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Aoyou browser 6 supports blockchain. Official explanation: it does not affect performance and security

Time : 03/01/2022 Author : 5qw60l Click : + -
        A week ago, Aoyou US ended its seven month closed development, and the first official alpha version of Aoyou 6 browser was packaged (not yet released publicly). Aoyou 6 caused a heated discussion in the community. In addition to the major reform of the kernel and the performance changes that the introduction of chromium kernel can bring, the most popular discussion is about blockchain support. In particular, many old users of Aoyou may not understand why Aoyou 6 touches the blockchain field. Aoyou browser responded to this. Aoyou said that you may still be thinking about all kinds of rumors in the speculative storm of encrypted digital currency brought by bitcoin and Ethereum. Although domestic officials have fully affirmed the importance of blockchain to domestic economic development as early as last year, compared with 5g, AI and AR technologies, the majority of gourmet people will feel that blockchain is very far away from our lives.
        Blockchain technology is valued, and its application and promotion are the choice of social development and the necessity of the development of value Internet. Chen Mingjie, the founder of Aoyou, found the idea of Aoyou 6: provide users with convenient services for querying, accessing and operating data on the blockchain network. Aoyou 6 browser provides network technical support for blockchain, and realizes simpler interaction methods and use modes of basic network operations such as blockchain data upload, download and search, but it will not involve the issuance and transaction of encrypted digital currency;. Aoyou 6 browser provides a more convenient authorization and transaction interface for blockchain applications, so that users can access and use the services provided by most blockchain applications through a browser;.
        Aoyou 6 browser will provide users with a management method of blockchain network identity, protect users' private data from loss, and reduce the threshold of blockchain application while being retrievable;. Aoyou 6 browser will also support an innovative domain name and resolution scheme, so that users can access blockchain applications as they access web pages, making blockchain more suitable for existing network usage habits.
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