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How to develop blockchain games

Time : 14/11/2021 Author : 4np1jw Click : + -
        This article is suitable for people who have the idea of developing and creating NFT games and want to have a general understanding of the required processes and tools. We will not introduce each programming language in detail, but we will link important resources and provide a panoramic view of NFT game development. This article is suitable for people who have the idea of developing and creating NFT games and want to have a general understanding of the required processes and tools. We will not introduce each programming language in detail, but we will link important resources and provide a panoramic view of NFT game development. Is unique and cannot be traded for other things of the same type and value. This is the exact opposite of the way money works. NFT is a kind of digital asset, a kind of token with unique attributes.
        They hold information about who the owner is. Ethereum is the first blockchain to create and explore NFT space, but it is no longer the only player in this game. There are multiple standards on each blockchain. You can think of standards as templates for the functions you will use in smartcontract. The first and most famous standard of NFT is erc721. This standard allows each asset to be unique and will not be destroyed or copied, and provides the basic function of tracking and transferring it. It also provides assets with certain attributes or characteristics that define their uniqueness and rarity. For more information about the erc721 standard, you can check out this excellent erc721 practical tutorial.
        Other less common standards on Ethereum blockchain include erc998erc1155. They have similar characteristics to erc721, but they can hold irreplaceable and replaceable tokens at the same time, so they hold a unique set of digital assets. This function is very interesting for game use cases, in which game currencies can be replaced and collectibles can be stored together. As we commented before, Ethereum is not the only blockchain that provides NFT functionality. One of the recent problems encountered by the blockchain is the high transaction cost "gas" and scalability. After the popularity of the famous cryptokitties game, the price of gas rose sharply. The company behind it created the flow blockchain, which was designed specifically for games and encrypted collections.
        Tezos blockchain also has an irreplaceable standard fa2, which provides great flexibility to deal with different game projects. Other blockchains, such as palm blockchain, are focusing on building NFT ecosystems for culture and creativity. Solana blockchain is the latest player in the game, focusing on art and promising to solve the scalability problems faced by Ethereum and other Ethereum based blockchains. As the space of NFT is still being explored and tested, new standards are constantly being proposed. For this reason, it is recommended to check the list of standards before deciding on a standard. First of all, you should consider the type of NFT game you want to build.
        Is it about strategy or battle or more like a puzzle? Maybe you prefer adventure or role-playing games or you prefer sports games. Once the NFT game style is determined, you should conduct some research on similar games that already exist inside and outside the blockchain. Don't try to invent the wheel. First, learn from past success and get inspiration. Design thinking and other nonlinear problem-solving models can help you conceive and experiment quickly. People oriented design thinking aims to ensure that the developed solutions meet the real needs of users. This is a collaborative way of working that allows multidisciplinary development teams to make better decisions and quickly test ideas with users, including feedback as an essential part of the solution process.
        It may be helpful to have some creative seminars, interviews, brainstorming or role-playing meetings with your team during the exploration of the problem space. In the past decade, engineers have begun to focus on the importance of creative thinking in requirements engineering, which is the decisive factor in building competitive and innovative products. Besides, it can be very interesting. You will get together with your team, and everyone can express their ideas. In the end, you will probably have many amazing ways, but you will also realize which direction you want to go. From there you have to turn this idea into a practical product. Try to define the most basic rules of the game, but be careful not to enter the details.
        Will your character have the ability to upgrade? Can you interact with other users? Don't be distracted by details and focus on the main idea. Try to make the game as simple as possible. Think about the most important features you want your MVP product to have. You can write all other ideas in some backlog somewhere else, but if this is your first application, don't be too crazy. Yes, it's a little general, but unless you want a simple pixel art figure, your team needs some creative thinking, designers, 2D or 3D graphic artists or experienced programmers. For example, we tried the pixel editor for mooncatrescue games.
        At the bottom of the left figure is an example of a cat in the mooncatrescue game, and the right figure is the first disastrous attempt to draw a cat using the pixel editor. In this step, we will introduce the main issues that need to be considered when creating NFT games, such as what platform to use, mobile platform or network, and how to choose your technology stack. We will introduce the most popular choices. Applications built based on blockchain technology are called dapps, which represents decentralized applications. In the next section, we will use the term DAPP when the technology we are talking about can generally be used for any DAPP rather than being specifically selected for NFT games.
        The first problem you may encounter when building NFT game DAPP is how you want end users to interact with it. Use their web browser for web applications or mobile applications. Web applications have high availability, can be accessed from all over the world through any browser, and have a decisive desktop, mobile phone or tablet, which makes them easier to be accessed by a wider audience. Nevertheless, mobile applications can provide more powerful functions and can be faster than web applications, but the development cost may be higher. When building mobile applications, you can choose between native applications and non-native applications.
        Native applications are built for a specific operating system (OS) and can access notification, camera access, and other functions. But because each operating system is different, you have to build different versions for each operating system. IOS and Android may be the most commonly used operating systems today, but the list is much larger windowsos, BlackBerry OS, Bada, symbianos, not to mention open source alternatives such as Ubuntu, pureos, mobianos, etc. Non native applications will not provide you with the same access to functions, but they are easier to build and cheaper because you may only need a version that applies to all operating systems.
        So before you decide to build a native mobile application, you should be very sure that you really need these functions, and then decide which direction to go in. You not only need to develop different versions for different devices and operating systems, but also need to pass the audit process to be accepted by the Appstore. If you are interested in building a hybrid application that can be used as both a web application and a mobile application, PWA progressive web application may be what you are looking for. They are the latest products in mobile development and do not need to be distributed through the Appstore. In addition, they can even be offline C; And the ability to push messages is a function that only local applications can provide so far, which is a major advantage.
