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Betray blockchain attributes? Accenture has obtained the patent of changeable blockchain model

Time : 15/07/2021 Author : nedla5 Click : + -
        According to the financial times, Accenture, a consulting services giant, has obtained patents for editable blockchain models in Europe and the United States. This kind of blockchain allows the central administrator to modify and delete the stored information in the authorized blockchain system. Accenture showed off its blockchain model jointly developed with Professor giuseppeateniese of stevensinstituteoftechnology on Tuesday. This prototype can quickly correct the errors on the blockchain. However, the existing blockchain model cannot be modified quickly. This is caused by the immutability of the existing blockchain: if you need to edit the existing blockchain, you can only complete it by restoring the previous record and deleting the record that needs to be changed.
        This will take a lot of time. In financial institutions, a large number of transactions are required, and human errors may occur at any time. Therefore, Accenture's blockchain model can greatly improve the availability of blockchain in financial institutions. "A changeable blockchain can only be regarded as a database. The whole meaning of blockchain lies in its immutability, which is simply the opposite." Garynuttall, founder of disslytics (a famous blockchain consulting company), said. Because the permissionlesssystem is decentralized, its central attribute is that transaction records cannot be tampered with.
        This is not contrary to Accenture's new block chain model, because Accenture's model is based on the permissionedsystem. The authorization system will be managed by the central administrator according to the agreed rules. This is different from the authorization free system used by the pioneers of the existing blockchain (such as bitcoin). Accenture pointed out that non editable is not a necessary attribute in the authorization system, because this system is controlled by a single institution. This attribute cannot be tampered with hinders the application of blockchain by financial institutions. Accenture published an article on the impact and potential of blockchain technology in investment banking last year. Since then, the investment in related technology has increased exponentially.
        According to coindesk's statistics, as of September 7, 2016, the total amount of venture capital on bitcoin has reached $1.2 billion. Accenture laboratories predicts that blockchain will enter a mature stage in 2025 and become a mainstream tool in the capital market ecosystem. North American blockchain Association (NABA) is the first non-profit blockchain authority Association in North America, located in Silicon Valley. NABA aims to share global blockchain information, conduct in-depth analysis and judgment on global blockchain technology and related enterprises, and become a platform to connect the resources of all parties in the North American blockchain.
        If you are interested in our North American blockchain, you can email us and leave a message! Our email is: or visit our official website to watch the video: dialogue with star startup tongdun. More exciting content will be presented soon!. ● the media department is mainly responsible for translating all kinds of blockchain related news reports and industry trends around the world, and regularly launching them on NABA official account to build the largest blockchain we media in North America. ● the planning department is mainly responsible for planning and contributing to offline activities, such as singing, dancing, various performances, on-site interpretation, photography, venue layout, etc. ● the market operation Department is mainly responsible for the promotion of NABA official account, the promotion of members and member units, as well as the media investment and publication of blockchain industry companies.
        ● the interview department is mainly responsible for planning and arranging the specific details of the interview, determining the focus of the report and organizing materials accordingly, as well as collecting, writing and editing. Intelligence 2021 China's top 500 new economy enterprises released; EBay announced that it would close on August 12; The class was enforced for 1.06 million. Intelligence Faraday received a delisting warning from the United States in the future; Wechat and Alipay collection codes cannot be used for business collection; Kangmei pharmaceutical's restructuring plan was approved. Information wechat payment may be included in Tencent Financial Holding Company; The first EU bank connected to Beijing stock exchange; The price of all models of Nezha automobile increased. Intelligence Weilai plans to be listed on the Singapore stock exchange for the second time; Wangsicong banana project company has been cancelled; The Indian court lifted the freezing of Xiaomi's US $725million assets.
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