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Zunyi achieved zero breakthrough in cross-border financial blockchain service platform financing business

Time : 15/10/2021 Author : tj80bn Click : + -
        In order to better serve the real economy and effectively alleviate the practical problems of foreign-related enterprises, such as difficult and expensive financing. Recently, with the active promotion of Zunyi Central Branch, ICBC Zunyi branch successfully handled a cross-border financial blockchain accounts receivable financing business, provided financing support for a tea enterprise in Meitan County, Zunyi, timely alleviated the pressure of enterprise capital demand, and achieved a zero breakthrough in cross-border financial blockchain financing business. Zunyi Central Branch guided ICBC Zunyi branch to connect accurately and handled the access matters of "cross border financial blockchain service platform" for banks at the fastest speed. Zunyi ICBC introduced accounts receivable and export enterprise information, uploaded trade background documents, financing applications and other information through the blockchain platform, and quickly realized the issuance of unsecured loans.
        The successful handling of this business provides a new solution to the problems of difficult and expensive financing for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and achieves the double improvement of efficiency and quality.
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