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Dynamic summary report of investment and financing information in the first half of 2022

Time : 21/12/2021 Author : dkqt9v Click : + -
        Baian technology is a developer of optical fiber sensing products and core components. Based on optical fiber sensing technology and wireless sensing technology, it provides users with distributed optical fiber application products, optical fiber sensing analysis systems, data acquisition equipment, intelligent monitoring software, high-definition seamless large screen touch box and other products and services. Weichong semiconductor group is composed of weichong semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai weichong Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a semiconductor testing equipment company initiated by a leading returned semiconductor technology team and established jointly with domestic senior scientists and engineers. Through various forms of services such as digital software tools /saas, carbon balance technology introduces the empowerment of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, provides customers with a low-carbon digital and in-depth intelligent management and analysis platform, helps enterprises quantify their own carbon emissions, carries out accurate analysis, and integrates eco chain partners to provide a series of solutions for enterprise carbon reduction.
        Beijing Zhongneng Botai Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the in-depth application of advanced technologies such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things in the energy industry, with a view to providing auxiliary means for the development and fine management of the energy industry after the integration of various types of data. At present, the company has two main product lines: Avatar industrial big data platform and its derivatives, tyrtar blockchain and its derivatives. Lingxi robot is a developer of intelligent robot control system, which mainly applies computer vision technology and robot intelligent planning technology to provide unmanned solutions for manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, intelligent agriculture and other fields, including vision based object segmentation and recognition system, robot arm path automatic planning system, etc.
        Dongdong Laike is an Internet enterprise rooted in the field of urban life and consumer services. It is committed to providing digital solutions for customer operation for tens of millions of small, medium and micro physical stores in China, providing technical empowerment for every physical store that attaches importance to customer operation in the form of SaaS, and helping physical stores connect customer value and brand value. Chenjing technology is a space intelligent technology developer, committed to becoming the pioneer of the "5g+ai+ar" track. Spatial intelligence refers to the use of spatial computing power and AI technology to connect space, scene, data and users, and expand users' perception boundary in combination with time dimension. By creating a core technology chain of "spatial Intelligent Cloud + 3D semantic understanding + visual inertia - real-time positioning and map construction + sensor fusion + multi-agent deep reinforcement learning + cloud engine", it will provide bottom-level support for social networking, entertainment, information acquisition and other scene applications in the future urban space.
        Investors: IDG capital, Lingang science and technology venture capital, sto capital, oppo, Xinwangda group, Fosun Ruizheng capital, Sanqi mutual entertainment, bvcapital. Tianbing technology is an advanced aerospace propulsion system supplier and aerospace vehicle supplier. It is committed to independently developing the next generation of ambient temperature green liquid propellant and minimalist aerospace propulsion system. As an upgraded product of traditional chemical propulsion system, it can meet the supporting needs of various aerospace vehicle systems with high cost performance. Investors: CICC capital, CCB international, Tongtai capital, CITIC Capital, Soochow venture capital, Jundu investment, Hongfu assets, Zhangjiagang eco technology city development Co., Ltd.
        Three phase technology is a manufacturer of motor products. The high-speed permanent magnet motor products independently developed and produced by the company can be used in many enterprises. In addition, the company also has medium and high-power permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, permanent magnet spindle servo motor, general frame number permanent magnet servo energy-saving motor and other products. Pilotage biology is a biological products and R & D service provider, mainly engaged in the research and development of enzyme products and biocatalysis synthesis process, and provides users with cro, CMO and other R & D outsourcing services. Founded in 2020, micro intelligence is a provider of integrated solutions for cost-effective lidar and low-speed driverless technology. The core team of the company has been committed to the research and development and industrialization of military lidar projects for a long time. With its deep military scientific research strength, it has independently developed high-precision lidar, the core component of driverless vehicles, successfully broken through the bottleneck of micro high repetition frequency lidar related technology, and developed long-range single point lidar 2D rotary lidar for robot real-time positioning and map building (SLAM) and 3D area array lidar for target detection and recognition maintain military quality in terms of core parameters, environmental adaptability and reliability, which can expand the application range of lidar in target recognition scenes such as commercial cleaning robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, AGVs, and provide potential customers with mass-produced micro high-precision lidar series products.
        At the same time, micro intelligence has developed slam module integrating laser and visual sensors, AI target recognition and early warning and robot motion control decision-making system, which can provide continuous and reliable system level products and technical support for intelligent robot R & D companies. As an intelligent agricultural machinery R & D manufacturer, Sinochem motive power is committed to empowering agricultural machinery with artificial intelligence and automatic driving technology, so that it has the ability of unmanned precise operation all day and night, aiming to improve agricultural efficiency. Feng e foot food is a new retail brand of SF. With offline fragmented scenarios and enterprise employee needs as the core, relying on SF's leading logistics, supply chain and operation advantages, build a multi-level and efficient new retail service network, provide multi scenario solutions, help improve the enterprise employee welfare system, and provide customized, one-stop employee welfare solutions for enterprises.
