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8-minute blockchain,How to use blockchain content to confirm rights? Here comes the golden idea of the contestants in the digital Sichuan innovation competition

Time : 26/11/2021 Author : r4v8oe Click : + -
        Since the second digital Sichuan innovation competition was fully launched, various competitions have been wonderful. On the afternoon of September 28, the first digital culture and smart media technology innovation track of this competition held the semi-finals of the content race. 17 groups of players had an 8-minute roadshow. A team called Bashe brought the UGC release incentive and blockchain content confirmation system serving the city portal platform. When talking about the original intention of the research and development, team leader laitao mentioned that "originally, it was just to make an UGC application based on the portal platform app, divert the user traffic of our ‘ follow-up activity ’ based on wechat, improve the download volume, and at the same time, establish an image library for editors to use, so as to avoid the copyright risk caused by using online maps.
        ”Lai Tao said that during the development process, some authors reported to the team that a picture he submitted to the team was falsely used on the front page of a newspaper. "In order to prevent this kind of event from happening again, we decided to use the method of time stamping the hash value of the image stored in the blockchain to help the author confirm his rights and help the media verify his rights." Laitao emphasized. It is understood that this product is mainly aimed at the same type of media and city portal apps, and can be customized and developed to meet the needs of more scenes of confirming rights and certificates. After users publish original content, the content evaluation mechanism of ranking gives everyone a chance to be seen. At the same time, UGC online confirmation of rights enables users' works to have proof of existence, improves the evil cost of fraudulent use of content, and realizes the combination of publishing incentive evaluation and online confirmation of rights.
        It is understood that the traditional content copyright registration cycle is long and the cost is high, which is a great burden for ordinary people, so it will lead to frequent infringement events. The UGC release incentive of the urban portal platform and the right confirmation mechanism on the blockchain developed by the blockchain content right confirmation system have reduced the time from submitting the request to issuing the certificate to 3 seconds, and the efficiency has increased by more than 200000 times. At the same time, the image hash value algorithm is used to represent a few trillion and hundreds of K images with just 64 bytes, which saves tens of thousands of times the byte cost and makes it possible to store certificates on the chain. "This competition is a good platform for the communication between developers, teams and companies. We also hope that the data application we developed can enable more peers to communicate with our potential users, and our works can be used on a larger platform.
        ”Lai Tao said.
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