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Feixun released that the price of home NAS daily chain N1 is 1099 yuan

Time : 26/04/2022 Author : 6s347z Click : + -
        Feixun has launched &mdash& mdash; Family NAS daily chain N1, the product price is 1099 yuan. It is reported that this product will be launched in Feixun mall, and Suning platforms on March 19, and the appointment of and Suning platforms has now begun. Sharing economical services are gradually changing our lifestyle, such as airbnb, which rents idle houses, all kinds of shared bicycles for short trips, and second-hand trading platform &hellip, which sells all kinds of idle items& hellip; The idle resources of food, clothing, housing and transportation are being used. In addition to these tangible resources we can access, there are still a lot of idle bandwidth, storage space, computing power and Wi Fi in the field of network communication and hardware equipment, which need to be developed urgently.
        Take home broadband as an example. When going out to work during the day, the broadband resources at home are basically idle 90% of the time on a daily basis. Because invisibility is often easy to be ignored by us, and the waste of resources is serious. Feixun has been committed to studying the effective utilization of digital idle resources in smart homes. Starting from the K2 router, it has tested the family sharing economy model. Users can "lie down and earn" at home by sharing family Wi Fi. However, the doubts of users about information security under the traditional sharing mode also made Feixun think about how the sharing economy mode with platform as the exchange center can establish the trust foundation between users and enterprises, users and users. In this regard, the open, transparent and strict technical attributes of blockchain can build a decentralized trust mechanism for the sharing economy system, break through the development bottleneck of limited application fields and high operating costs of the traditional sharing economy, and bring development opportunities of "new sharing".
        Whether it is the popularity of home Wi-Fi or the design trend of large capacity storage devices, it is the embodiment of the development of the market driven by public demand. However, how to balance the market demand and the low utilization of digital resources, fisent launched &mdash& mdash; Family NAS Tiantian chain N1 (hereinafter referred to as Tiantian chain N1). Tiantian chain N1 is an intelligent hardware device based on cloud computing and blockchain technology. Its essence is to integrate NAS and blockchain nodes to achieve further optimal allocation of resources for distributed computing and storage. Realizing the whole network interconnection of storage devices and flexibly mobilizing resources originally has the feasibility of decentralization, so blockchain technology is naturally used.
        On the one hand, Feixun has the dual service advantages of cloud computing and technology precipitation in the communication industry for many years. It can calmly handle the transmission and storage of massive data, providing efficient, safe and stable operation guarantee for data connection, transmission, storage and backup of digital homes. On the other hand, this is the inevitable choice for fisent to improve the strategic layout of smart family. The future smart home "Internet of things" life cannot be separated from the support of big data technology and services. With the increasing number of C-end users of fisent, the demand for home life data storage and sharing generated by users using various digital and smart home devices is rapidly increasing. Fisent's introduction of data cloud storage solutions for home users is an embodiment of complying with the development requirements of the digital era.
        Feixun Tiantian chain N1 hardware device, combined with Feixun cloud disk and external storage devices, forms a home data center, which can help home users realize the real-time storage, backup, reading and sharing of photos, audio-visual files, documents and other digital content assets covered by the whole network. Different from traditional data storage products, Tiantian chain N1 realizes the "redefinition" of data storage at the functional experience level. As a household NAS storage product focusing on data security, it adopts the innovative design of dual backup linkage between Feixun cloud disk and local hardware storage. Users' pictures, videos and other files are automatically backed up to NAS and cloud disk through data encryption transmission technology. Local hardware is equipped with a customized file protection system, which greatly avoids the security risk of a single backup under force majeure and the tediousness of repeated backups, Data security is guaranteed in multiple ways.