        Huitongda is China's leading industrial Internet platform based on the rural market. The company is committed to integrating the supply end of the industrial chain to the retail end through membership in the form of innovative mode and digital ability, providing one-stop service solutions for relevant enterprise customers in the industrial chain, so as to realize the reconstruction and upgrading of the industrial chain, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Taichi graphics led the development of open source infrastructure Taichi programming language, focusing on graphics, compilers, high-performance computing and AI related technologies. The goal of Taiji team is to "create a standard infrastructure for graphic computing and physical simulation, so that graphic programming can benefit everyone". Luoshi robot is the top supplier of industrial robot control system and six axis industrial robot in China.
        Its main products are xb4, xb6 and xb7 industrial robots, which cover 3C and other industries. At the same time, it provides users with a number of control technologies and services, including dynamic model-based control, torque control and feedforward, man-machine cooperation technology, and full support for machine vision. Basepoint biology focuses on the innovative development, technology application and process management in the field of deep cryogenic biological samples, including the self-developed deep cryogenic automatic storage system of cell biological samples based on the Internet of things and intelligent control, and the overall solution of alternative energy equipment. The main business items of Nanjing Juji New Material Technology Co., Ltd. are: research and development, design and manufacturing industry, medical treatment, vehicle and chip ceramic capacitors, LTCC ceramic substrates and other new electronic components, paste inner and outer electrode metal paste and integral control components and related products, sales of self-produced products and provision of related technologies and services.
        Investors: China Merchants Zhiyuan capital, guochuang Zhongding, Jinpu investment, Zhengqi finance, Shanghai GangShi enterprise management partnership (limited partnership), Shengyu investment, Suzhou high tech integrated circuit industry development Co., Ltd. Hairou innovation is a logistics warehousing robot R & D provider, focusing on the R & D design and scheme planning of box warehousing robot system. Its container to person system includes kubao robot haipik, software system haiq and workstation, which can realize material picking, handling and sorting, and serve logistics warehouses and factories with flexible automation transformation needs. Raise3d is a professional 3D printer design and manufacturer. At present, raise3d provides products and services in the fields of industrial design, manufacturing, medical services, cultural creativity, research institutions, architecture and cultural protection.
        Raise3d has branches in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and South Korea. Founded in Silicon Valley, Qingyue technology peropure was jointly founded by Stanford University Ph.D. in electrochemistry, UIUC Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, and well-known domestic designers. Peropure is an innovative technology enterprise of air and water sterilization equipment. Sterilization products with its patented technology have attracted wide attention from all walks of life. In 2019, peropure was incubated by the tomkat foundation of Stanford University and won the top 30 in the younggreentech competition in the same year.
        The company was introduced by the Youth League County Party committee and settled in the science and Technology Park of Changxing National University, and was rated as category B of the South Taihu Lake elite plan. At present, the company has developed rapidly. Euler cognitive intelligence is a knowledge map solution provider. Relying on artificial intelligence technology, it provides a cognitive intelligence platform and a "knowledge as a service" model. It uses semantic data governance and graph computing framework to link decentralized heterogeneous data to realize applications such as knowledge discovery, business reasoning, exploration insight and real-time decision-making. Euler cognitive intelligence builds an enhanced analysis platform based on real-time graph calculation. Like Google and Baidu, as long as you input "the data problem in your heart", there is no need to write SQL and develop analysis applications. Business users can easily obtain necessary information such as data charts, conclusions, reasoning results with one click.
        Geometry partner is a self driving technology R & D provider, focusing on the application of artificial intelligence in the automotive field, mainly engaged in the R & D and production of self driving technology and products. The company uses the self-developed 4D millimeter wave imaging radar as the main sensor, combined with visible light vision, infrared imaging and other sensors to build an all-weather pixel level fusion sensing system, and has independently developed a full stack auto drive system software integrating "sensing, decision-making, planning and control", which can provide L2-L4 autopilot software and hardware integration system and overall solution based on machine perception and deep learning. Heli chain is China's first supply chain service platform for the big health manufacturing industry. Its first supplier to factory (M2F) business model has provided services to about 10% of China's pharmaceutical companies, solved many supply problems, won unanimous praise from customers, and the platform's transaction volume has maintained a rapid growth.
