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China Merchants port signed a blockchain project with Ping An oneconnect to build a smart port in Dawan district

Time : 17/12/2021 Author : wfu7j6 Click : + -
        On the afternoon of March 31, 2020, the signing ceremony of the "Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay Port Logistics and trade facilitation blockchain platform" project between China Merchants port (001872) and Ping An financial oneconnect was held in China Merchants port building. Leaders and guests such as Chen Xiaoying, Commissioner of Shenzhen customs, Hu Jianhua, general manager of China Merchants Group, Zhang Yi, general manager and chief operating officer of China Merchants port, and Chen Xinying, CO CEO of Ping An group attended the signing ceremony. Huang Chuanjing, deputy general manager of China Merchants port, and ye Wangchun, chairman and CEO of Ping An financial oneconnect, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Ping An financial one connect is a financial technology cloud service platform under Ping An Group, which provides end-to-end "technology + business" solutions for many vertical fields of the banking, insurance, investment and other financial industries, covering the whole process services from marketing to customer acquisition, risk management and customer service, as well as the underlying technical services from data management, intelligent operation to the cloud platform, It has a world leading technology team and rich experience in blockchain projects.
        Since the second half of 2019, China Merchants port and Ping An oneconnect have carried out continuous communication and research around the application innovation of port blockchain. On the basis of the existing port information system, the two sides will jointly build the first blockchain network platform that connects the whole process of port, customs, logistics, enterprises and other trade in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay area. Rely on blockchain, big data and other technologies to carry out overall upgrading and optimization, link all participants and related parties in the port ecosystem such as ports, carriers, shippers, freight forwarders, customs, financial institutions, etc., and achieve the goals of logistics intensification, operation intelligence, process visualization and supervision accuracy through "linking" trade, logistics and regulatory data, so as to break many bottlenecks in the traditional international supply chain, Realize the overall planning and linkage between port logistics production factors, efficient and convenient port customs clearance and risk prevention and control, improve the trade facilitation level of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area, and inject new impetus into the accelerated development of modern logistics and service industry.
        It is reported that the biggest feature of this project is to use the world's leading blockchain technology to solve many industry difficulties. There are five specific innovations: first, build a port logistics blockchain network, covering ports, freight forwarders, shipping companies and other relevant participants, and connect customs, enterprises and financial institutions through a cross chain mechanism; Second, create three functional blocks: 1. Smart trade: through the trade information chain, achieve efficient and convenient customs clearance, transportation cost reduction and efficiency increase; 2. Smart port: realize the efficient and overall management of storage yard, ships and containers through port area linkage and information planning; 3. Smart Supervision: achieve accurate and efficient risk prevention and control through customs coordination and whole process supervision; Third, innovate the construction of combined ports: break the barriers of customs areas and innovate the customs clearance operation mode of "combined ports"; Intensively make overall use of logistics facilities such as terminals and storage yards to promote the integrated construction of logistics in the bay area; Fourth, build five databases: Based on the data connection of trade and logistics blockchain, build five databases of trade logistics, namely enterprise database, commodity database, logistics database, contract database and document database, so as to improve the basic management ability; Fifth, build enterprise portraits: Based on massive trade data, build enterprise portraits at macro, meso and micro levels through 6 dimensions, more than 80 models and more than 10000 factors to support various upper tier applications.
        With the signing of this contract, the two sides will take the lead in realizing the business scenario of combined port customs clearance in the Pearl River Delta through cooperation with the customs of the Pearl River Delta, create a new supervision mode, improve operational efficiency for the port, reduce management costs, and win more business increment. Taking this as the starting point, we will gradually promote the formation of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Port Logistics blockchain alliance and port blockchain technical standards to achieve a win-win and sustainable port ecosystem.
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