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Why are blockchain stocks so popular? Because it has completely changed the lives of ordinary people

Time : 01/10/2021 Author : wf5yx6 Click : + -
        What is blockchain? I don't think many people understand. Then simply tell everyone. Blockchain is a technology. A technology that decentralizes and shares information. The reason why blockchain stocks are so popular is that they can give people unlimited imagination. First of all, we need to know that blockchain is divided into several parts. The first part is digital currency. Blockchain is the underlying technology of digital currency. Bitcoin is the most familiar one. The second part is the digitalization of financial assets. For example, the digitalization of creditor's rights, equity and fund assets. The third part is also the most important part.
        It finance. This part is the part that changes people's lives most. In civilian language, for example, there used to be a village where Lao Wang was in charge of money, so everyone saved money at Lao Wang's house. But one day, Lao Wang's account book was stolen by thieves, so the account books in the whole village were in chaos. In order to avoid this situation, the people in the village thought of a way. That is to put the account book in every family. In this way, even if the thief comes and steals the account book of one of them, the accounts in the village will not be disordered. This is decentralization. Don't keep a certain information in the hands of one person, but keep these asset information in the hands of everyone.
        So that everyone can look it up. When applied to our daily life, for example, cases in hospitals can be shared across the network. Medical records follow wherever you go. For another example, according to the information that the bank needs to submit when handling a loan, the current situation is that no matter which bank you do it in, whether you have done it in other banks before or not, you need to provide new information. However, the situation will be different in the future. After the blockchain technology is implemented, as long as you go to the bank to apply for a loan, the bank will have your credit information. This is also a point of decentralization. Do you think this is not enough? Then let's say it again. Now you go to the government department to apply for any certificates.
        You need to provide a copy of your qualification certificate to the issuing authority. But if blockchain technology is implemented. You don't need to provide your evidence. Because in government agencies, you can obtain your qualification certificate by applying blockchain technology. This is also decentralization. The purpose of decentralization is to make life more convenient. And make assets more transparent. After all, do you know why blockchain stocks have risen so much? Because it can bring people infinite imagination. For example, a company participates in the blockchain project of e-government, which is only a small part of the blockchain. But it can bring great changes to the society.
        If he produces a small software, it can be applied to this link. If this blockchain of e-government is extended to the whole country. Then the performance of this company is bound to grow on a large scale, which is also the imagination space of the stock. Blockchain can bring about many changes. If you don't know what blockchain is, and blindly invest in it, it's difficult to get good returns. Don't speculate blindly. Understand an industry before you operate. Will be more confident.
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