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Enterprises involved in the bottom electronic Bracelet dispute "microchip perception"

Time : 31/03/2022 Author : plqhi5 Click : + -
        Weibo blogger "big red spear" revealed on the 14th that he received a notice from the neighborhood committee requiring him to wear an electronic Bracelet when he returned to Beijing for isolation. The matter has attracted outside attention. "Big red spear" said that after receiving the electronic bracelet, he found that the product had no brand, no 3C certificate, and was suspected of "three no products". The manufacturer behind the bracelet is "Beijing microchip technology perception Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "microchip technology"). "Big red spear" told the reporter of "science and Innovation Board daily" that after the product was delivered, the electronic Bracelet had no brand, and the package only had the words "multi sign sensing device". At the same time, there is no plastic packaging on the packaging box, which is probably not a new product.
        In addition, there are no 3C certification and other items in the packaging box. "Big red spear" works in the smart home industry. After reading the manual, he found that in principle, this electronic bracelet is connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and the health information is returned to the mobile app terminal, and then transmitted to the background database through the app terminal. Through the product QR code provided by him, the reporter of the science and Innovation Board daily downloaded the "micro health" app for managing the electronic bracelet. The app privacy policy shows that Beijing microchip perception Technology Co., Ltd. and its related parties are the developers and operators of the app. The above provisions mean that under some abnormal circumstances, the electronic bracelet can collect and use personal information through the mobile app without the consent of the user.
        The reporter of the science and technology innovation board daily found that within 10 minutes of downloading the app, the app read mobile phone information more than 30 times without the permission of the reporter and without the permission of the reporter. This is obviously not within the scope of the above abnormal situation. The reporter dialed the customer service number of the app. Customer service replied that the app data was ultimately uploaded to the Beijing government cloud, rather than the CDC or the Commission of health. "Big red spear" said that before receiving the electronic bracelet, his family had been installed with an electronic access control and distributed with a nucleic acid detection kit. Now the isolation is coming to an end, and he is required to wear the "three noes" electronic bracelet with positioning function. After repeated doubts, he finally did not choose to wear it for his family.
        The reporter of the science and technology innovation board daily also found that the "multi sign intelligent sensing device" originated from the research and application of the microchip Research Institute on the "electronic sand" intelligent thermometer, which is known as "the world's smallest and most accurate wearable intelligent thermometer". Combined with the artificial intelligence analysis system, it can accurately target abnormal people and realize the screening of suspected covid-19. According to public reports, during the Winter Olympics, the hospital distributed more than 30000 sets of multi sign sensing equipment to 35 venues and departments in the three competition areas of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. The reporter of the science and technology innovation board daily tried to log in to the official website of Beijing microchip perception Technology Co., Ltd., but it was unable to log in for unknown reasons.
        Tianyancha professional data shows that the company relies on Beijing microchip edge computing research institute to engage in the field of edge computing chips and blockchain. The president of edge computer research institute is Dong Jin, who has become one of the shareholders of microchip perception through Beijing Huabo Chuanglian Management Consulting Center (limited partnership). In addition, Tencent holds 20% of the shares. In addition to the product itself, "big red spear" also told the reporter of the science and Innovation Board daily that he inferred from the ski pattern on the outer package of the product that the product is most likely to be "waste reuse" for volunteers of the Winter Olympics. At the same time, not only Changping District, but also Haidian, Chaoyang and other places have been notified of the need to distribute electronic bracelets to home isolators.
        Previously, the technical team of the microchip Research Institute announced that this is the world's smallest and most accurate wearable intelligent thermometer, with a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.05 ℃. In terms of function, the product can be combined with artificial intelligence analysis system, which can accurately target abnormal people and realize the screening of suspected covid-19. By April 2022, smart thermometers have been widely used in more than 10 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Wuhan, Mudanjiang, Dalian, Suihua, Harbin, Ruili, Yingkou, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Lianyungang 601008), Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Fangchenggang, etc., with more than 500000 wearers. It is worth mentioning that the official website page of Beijing microchip blockchain and edge computing research institute is directly displayed as domestic blockchain &mdash& mdash; The official website of Chang'an chain, in which there are many well-known domestic enterprises such as China Construction Bank 601939), State Grid, COFCO group and China Unicom 600050).
        The chairman of microchip technology is Ren Changrui. A senior industry insider told daily that Ren Changrui had previously served as IBM blockchain research director. He also established another company "Beijing byte perception Technology Co., Ltd." in 2019 and served as the legal representative, but the company has been cancelled at present. It is worth mentioning that the public information shows that the design patent of the electronic bracelet was announced in April 2021. In December, 2021, it won the bid for the third phase of Beijing administrative law enforcement information service platform, with a bid winning amount of 9.5 million yuan. As of press time, the "big red spear" said that the neighborhood committee had come to take back the previously issued electronic bracelets.
        At present, its Weibo topics can no longer be queried. At the same time, in response to media inquiries, the staff of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission said that returning to Beijing from medium and high-risk areas in other provinces and cities requires the implementation of the home quarantine policy, but has not released the relevant policy that home quarantine personnel need to wear electronic bracelets. Beijing 12320 hotline also said to Xiang that it may be the epidemic prevention requirements of local communities that they have not received the notice of mandatory requirements for home quarantine personnel to wear electronic bracelets.
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