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State media name NFT hype! Yuanuniverse concept stocks fell sharply, and the world's best stocks fell by the limit

Time : 11/02/2022 Author : a1obwh Click : + -
        In terms of news, people's daily online today issued an article entitled "NFT, leading to the meta universe, or to a big scam?", It is directly pointed out that NFT has risks such as speculation, money laundering and financial productization. Recently, NFT has become popular rapidly, and everything can be NFT. In this circle, a pair of socks can be sold for $160000, an NBA star dunk video is auctioned for $208000, a five word twitter shot for $2.5 million, and a JPG picture spliced by 5000 pictures shot for $69.34 million, which almost makes Monet, Van Gogh and other masters ashamed of their works. Yes, you read it right! One NFT work after another has been traded at incredible prices, including many celebrities and enterprises.
        NFT is the abbreviation of non-fungibletoken, which has the characteristics of uniqueness and non homogeneity. It is based on blockchain technology and has the characteristics of indivisibility, irreplaceable and uniqueness. It is also known as "encryption art", such as encrypted cat, tokenized digital tickets, etc. Take bitcoin as an example. According to Nakamoto's design, after all mining, the total number of bitcoin is 21million. In the process of use, each of these 21million bitcoins has the same value &mdash& mdash; It's like every one dollar bill is equivalent.
        If homogenization token is more similar to currency, NFT is more similar to certificate of title. Behind each NFT, there is a different item, so its value may be different. For example, if you create a song online and publish it online. This song is very good, and countless people sing it at a time, but few creators can really know this song. If blockchain technology is used, no matter how many people sing this song, the other party can easily know the originator of this song and need to pay the corresponding currency. Traditional works of art, such as paintings and photographic works, can be easily copied endlessly, but with NFT, works of art can be marked, which can prevent other fake works and records from being abused or tampered with, effectively protecting creators to a large extent and providing more creativity for all major fields.
        Because NFT is irreplaceable, it means that it can be used to represent unique things, such as the original Mona Lisa painting in a museum, or the ownership of a piece of land. Nowadays, a picture, a painting, a movie, a song, and various other art forms can all become NFT works. This process is called "casting". NFT can be traded and used to represent some goods in the real world, but its way of existence is invisible. This means that the traditional trading mode of virtual goods has been changed. User creators can trade virtual goods directly by producing virtual goods, just like trading in the real world.
        It is because of the uniqueness and circulation of NFT that it ushers in a development boom. The traditional offline cultural relics and art market is relatively small, the transaction is limited by time and space, the passenger flow and trading volume are limited, and the form is relatively single. In addition, various rules, jargon, price, authenticity, and after-sales problems have virtually increased the threshold of "entering the circle". On the NFT trading platform opnesea, the seemingly ordinary mosaic avatars, pictures and collectibles are frequently sold at "sky high prices". The data shows that the cumulative sales of opensea has exceeded US $10billion so far, and the average price of each NFT is US $872. In August this year, Tencent released the first NFT trading app "magic core" in China, and launched the NFT product "limited edition thirteen invited vinyl NFT". The service agreement shows that the app is an "access to access, share and purchase NFT digital works".
        Tiktok, a subsidiary of ByteDance, also announced the launch of NFT series works; Alibaba launched NFT products such as "Dunhuang Feitian", "nine color deer" skin, "European Cup scoring King digital trophy". In addition, the popularity of NFT has also been transmitted to the secondary market. NFT has also been crowned as the "cornerstone of the future economy" and the "economic foundation of the meta universe". All these mean that the NFT market is full of infinite possibilities. However, judging from the current speculative atmosphere and madness of the market, most NFTs in the market have the phenomenon of "gimmicks driving up prices", and the transactions are full of various speculation or knock on transactions. For example, a pair of socks was fried to $160000, and a five word twitter shot $2.5 million.
        Now the price of NFT rises much faster than we make money. Many NFTs that used to be close to us are now out of reach. For example, a pair of socks can be sold for 160000 dollars, which deviates from the use value of the commodity itself. Just because this item is added with NFT as the encrypted proof of rights and interests, it is far beyond the price of its own use value, which is unreasonable in itself. Through the fog of time, price goods will also return to their original value. Once the market heat is relatively reduced and the phenomenon of hype gradually cools down, the asset value of many strange NFTs will also be greatly reduced. In the face of NFT hype, people's network issued a document "NFT, leading to the meta universe, or to a big scam?" He said that NFT has risks of hype, money laundering and so on, and is alert to "beating the drum and spreading flowers".
        In fact, since the beginning of this year, the state-owned media has repeatedly issued articles to comment on the yuan universe boom. On November 17, "people's Daily Comments" wechat public claimed that "we should rationally view the current meta universe boom.". On November 19, Xinhua News Agency "decoded" the metauniverse, saying that at this stage, the metauniverse is still an evolving and developing concept, and different participants will continue to enrich its meaning. We need to be vigilant against capital kidnapping, ethical risks, legislative and regulatory gaps and other issues. In addition, the article also mentioned that Shenzhen Stock Exchange recently sent a letter of concern to Chinese online, asking it to explain the relevance of interactive reading business with the concepts of metauniverse and NFT. In addition, a number of listed companies such as zhongqingbao, tianxiaxiu, Jiachuang video, Yishang display, Pingzhi information, Shengtian network, Kunlun world wide, Chinese online, and Liyuan information have received letters of concern from the exchange, asking to explain whether the company and related parties have rubbed hot spots, manipulated the market, and illegally traded the company's shares.
        In general, NFT has great application potential. For example, the confirmation of data rights is actually a difficult problem that puzzles the construction of data factor market, and the introduction of NFT is likely to become a solution to this problem. Although at present, there are still a series of problems in NFT, such as the urgent need to adjust the market order, the need to explore innovative models, and the need to improve policies and regulations. But in the long run, the advantages of NFT will help the art investment and creation industry usher in a more standardized, safer, more transparent and more valuable new future. Return to Sohu to see more.
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