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Blockchain status,The rally call sounded! The research on the competitiveness of blockchain enterprises of "blockchain China Power" was officially launched

Time : 30/08/2021 Author : xoa6m2 Click : + -
        After the 18th collective learning of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in 2019, the concept of blockchain is hot again. This time, blockchain began to be guided to integrate more deeply with finance, people's livelihood and the real economy. In 2020, despite the severe impact of the epidemic, our goal of relying on emerging technology powers has not changed. In April, blockchain, 5g, artificial intelligence and other high-tech were included in the scope of national new infrastructure. The development of blockchain has been supported by a series of policies from the central government to the local government. At the same time, the investment and financing activities of Chinese blockchain enterprises have always been active in the capital market. Globally, the blockchain industry is also developing rapidly, and the market scale is expanding.
        According to the latest research report of fortunebusinessinsights, a market research and consulting service company under fortune, the global blockchain technology market can reach US $21billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 38%. The development of emerging technology industries is changing with each passing day. With the in-depth development of the industry, the cognitive understanding of blockchain also needs to be updated in time. It is the blockchain enterprises and teams that really understand the actual situation of the blockchain industry. In this context, 01 blockchain and digital assets Research Institute launched a research topic for blockchain technology enterprises, "blockchain China's power", the competitiveness research of Chinese blockchain enterprises.
        We hope to comprehensively reflect the real situation of the development of the blockchain industry, especially the implementation of technology research and application, and clearly show the development context and future development trend of the industry through the investigation of the development status of Chinese blockchain enterprises and practical cases of blockchain technology application. At the same time, we will also launch the selection of enterprises on the list of "top 30 blockchain technology service providers". The enterprises participating in the survey will become candidates for the list. Subsequently, we will comprehensively select the list of "top 30 blockchain technology service providers in China in 2020" with reference to expert opinions, and publish it publicly. This research activity will be carried out through enterprise interviews, research questionnaires and other forms, and will be presented to readers who pay attention to the development of blockchain industry with the following series of results, including but not limited to:.
        2. "Blockchain +" series of small reports: such as blockchain + insurance, blockchain + traceability, etc., systematically analyze and interpret the application of blockchain in different sub sectors;. 3. "Top 30 blockchain technology service providers" list: it not only provides examples for the development of the industry, but also facilitates the scene party to understand the high-quality technology service providers in the industry;. From now on, we begin to collect cases. All blockchain technology enterprises with strength, beauty and landing projects are welcome to contact the staff of the research activity group and actively participate in this activity!. The blockchain industry development survey report (2019), launched by blockchain at the end of 2019, systematically analyzes and combs the blockchain industry from multiple dimensions, such as industrial policies, investment and financing, participants, and the establishment of industrial parks; During the COVID-19, the industry "war epidemic" investigation activities were carried out. Through the interview and investigation of more than 30 enterprises, the survival status, development challenges and coping strategies of the industry subjects during the epidemic were deeply understood, and the report "danger · opportunity · elimination · long: blockchain" war epidemic "was released based on the investigation activities.
        In 2020, 01 blockchain officially launched the theme of "blockchain China's power". We hope to provide a platform for many enterprises in the blockchain industry to show themselves and jointly witness the rise of blockchain China's power!!!.
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