        Relying on science and technology, heli chain will help upstream suppliers through the digital supply chain trading platform, and link downstream demand enterprises through the production collaboration SaaS platform, so as to open up the information island between upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Heli chain provides professional and convenient supply chain services for upstream and downstream enterprises. Xingxin technology is an integrated circuit chip and IP developer, committed to providing users with solutions for computing power and energy consumption, chip performance and R & D capabilities in the era of artificial intelligence, and helping chip design companies develop high-performance and low-power mass-produced chips. Radium laser is a laser integrated enterprise that develops and produces lasers and equipment for semiconductor, display and PCB manufacturing engineering.
        The marking field occupies an important position and provides cutting, dilling, patterning, grooving, welding and other excellent laser applications. Shenghua new materials is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of new materials for lithium-ion power batteries. At present, the company's lithium iron phosphate products have been adopted by many battery manufacturers. The batteries produced by customers are widely used in new energy buses such as Jinlong bus, Yutong Bus and Wuzhoulong bus. The company has become one of the largest suppliers of lithium iron phosphate materials in China. Robid is a robot developer, focusing on the development of service-oriented robot software and hardware systems.
        At present, the company has developed a number of domestic and commercial service robots. It has many patents on many robot core technologies, such as computer vision, intelligent voice, Robot Perception and positioning, robot hardware system integration and so on. Established in 2019 and located in the incubator of Institute of industrial biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, baikuirei biology is committed to the application of synthetic biological technology in the efficient biosynthesis of medicine. The company's full state chain synthetic biology platform based on protein precise design and protein molecular machine technology is to achieve innovative, efficient and green manufacturing of biomedicine and biomaterials. The founding team of the company is composed of bioscientists, doctors and entrepreneurs with rich industry experience from top universities in Australia. It has a deep accumulation in the cross fields of synthetic biology, protein engineering, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics computing and chemical engineering.
        By building a platform of protein precise design and protein molecular machine technology, baikuirei biological team focuses on skin efficacy skin care, rare metabolic diseases, pet intestinal health treatment and other fields, and uses synthetic biological technology means such as gene editing to target harmful bacteria or toxins that affect human health. Saiyuan biology has long focused on the research and development of innate immune cell drugs from IPSC. Zhang Jin, the founder, is the Pi of Zhejiang University School of medicine and the core Pi of Zhejiang University Medical Center / Liangzhu laboratory. He once worked in Harvard Medical School under the guidance of Professor georgedaley, the former chairman of the International Stem Cell Association (ISSCR), and once served as a scientist of Amgen in the United States, responsible for the establishment of IPSC new drug target discovery platform.
        The team led by Zhang Jin, in close cooperation with the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University and the school of pharmacy of Zhejiang University, reported for the first time in the world the application of macrophages expressing chimeric antigen receptors (car IMAC) based on induced pluripotent stem cell (IPSC) differentiation in tumor immunotherapy in 2020. Datastory is an industry-leading Internet big data application and service provider. The team has long been engaged in natural language processing and data mining research, and is committed to providing Internet-based big data applications and services for brand enterprises that produce products of high concern. The company's current business mainly covers brand public opinion monitoring, brand reputation analysis, consumer insight, social media monitoring and other fields, focusing on serving well-known enterprises in the industries of hotels, automobiles, FMCG, film and television, digital home appliances, communications, finance and so on.
        Zhanxin electronics is a high-tech chip company focusing on silicon carbide (SIC) semiconductor field. It uses virtual IDM mode to complete wafer manufacturing, chip packaging, module packaging, performance testing and reliability testing with domestic first-line semiconductor industry partners, and provides a complete set of SiC power devices and drive chip solutions for China's new energy industry, At the same time, we will build an independent silicon carbide power electronics industry chain. Sigeshenko signettherapeutics is a research and development company of innovative targeted drugs for cancer based on disease models. By establishing a unique disease model (based on the genomic characteristics of cancer patients), sigeshenko team has found a powerful target for diffuse gastric cancer for the first time in the world, and on this basis, it has developed innovative targeted drugs through in-depth strategic cooperation with AI pharmaceutical company Jingtai technology. By combining their advantages, Rapidly promote this targeted drug with independent intellectual property rights to the stage of PCC (preclinical candidate compound) within more than half a year.
        In addition, the company has multiple pipelines at the same time. Chen Xianggui's catering business scope includes: general items: Catering Management; business management; The etiquette Service; Conference and exhibition services; Professional cleaning, cleaning and disinfection services; Technical services, technical development, technical consultation, technical exchange, technology transfer and technology promotion; Packaging services; Advertising design and agency; Corporate image planning; Wholesale of edible agricultural products; Retail of edible agricultural products; Sales of special equipment for agricultural and sideline food processing; Sales of food additives; Entertainment and entertainment products sales; Sales of office supplies; Wholesale of kitchenware, sanitary ware and daily necessities; Toy sales; Sales of daily necessities; Sales of daily glass products; Computer software, hardware and auxiliary
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