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Shanghai incorporated blockchain, NFT, and Web3 into its five-year plan

Time : 16/07/2022 Author : 3fz21s Click : + -
        Yuanjie also has ambitions. The municipal government plans to encourage the creation of new platforms through the development of core technologies, and speed up the research and deployment of interactive platforms between virtual world and real society. Richer and more diverse content scenarios. The planned exploration of Web3 opportunities will include research on multi platform openid, distributed data storage, decentralized domain name resolution system (DNS) and end-to-end encrypted communication technology, supplemented by updating its hardware foundation and deploying 6G, internet protocol version 6 (IPv6), sixth generation wireless network technology (wi-fi6) and quantum communication. Although the plan remains silent on the prospects of decentralized Finance (DFI), it refers to "digital finance" and promises to promote smart contracts and improve asset trading, payment and settlement, registration and custody.
        However, this section focuses on the pilot of the central bank digital currency (CBDC) digital RMB, which is cherished by domestic banks. In an article on June 26, he Yifan, CEO of jujube technology, a large technology company involved in the development of domestic blockchain service network (BSN), called private cryptocurrencies "the largest Ponzi scheme of mankind". History ".
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