchain is not decentralized at all &mdash& mdash; As a Xiaobai, among the dazzling counterfeit coins, if I want to participate in ICO and coin speculation, I must choose the mainstream digital currency of the boss platform, including Chen Weixing, of course.
        Even those mainstream digital currencies are becoming more and more centralized. When Nakamoto designed bitcoin, he set a 1m capacity limit for the block, which can enable personal computers to run the whole blockchain smoothly. However, with the expansion of the block to 8m, ordinary home computers were forcibly eliminated, and computing power transferred control to stronger mine owners &mdash& mdash;& mdash; This is the premise for bitland to achieve amazing performance, and wujihan, the founder of bitland, is a firm advocate and supporter of 8m expansion. Later, the founders of Wright coin and Ethereum also hoped to create a digital asset that could not be mined by improving the algorithm, but they were all cracked by the Chinese one by one.
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