        Unfortunately, Apple has limited access to native features and older versions of IOS are incompatible. You may have realized that it is necessary to thoroughly study your target group and its equipment before deciding on a solution. The simplest and fastest solution is web applications, so this is what we will show in this article. For more information about the differences between local and non local mobile applications, which mobile application may be the right solution for you, please check this article. Because there are many technology alternatives and combinations, we focus on specific architectures in this article, but we will comment on other available options so that you can decide which technology is best for your project.
        There are many great games or templates on GitHub that can be used to build NFT games, so try to find some games that can be forked before you start, so you don't have to start from scratch. It will save you a lot of time and you will learn a lot. The beauty of open source. When studying the architecture of NFT games, you will find many videos, but many of them are too detailed. You need to deal with how to connect these parts or how to actually deploy NFT mission games alone. A prominent tutorial explains how to build a complete NFT application architecture in 16 minutes. But setting up the whole project won't take you 16 minutes, because the creator of the video has prepared most of the code in advance.
        He is more willing to explain to you how the front-end, back-end, hosting and smart contracts are connected. If you are not familiar with GitHub, I suggest you watch some tutorials and get used to it because it is the most popular version control program. If you want to build software locally or clone repositories, you must need it. It's easy to find tutorials and resources online. What you can try is this tutorial that really starts from the basics. Finally, the hosting of the front end can be completed on netlife, which is a free option of the website. For NFT game login and authentication, you can use encrypted wallet. Cryptocurrency wallet is like a physical wallet, but it is digital.
        You can store different currencies and tokens in these wallets. Different wallets provide different services, so people use different wallets for different purposes. For more information about options, please check this article. Metamask wallets are used because it is very popular and has certain advantages. It is an unmanaged wallet, which means that you are responsible for your own key rather than a third party and can hold NFT. This is not a function provided by all wallets. In addition, it is very easy to use and can be easily added to your browser through plug-ins. If your DAPP doesn't use metamask, no one will use your DAPP.
        So basically, the front end will send the user address it obtained from metamask to the smart contract, which will be from the blockchain. Get the URL of the NFT belonging to the address. To communicate with smart contracts, you can use the web3js library, which will help you monitor events, set gas parameters, call functions in smart contracts, and customize your transactions. You can compare it with the restapi that can be used to communicate with the back end. Smart contracts will communicate through infra, a popular API for communicating with blockchain. In the smart contract, you define all rules and functions. If you want to build a centralized game company, it will be responsible for these rules and functions.
        Smart contracts cannot be rewritten with some exceptions, such as more than 50% or 100% of networks / blockchains / money holders decide to update something. The security and quality of your application depends on your smart contract. As mentioned above, the standard you choose for NFT will also specify which functions must be included in your smart contract. In order to write smart contracts, the openzeppelin library will provide you with support for building secure applications. The backend sends Axios requests and requests metadata to this NFT. In this very simple setup, metadata and NFT are stored in the backend hosted on heroku.
        For real-life applications, you should not do this because you store and create data in a centralized space. Using decentralized applications and then using data from centralized space will offset many of the advantages of blockchain. This is called an Oracle problem. In order to solve this problem, we need to use technologies like chainlink. This helps to add off chain data to the on chain blockchain without affecting its decentralization. For backend node JS is a popular web development language because of its strong scalability. If you are familiar with JavaScript, it will be very easy to use.
        Especially when using the koa framework, it aims to become a smaller, more expressive and more powerful foundation for EB applications and APIs. The back end will send the metadata including the name, ID and image URL of NFT to the front end. Using this information, the front end can send another request to the back end containing the URL of the NFT image. Then the front end can display the available data, and users can see the name and image of their NFT. In order to test your NFT game, you can use rinkebyropsten test network or any other Ethereum you may already have. If you haven't used anything yet, you need to get some Ethereum through the tap. For example, for ropsten, you can use this link.
        During the development phase, truffle provides a tool called Ganache, which allows you to create a simulated blockchain very easily. Have you tested your NFT game and are you ready to start? Then it's time to prepare for the main network. Please don't worry. Invest enough time to test and inspect security threats. Please refer to the following complete guide from openzeppelin to prepare the main network. Another excellent guide to Ethereum blockchain deployment can be found here. Your NFT game is not ready to go online C; There is still a lot of work to be done before deploying your NFT game. You should consider starting to participate and build communities.
        Create some content articles and videos &hellip& hellip; Open the discord channel to share communication information. This article is an independent game developer cliff · Callie's blockchain game development technical article. Without investment or team, he successfully developed the first real ARPG game of Ethereum blockchain &mdash& mdash; Lost treasure. At present, the game has been in stable operation for 8 months, and the number of game players has exceeded 3700. The weekly transaction volume of player props is about 10000 yuan, and the monthly revenue is about 80000enj (50000 yuan).
        Cliff recently shared his technical route of developing and building blockchain games from scratch. As a blockchain game fan, I witnessed the process of the lost treasure from scratch. While cheering for cliff, I wondered why no domestic game developer could make blockchain games of such high quality. So translate this article and share it with the domestic game developer community, hoping to give some inspiration to domestic game developers. The lost treasure is the first platform to join the Enjin Spark Program. I missed the preemptive experience program because I was busy with other work, but I seized the opportunity to join the Enjin ecosystem and start taking risks in the blockchain field.
        Soon after the first release, the first activity called "stampede" appeared. I used it to check the performance of the built system under pressure and whether it needs further construction and maintenance. The stampede event ended around June 13, 2019. I originally planned to shut down the server after the first activity so that I could spend some time reorganizing and improving. But everyone who has played games is very happy
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