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Zhangtai Taoyuanju nucleic acid detection epidemic situation in recent years, the scene seen on TV finally came into reality

Time : 06/07/2021 Author : lp6xvu Click : + -
        After sending the children to kindergarten, nothing will happen at home all morning. Generally, I wait until school is over in the afternoon to pick it up, even if it's another day. I ran into two police cars when I went downstairs to pick up the express with my wife. This scene is really rare at ordinary times. I have a hunch that something will happen. After all, the rice noodle shops in this area of Changtai Taoyuanju are not fragrant enough to let more than a dozen police uncles work together to eat flour. They must have a task to come. My wife asked me, what do these policemen usually talk about when they get together. I also joked that civil servants are basically graduates of 985 or 211 universities, and their scientific and cultural quality is particularly high. It is estimated that they are all discussing the relevant equations of making nuclear bombs or aircraft carriers.
        Before the joke was over, the property notice came to the mobile phone. The whole staff of Taoyuanju community carried out nucleic acid testing. It turned out that this large number of people in front of us were real!. When I went upstairs to get an ID card, a crowd gathered at the door of the community. At that time, it was visually estimated that there were about 200 people. Because it started at noon, many neighbors went out to work, and some people were also calling their relatives to tell them that the community had done nucleic acid testing. If possible, they hurried back home to cooperate with nucleic acid testing. Fortunately, I am a "frictional unemployed" person. Although flexible employment has nothing, time freedom must be standard. Just run into it and do nucleic acid quickly!.
        Seriously, the outbreak of the epidemic in recent years is really the first time to do nucleic acid. The scene I usually only saw on TV and mobile phones suddenly appeared in front of me one day. I can't help but sigh that the new crown is not far away from everyone. The hardest part is undoubtedly Dabai. The recent temperature in Guilin is between 30 and 35 degrees. It's too hot for me to go out for a few minutes to get an express. The body temperature of white people wearing protective clothing must be higher, and they have to work from morning to night. Ordinary people can't stand this hardship. Fortunately, everyone was highly cooperative, scanning the code and filling in the information passed quickly and unobstructed, and most people went to work outside, so at least when our family made nucleic acid, the team advanced very fast.
        Our ER Bao's due date is next month. I'm also worried that my wife can't stand in line for too long. I specially borrowed a bench from the police to her. I didn't expect that the whole nucleic acid detection speed was much faster than I thought, and it was basically not used. It ended in less than ten minutes. Since the policeman who borrowed my bench before may have been busy elsewhere, I gave it to Bai. In short, thank them. Nucleic acid detection in the morning should be relatively easy for whites. In the afternoon, when people slowly come back from outside, it is the beginning of purgatory. Here, I can only wish them success in their work, and I also wish myself and my family health and safety. Guilin's tourism industry should be as good as it should be. It is a great victory to be able to be healthy these days.
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