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NFT Chinese station | a brief history of the meta universe

Time : 10/10/2021 Author : gf9bio Click : + -
        : the content of the article is collated and collected through the Internet, which does not represent any position and does not constitute any investment advice! NFT market risk is extremely high, and investment needs to be cautious. If the content of the article and related materials involve infringement, please contact the official customer service for handling. First of all, we should make it clear that blockchain is a Web3.0 technology. Generally speaking, blockchain is a decentralized distributed accounting technology. In the past, the accountant was responsible for bookkeeping. If the accountant made false accounts, it was difficult for ordinary people to find out. Blockchain bookkeeping means that everyone is an accountant, and everyone has an account book. If there is any change in my account book, I will notify everyone of the change.
        In the real world, you may think that this accounting mode is repeated and the workload is too large, but blockchain technology can solve these problems well. Now the ledger is in the hands of different subjects. If you want to tamper with it, you must get everyone's consent. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to tamper with the information in the blockchain. Compared with traditional networks, blockchain has two core characteristics: one is that data is difficult to tamper with, and the other is decentralization. Based on these two characteristics, the information recorded by blockchain is more authentic and reliable, which can help solve the problem of mutual distrust. In 2008, a person who called himself Nakamoto Cong published the article "bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system".
        This paper expounds the framework concept of e-cash system based on P2P network technology, encryption technology, timestamp technology, blockchain technology, etc., which marks the birth of bitcoin. That is to say, based on blockchain technology, even without the honest endorsement of a third-party platform, people can still trade freely in the market, and all transaction records are authentic and traceable. Slowly, bitcoin has been accepted by most countries and can be converted into real-life currencies, such as US dollars. In September 2014, American e-commerce giant eBay announced that its payment processing subsidiary Braintree would begin to accept bitcoin payments. When bitcoin first appeared, its price was less than 1 cent. A dollar can be exchanged for 1300 bitcoins, but by 2021, it exceeded 68000 dollars. However, it has shrunk sharply since January this year, which is full of market speculation.
        After the popularity of bitcoin, as many as 5500 kinds of digital cryptocurrencies based on blockchain algorithm appeared in the market, such as ethercoin, TEDA coin, ripo coin, bitcash, dogcoin, etc. Bitcoin and blockchain coexist, so that for a long time, when we talk about blockchain, the first thing we think of is digital currency represented by bitcoin. Blockchain is bitcoin, but it ignores the existence of blockchain as a technology, which has many applications, such as NFT, which began to burn in 2021. NFT encrypts a picture, electronic album or other digital works through blockchain technology, making it unique, avoiding the possibility of being tampered with and copied, thus forming an effective right confirmation system.
        That is, through blockchain technology, NFT can make its own brand for everything, a unique certificate, which can be freely circulated in the virtual world. In March 2021, the "first tweet NFT" released by twitter was sold on valuables, a cryptocurrency market platform, and was bought by sinaestavi, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, at a high price of $2.9 million. NFT thus "out of the ring" into the public eye, the market continues to heat up, and international big names have entered NFT (click to see which big names have entered the game). Data show that the transaction volume of NFT in 2021 exceeded US $23billion.
        There is also a wave of NFT in China, but domestic platforms use the term "digital collection" more to refer to NFT. Since last year, Internet giants including Tencent, Alibaba, Netease and Baidu have entered the market. Ant established the digital collection platform "whale detection" in August last year, and Tencent also launched the "magic core" platform in the same period. Since then, Alibaba auction, baidu super chain, unique art, zebra copyright and other platforms have also launched digital collections. The term metauniverse was born in the 1992 science fiction avalanche, which depicts a huge virtual reality world where people use digital avatars to control and compete with each other to improve their status.
        In the original work, metaverse is composed of two words: meta and verse. Meta stands for transcendence and verse stands for universe. Together, it is the concept of "transcendence". Metauniverse is not a new concept. It is more like the rebirth of a classic concept. It is the embodiment of concepts under new technologies such as extended reality, digital twins, blockchain, cloud computing, etc., allowing each user to produce and edit content. Extended reality technology corresponds to AR, digital twin technology corresponds to VR, blockchain technology corresponds to BTC and NFT, and allowing each user to produce and edit content corresponds to Web3.0.
        Second dimensional youth naturally want to build a universe different from the real world. In the second dimensional universe, they are the masters of the times, ignore the old-fashioned ethics of the current society, and fight against the evil customs of fate in the cyberpunk world. It is undeniable that there are not only cyberpunk in the second dimension, but also Nezha and the pirate king. There are all kinds of strange gods and chaotic forces, but cyberpunk is undoubtedly the most reliable and possible one among the many second dimensions. After all, the era of the meta universe can be predicted, and the virtual world is all inclusive.
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