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The blockchain technology market may break through in three years, with us $2.0 billion, Q1, and the demand for work skills increased by 6000%

Time : 08/08/2021 Author : n5k8hj Click : + -
        Forbes estimates that as companies, non-governmental organizations and the government further understand the potential of blockchain in increasing the trust of potential customers, reducing counterfeit goods, reducing transaction costs and entering emerging markets, the blockchain technology market may exceed $2billion in three years. Although more and more methods are using blockchain in banking, retail and education, it is still relatively difficult to learn skills that can create lucrative new jobs and form a competitive advantage. According to upwork, the world's largest freelance website, blockchain is rated as the hottest technology in its quarterly skill index. Upwork said that even if the digital money market cooled down, the demand for blockchain work skills also increased by 6000% in the first quarter of this year.
        Juhamikkola, co-founder of wyncodeacademy, a Miami coding school, said that some developers were paid twice as much for their blockchain experience. Not only technology companies need these talents, but also real estate, non-profit organizations and banks. Mikkola said. Leading university computer science courses responded quickly. According to the latest research, 42% of the top 50 universities in the world provide at least one course on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. MIT offers a six week online u collaboration). Oxford offers a similar six week Certificate Course (also supported by 2U).
        Coursera offers four courses in blockchain. Udacity provides blockchain developers with a six-month nanodegree. Kingslanduniversity, headquartered in Atlanta, provides developers with recognized blockchain training programs. The comprehensive plan includes four weeks of face-to-face training and four weeks of project work. They offer scholarships to reach students from countries that do not have such training. They have 275000 students in countries around the world, including the United States, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines.
        The blockchain Committee (@chaincouncil) is a group of subject matter experts and enthusiasts who promote the global influence of blockchain. They provide self scheduled training programs to become certified blockchain developers. Participants learn the subject of distributed ledger technology from a supplier neutral perspective. The Singapore Federation of trade unions and the national trade union congress Learning Center (NTUC), in cooperation with the Huobi group, announced a series of new blockchain courses for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fintech professionals this week. These courses will cover the basic knowledge of bitcoin and distributed ledger technology, with emphasis on the practical application of cryptocurrency.
        Aeternityventures sponsored the first blockchain course of softuni in Bulgaria, and recently launched the first decentralized blockchain incubator program, which saw 10 dynamic start-ups compete for funds with $1.3 million. London based education startup b9lab (@b9lab) launched an online certified Ethereum Developer Training Program (supported by EDX) in 2016. They also offer administrative courses.
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