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Information | Rongdu technology jointly prepared the development report of China's industrial blockchain (2022) and released it

Time : 11/05/2022 Author : lpgimu Click : + -
        This meeting discussed the application prospects and methods of industrial blockchain, shared excellent cases and project achievements of industrial blockchain application at home and abroad, commended excellent practices and enterprises in the industry, explored opportunities and challenges faced by the development of industrial blockchain in the new era, and jointly promoted the rapid development of industrial blockchain and promoted industrial upgrading and transformation. Chen Xiachu, member of the Party group and first-class inspector of Jiangsu Provincial Communications Administration, said that we should deeply tap the potential of innovative technologies such as blockchain, give full play to the unique advantages of blockchain technology in multi-source, heterogeneous and remote data exchange and management, explore the deep integration of alliance chain technology with big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and help government departments, enterprises, financial institutions and other organizations in digital transformation and upgrading.
        Qu Longjing, the people's Government of Gulou District, Nanjing, said that blockchain, as a disruptive technology, is leading the accelerated development of the digital economy, promoting the smart transformation of traditional industries, and constantly giving birth to new explosion points and growth points for scientific and technological innovation and industrial revitalization. The report released this time first introduces the development status of industrial blockchain from three aspects: policy environment, industry, University, research and application, and application fields; Then summarize and analyze the challenges faced by the industrial blockchain from three aspects: technology, application and supervision; Finally, the development suggestions of industrial blockchain are put forward for the regulatory system, industrial innovation and talent training. Through comprehensive and three-dimensional research on many regions, industrial subdivisions and nearly 100 enterprises in China, the report systematically combs the latest trends in China's industrial blockchain policy formulation, technological breakthroughs, application implementation, etc., studies the logic, mode, and path behind the industrial blockchain, and looks forward to the future development trend.
        In addition, the report also describes the overview and cases of industrial blockchain in different fields. China's blockchain applications in various fields involve government affairs, finance, public resource trading, smart cities, Rural Revitalization and so on. Among them, in the three fields of smart city, public resource trading and finance, Rongdu technology has been selected into three major cases: the full life cycle supervision platform of rural homestead, the application of blockchain in the field of property rights trading, and the smart city e-guarantee comprehensive service platform, providing a scenario solution of "blockchain +" for these three fields. In the future, based on the data in the report, Rongdu technology will enhance the technological innovation ability of "big data + blockchain", promote the application of both in the fields of financial technology and government services, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries enabled by technology, and actively build channels of communication and cooperation with governments, enterprises, financial institutions, etc., so as to add new vitality and inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the digital economy.
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