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Will chain games become an important driving force in the development of blockchain?

Time : 15/07/2022 Author : hjb3ry Click : + -
        Chain tour is becoming more and more popular, and it seems that more and more people join the team. In the small world of blockchain, the landing application cannot be promoted for a long time, and the coin circle and chain circle have become the self hi of insiders! Tokens and games have become the backbone of the blockchain! However, the token lacks the support of the underlying value. It can only be a game of speculators, and the rest of the game seems to become the protagonist of the blockchain. The soaring slogans can't hide the continuous exploration of blockchain in the wilderness period. Although it has been 10 years, the development of blockchain has not deviated from the initial stage and entered the real development. We can see this from the current ecological applications of blockchain and the types of participating users.
        There are several main points for the Internet to usher in its heyday: first, the full entry of ecological developers, large-scale demand applications came into being, covering all aspects of life; The second is the influx of users as application consumers, because there are practical applications that meet our needs. From weather forecasting to shopping and job hunting, the Internet has fully experienced the value. Many people in the currency circle will encounter an embarrassment: when you want to recommend bitcoin or blockchain to friends or strangers around, you will probably fail. It is very kind not to treat you as a liar. What does this state of affairs mean? How can we change this situation?.
        In the final analysis, the value of blockchain cannot be reflected. The most direct way to withdraw value is practical application. Blockchains without application support are all hooligans! Imagine that if you introduce a practical DAPP application such as weather forecast and shopping to a friend, will he say that blockchain is a liar? His reaction must be: "Hey, this is easy to use, the link is sent!"!. With the development of the Internet today, apart from technicians or developers and programmers, who will care about how IP protocol technology works? Will you care about how Taobao supports and realizes online transactions?. As the largest user, the consumer doesn't care about how your technology can build the whole blockchain world. He only cares about whether there is a better application that suits my needs.
        So far, blockchain has not been able to produce real landing applications, except for constantly creating underlying technologies that people can't understand through white papers. From this perspective, blockchain has only just started. Game is the largest landing project of blockchain at present! At present, most of the dapps of major public chains are games, and the most active dapps are games. But most of the current games only stay in small games such as lottery and spinach. It has been proved from the Internet era that games are the most driving application, and its popularity, popularization and vitality are very strong. If an explosive game project can appear on the blockchain, it may drive the current development bottleneck of the blockchain.
        At present, in the blockchain project, in addition to issuing coins and cutting leeks, there are also a number of practical teams. From public chain to cross chain, technology is also constantly iterating and updating, but it has never been out of the cycle of technology for technology, and ecological development has been unable to be implemented. Maybe change your thinking. Don't always think that my technology needs to reach a certain degree to support the application. Use counter attack thinking to improve technology from the application and customer needs. For example, when designing a game, we should focus on breaking through relevant points and realizing the underlying support of the game step by step. Just like Taobao, the operator designed a new game, and then handed it to the technical team, which then developed and wrote programs to support this game.
        At present, most users in the blockchain world are the identity of the holder, rather than the actual users of the blockchain. Money holders belong to investment behavior, and investment is nothing more than long-term value investment or short-term price investment. From the perspective of value, it is difficult for the current blockchain to provide a real value model, because without practical application, everything is like a flower in the mirror, and the long future imagination cannot build a consensus of value. Therefore, no matter what kind of investment it is, the current blockchain industry cannot give investors confidence. Only through price can we enhance consensus and achieve the goal of long-term holding. To be frank, investors can't afford to wait!.
        The huge appeal and potential influence of the game can bring more and more real users to the coin circle. The existence of the actual user base can bring a strong impetus to the development of blockchain, and users' needs will gradually highlight and be reflected in technology! Then the development of blockchain can achieve a breakthrough at the same time!. Blockchain needs to change, innovate, change thinking, and try the way of development from multiple angles. Even trial and error can bring some value worth thinking for the development of blockchain! Games may be a breakthrough in blockchain!.
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