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Which platform is better than coin, fire coin or OK?

Time : 27/06/2022 Author : 6wmy5k Click : + -
        A reasonable economic model is based on blockchain technology, which can amplify its attributes. Combined with the industrial landing, it can better maximize the industrial capacity and obtain the maximum value benefits with the minimum consumption. At the same time, it can drive the flow of market economy and the participation of capital, so that the entire economy can achieve unprecedented release, and drive the economic flow of globalization. Tongzheng economy is also Tongzheng economics. Tongzheng economy actually runs through the whole business and capital flow. It is a model of using value to drive business. Generally, Tongzheng economy is different from all kinds of points. Points are usually only internal circulation, and Tongzheng economy can be external circulation.
        The characteristics of Tongzheng economy are: value circulation attribute, globalization attribute, incentive mechanism, business integration mode, community consensus guidance, etc., which need to be orderly integrated, fully developed and reasonably avoided through reasonable economic model design. These so-called characteristics essentially refer to ecological construction. Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc. meet the conditions of this political economy, as well as the platform currency of the exchange. At present, the mainstream economic model of the platform currency is deflation. It is concluded that the value increase formula of platform currency is equal to deflation multiplied by ecological construction. As the date of the recent destruction of platform currency approaches, the following will focus on the deflation and ecological construction of BNB, HT and okb, and finally give a conclusion.
        II. Deflation commentbysophiadu: BNB is not the first platform currency, but it is indeed the first platform to achieve a market value of XXX. BNB is the first platform currency to launch deflation model, and others follow suit. OK and Huo coin were not deflation at the beginning. Commentby songminrui: actually, it was mentioned in the conclusion, but I don't want to be so straightforward. The meaning of deflation refers to the destruction of platform Tongzheng. Although the destruction of platform Tongzheng will not affect the income of platform currency, under the condition of constant demand, in theory, the market value of platform Tongzheng will not change due to destruction, that is, the price of platform Tongzheng will rise correspondingly after destruction.
        BNB is the token of coin security, and its price has returned to 14.84usdt from 39.59usdt in June 2019 (the price ends at 2:45 on January 7). Subject to the impact of the overall market, the second half of the year is an adjustment period, which is currently in the low price zone. As of November 30, 2019, the cumulative number of HT destroyed in history was 33.7198 million. (the data comes from the official website of Huo coin). HT is the token of Huo coin. Its price has increased from the highest point of 5.35usdt in 2019 to 3.03usdt now. (the price ended at 2:45 on January 7) subject to the impact of the overall market, the second half of the year is an adjustment period, and it is currently in the low price zone.
        Since May 4, 2019, for the total amount of okb issued of 300million, okex took out 30% of the handling charge of currency transactions to repurchase okb and transfer it to the black hole address for complete destruction. At present, the cumulative number of okb destroyed is 13978364.45. (data from the official website of okex). Okb is the General Administration of okex. Its price has increased from the highest point of 4.18usdt in 2019 to 2.85usdt now. Subject to the impact of the overall market, the second half of the year is an adjustment period, which is currently in the low price zone. At present, BNB ranks 8th in the world, HT ranks 15th, and okb ranks 78th in the world. The above three countries have adopted the economic model of deflation and destruction, but most of their political value also comes from their ecological construction.
        Ecological construction refers to the platform trading, which actually runs through the whole business and capital flow. It is a model of using value to drive business. It should achieve both internal circulation and external circulation. To put it simply, BNB's ecology: in addition to deducting handling charges internally, it also supports public chains, etc., and externally supports landing applications. Coin safety chain has now been updated in four versions, and BNB is its internal fuel. Coin safety chain is the only public chain developed by the three exchanges. Both the contract leverage within the exchange and more legal currency channels (which have been opened on five continents) are the strengthening of the status of currency security. BNB plays a leading role in the whole ecosystem of currency security. The official website of Qian'an has also made a detailed illustration of the external ecology. I think BNB is the most successful model in the Tongzheng economy because of its superior performance in the early stage and full potential in the late stage.
        To put it simply, the ecology of HT: according to the definition of Tongzheng economy, HT is still in the internal cycle (Huo coin threw out the concept of public chain in the first half of the year, but the development progress has not been announced), and more landing applications need to be supported externally. At present, according to the official website data collected by Huo coin, the HT of Huo coin is still in the internal circulation stage. To put it simply, okb's ecosystem, in addition to the similar functions of deduction of handling charges and other applications, has been developed for nearly a year since the public chain was announced. The external information on the official website is only a general description, and the development progress has been roughly since. The internal is limited to the ecological cycle stage, and the external ecological construction: at present, it is only in the surrounding countries of China.
        Tongzheng economy is a new generation of economic model of the Internet brought about by blockchain technology in recent years. In this new round of reform, there are market leaders and imitators who have always followed. Every platform currency emphasizes platform empowerment and foreign cooperation. Now the investors in the currency circle are smart. No matter what kind of words, all the official actions can be seen step by step. The progress of BNB, HT and okb has been analyzed above according to the model of Tongzheng economy. In the upcoming rising trend of platform currency in the new year, I think who is more benchmarked to Ethereum and who has great rising potential.
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