        Feixun data storage and transmission technology has obtained multiple international safety certifications including ISO20000, C-STAR, ISO27001, etc. With the popularity of high-definition audio-visual and picture output, the space capacity requirements of data storage devices are rising. In this market demand, it is particularly difficult for Feixun Tiantian chain N1 to provide unlimited storage space while focusing on data security. Users using tiantianlian N1 first enjoy 500g of free storage space in the cloud, and can realize unlimited expansion of space in the form of 0 yuan purchase. Unlimited space, no panic storage. The speed of data access of ordinary network disks has always been extremely maddening. For this, fisent has targeted to provide continuous and stable distribution acceleration services.
        The data center adopts the latest shared CDN acceleration technology, which can provide cross region scheduling capability of massive resources, provide accurate and intelligent scheduling system and edge cache, and user instructions can be responded nearby, which will bring the whole network acceleration experience of uplink download. On this basis, humanized function highlights such as data classification and sorting, and automatic backup of wechat files will take you to re understand the security and convenience advantages of home light NAS. Extended by the function of home data storage, fisent has expanded the application scenario of the product to the entertainment sharing of daily home audio and video and files. One machine has multiple functions, realizing the superposition of product advantages and values, and upgrading the home entertainment experience. Tiantian chain N1 supports H 265 hard decoding, with 4K HD video decoding and HD output capabilities, it can be used as a TV projection and playback device, and the local HD multimedia video can achieve the viewing effect of the original code.
        Through the new generation CDN acceleration technology, the data content transmission speed of tiantianlian N1 has been significantly improved, and video viewing is believed to be clearer and smoother. Such entertainment acceleration experience will also be reflected in HD video, live broadcast, games, downloads and other entertainment application scenarios. Under the new sharing prototype system composed of "enterprise user b-end enterprise", fisent can apply users' idle resources such as space and bandwidth to the acceleration of HD video, live broadcast, games, downloads and other scenes through shared CDN technology, providing business support for b-end enterprises. At the same time, users indirectly benefit from entertainment applications, forming a virtuous cycle of "new sharing".
        Tiantian chain N1, as a blockchain technology application device, has a sustainable home application scenario and has great vitality in the field of home digital resource sharing. The product is an intelligent home NAS device based on blockchain and cloud computing technology, which provides a decentralized resource sharing platform for home users by integrating local NAS storage and online Feixun cloud disk services. In this regard, Feixun launched a platinum reward plan: Taking N1 as the blockchain sharing node, users actively share the node's storage, bandwidth, computing power, Wi Fi and other idle digital resources, and obtain digital assets through contribution calculation. Digital assets can be used to exchange Feixun cloud services, network acceleration services, digital entertainment content services and eco chain products.
        Feixun uses the open, transparent and tamper proof technical attributes of blockchain technology to establish a "new sharing" ecosystem with users as nodes. Technology is the basis of trust. On the one hand, it can ensure that the transactions generated by users' voluntary sharing can be recorded by all nodes to realize the openness of transactions. At the same time, it can ensure the equivalence of users' shared resources and income calculation results. The continuous economic benefits also encourage more users to join the ecosystem. When Feixun's massive user base and nationwide home router products can be transformed into a wide range of shared nodes, Feixun blockchain trust system will become more stable. Tiantian chain N1 reconstructs the "production relationship between enterprises and users" through blockchain technology and smart home devices, so that users can share the benefits of the "new sharing" ecosystem while consuming and using products. The product application scenario is very vitality and sustainability.
        From the family level, users can not only obtain benefits through the reuse of idle resources under the protection of technical security, but also make personal contributions to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection. Secondly, at the level of enterprise development, through the blockchain + sharing mode, fisent has reduced the huge energy consumption of the data center, realized the high-value utilization of the originally wasted edge node resources, benefited the b-end acceleration industry, took into account the sustainable development of science and technology and the environment, and effectively promoted the popularization and popularization of high-tech. For the society, the idle resources of tens of millions of household users have been effectively utilized, which saves social energy and reduces environmental pollution, and is in line with the development direction of green ecological environment construction.
        Feixun family NAS daily chain N1, priced at 1099 yuan. The product will be launched in Feixun mall, and Suning platforms on March 19, and the appointment of and Suning platforms has begun.
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