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How to evaluate Gao Xiaosong's speech on 5g and blockchain in Tsinghua?

Time : 24/11/2021 Author : 91lr4z Click : + -
        In xiaoshuo 20190103, Gao Xiaosong explained the future impact of 5g and blockchain. Here is a summary for friends who haven't seen the original version. The core ideas in the whole video are as follows, sorted out in an understandable logical order:. 2) One of the impacts is to subvert the content industry, solve the bottleneck of the unified charging model (paid VIP) in the content industry, and create a new track for the content industry. 3) Blockchain technology is needed to support the functions of free segmentation, real-time settlement and decentralized ownership confirmation. Ordinary people can also share traffic dividends. There are many examples and small points of view below the three major points, which will not be repeated here one by one. Those who are interested can go to see the original version, which is worth seeing.
        How to evaluate these views?. In terms of the significance of speech and publicity alone, it is indeed worthy of affirmation. For the vast majority of ordinary people, explaining the proper principles and knowledge, Gao Xiaosong's personal charm can be well displayed at such a time, with smooth expression, easy to understand examples and excellent communication effect. This simple and easy to understand form is also a way to contribute to the industry. Unfortunately, most of the impassioned speeches for the future will not tell you the hidden worries brought by technology. People are excited that 5g and blockchain may bring changes to their lives, but ignore the possible unfair treatment in the future.
        Look at the advantages, let me talk about the disadvantages, and see what this speech doesn't tell you. With high-speed and large amount of data transmission and high-quality copyright content, the idea of subverting the content industry is no problem. It was mentioned more than once in the speech that this potential demand is actually a tob demand. Large video websites or telecom operators have this demand, which can not only reduce costs, but also improve business efficiency and profits, and change the "buffet" mode mentioned in the speech. However, there is a problem that needs to be considered. Suppose that with the help of blockchain technology, the value and use of copyright can be settled in real time, and the current method of packaging and selling copyrights in a certain region or for a certain period of time is no longer used when selling copyrights.
        Is this change good for the C-end. Usually, video websites can bring good traffic and profits by introducing a good IP. At the same time, 20% of products contribute 80% of profits, which shows that the value of a good IP is underestimated when it is packaged and sold. Then, in the context of the popularization of technology, there will be two situations. First, the upstream copyright, especially the high-quality copyright, has become valuable, and the price has increased. The efficiency of the midstream has improved, and the content concentrator has transformed into a content operator (mentioned in the contentoperator speech, direct use), while the downstream cost has increased, because the main traffic is now in the hands of video websites, and user data, preferences and habits are easily collected during the industrial transformation, Moreover, with the deepening of transformation and the cooperation of some big data companies, these data will become more and more refined, that is, the data particles mentioned by Gao Xiaosong will become smaller and smaller.
        What is it like? In short, the original situation is that everyone is the copyright owner to earn less, video websites to earn less, C-end users can pay less money. One day, suddenly, the video website said, we have 5g, we have blockchain, and part of the costs originally borne by large companies or organizations finally settled on consumers, becoming a poor B-mode. Is this a good phenomenon? Consumers pay royalties, traffic fees and living expenses of content operators in the middle. At this point, we have to explore the relationship between fairness and efficiency. Because content operators will not appear out of thin air, Netflix and spotify will definitely carry out customized services in the way mentioned in the speech after finding out what you watch and like every day.
        After all, people have lost so much money for so many years, and finally have the opportunity to make up for it. Then these huge costs will eventually be on consumers. Moreover, a suspense movie charges a $10 and B $5 because a likes suspense and B likes love? Just because a likes suspense, a has to pay more? There is no such reason. Moreover, whether I like to watch suspense movies is my privacy. OK, who gives you the right to earn more money with my personal preferences? In this case, there will be a great contradiction between efficiency and fairness. Seats a and B are the same as the number of shows. They all watch movies made with the same investment of $200million. In such a time, it would be better for the film copyright owner to use the cost profit margin to price, and then the market will naturally give you feedback on whether your pricing is reasonable and how about the quality.
        Because the market itself is efficient, consumers should also have more choices. The emergence and standardization of content operators will take a long time. Now, no matter what industry, those who make money or not are desperately collecting user data, and they always think it will be useful one day. This is true. The era of content operators is likely to be the dividend period for these people. The problem of large-scale user privacy disclosure is bound to occur in the early and early stages of the industry. Now it is almost impossible to solve this problem, and the process of standardization may be very long. The content of blockchain was not discussed deeply in the speech, so these were not carried out. As Gao Xiaosong said, blockchain combined with copyright technology will bring visible advantages, such as divisibility, real-time settlement, right confirmation, etc.
        At present, the application of blockchain technology in the field of copyright content is almost a step away, and this field will certainly develop ahead of other places that need to use blockchain technology. Then the task of privacy protection is bound to be ignored in the initial barbaric growth, and some information is easy to send out, but difficult to get back. Blockchain technology was originally born with the purpose of protecting privacy. Putting the cart before the horse is really chilling. On the positive side, however, industry chaos may react on the industry and promote the great development of blockchain technology related to privacy protection, just as productivity and production relations do not always change at the same time, so this is also an opportunity for the industry.
        This is a cliche. Matthew effect happens almost all the time. The online Matthew effect is much more intense than the offline Matthew effect. Look at the above analysis, which one will not cause a more intense online Matthew effect?. More and more traffic will be concentrated in the hands of people who master traffic. Although blockchain technology is also mentioned at the end of the speech to help ordinary people get more traffic dividends, in an example of stars and fans, there is a sentence "blockchain can accurately divide weak values and exchange weak values of a group of people for strong values" (probably this meaning, the original text may be different.) But it's only half said. Although fans who support you can exchange weak value for strong value, this group will gradually reduce efficiency due to the distribution of interests. The power these people can contribute is different. Sharing the income equally will lead to the inaction of people with high energy. According to the contribution degree, it will lead to Matthew effect, allowing the weak and late entrants to exit automatically.
        This is a difficult question to weigh. That's why I just said that although the efficiency of the current model is low, it has curbed the Matthew effect to a certain extent. Although it's not intended, C-end users benefit as a whole.
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