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OK interview dialogue: brother worm, from one bit to POC hard disk mining, brother worm's "burning point" life

Time : 03/03/2022 Author : 2ol0xq Click : + -
        Brother Chong is the preacher of POC consensus, the founder of AISI community, the founder of [yibit] company, an early Internet entrepreneur and an early blockchain entrepreneur. Hello, I'm K Jun. "Analyze blockchain · OK interview" is a high-end series of exclusive interviews launched by OK blockchain business school. By interviewing top experts, project parties, capital parties and technology masters in the industry at home and abroad, from the perspective of supervision and guidance, industry analysis and technology implementation, it deeply interprets the practical problems of the blockchain industry and promotes the healthy development of the blockchain industry. The guest of this issue is Mr. Fang xuchu, who is called "brother worm" by friends in the industry. He has been on the Internet since 1998, and has been involved in many fields, such as food and catering, domain name, bitcoin, stocks, crowdfunding investment, etc. He is a real senior playboy, and founded an industry portal in 1999; Founded e-commerce website in 2000; Founded digital hardware evaluation website in 2002; In 2013, it founded [yibit] company, whose business includes yibit information platform as famous as Babbit, 51btc exchange, silverfish mining machine; Founded chain capital in 2016.
        Mr. K: Hello, brother Chong. Welcome to OK business school. Let me ask you a question first: everyone says you and fan · in speed and passion; Diesel looks a little similar. Such a tough guy's image doesn't match your title of "brother worm". How did you get this title?. Brother worm: Hello, everyone. I'm glad to be a guest of OK business school this evening. On the first question, it's like this. First of all, van diesel is bald like me. Second, van · Diesel is a drag racing hero in speed and passion, and I always "drag racing" in my life. The combination of these two points adds such a "tough guy image" to me; And the name of brother worm is because my name was Xiaochong when I used to mix with the Internet. At that time, I accidentally took this name. As a result, a very strange phenomenon occurred after I took this name. Many girls began to chat with me actively. Later, because I was old, I was called "brother worm" by my friends. It is estimated that I will call myself "master worm" in another ten years.
        Mr. K: brother Chong is from Wenzhou. Your experience also shows that Wenzhou people dare to fight and fight. You have more than 10 years of Internet experience before entering the currency circle, including portal websites, business websites and evaluation websites. The word "toss" runs through all the time. In order to let everyone know you better, can you share your experience before entering the currency circle?. Brother worm: I have done many things that I can do in the Internet circle, but I suffer a lot at my age. People like Ma Yun and Ma Huateng are in their golden age when the Internet comes. Whether their life experience, life experience or even human feelings have reached the peak, and they are all very successful in the end; In the era of mobile Internet, you will find that the post-80s and post-90s have seized this opportunity again, which is very embarrassing for us in the 1970s. In the era of the Internet, we can only do something with our own interests, not make it a great career.
        I worked as a textile portal for a year in 1998, called "textile art network". At that time, many enterprises settled in the website. I remember that the entry fee of each enterprise was 5000 yuan, which was done relatively early; In 2000, I came to Shanghai to do a forum for buying and selling computer accessories, and accidentally made it the largest computer mall in China at that time. At that time, I proposed to provide customers with humanized service and the best after-sales guarantee, so that I could earn more than 1000 yuan per computer later; Later, we began to build the "Sunshine Digital" evaluation website, which also evaluated electronic devices. At that time, we provided the evaluation on many computer newspapers in China, but because we were young at that time, we didn't know how to raise money, and finally the capital flow broke down.
        Mr. K: we learned that you came into contact with bitcoin in 2013. How did you find bitcoin? What made you decide to join this industry?. Brother worm: from 2001 to 2002, I had a little brother who was a wizard. He graduated from junior high school but was proficient in hacker technology. He stole other people's QQ numbers in Internet cafes. Later, when he came to Shanghai to join me, he gave me many qq numbers, many of which were five digits. When my little brother came to me, he said he would do the domain name business together, but he didn't do it for a while. It's also because of him. Later, I came into contact with bitcoin. Bitcoin has two dimensions that attract me very much: first, I define bitcoin as a digital currency, which is a financial asset. It is determined by technology that your asset is completely private (not by any other third-party institution). As long as you remember your private key, you can ensure absolute security; Second, it is limited in number and can resist inflation in a sense. These two characteristics lead me to join this industry.
        Mr. K: you are a pioneer in the blockchain industry. What new opportunities do you think there will be in 2019? Facing these opportunities, how are you going to "toss"?. Brother worm: I think 19 years is a period of return of industry value. When bitcoin was 23000 (RMB), we thought it was an opportunity for value investment, because the power cost of mining had exceeded the price of bitcoin at that time, so it was better to buy money than mining; Another opportunity is the mining part of POC hard disk, which I will explain later. Mr. K: next is the question of "blessing faith". We see that the current market is not optimistic. Under this market, do you have any suggestions for ordinary investors in this industry? You have experienced a bear market before, and your advice is very valuable to most people.
        Brother worm: such a market is indeed not optimistic, but the whole market has also improved slightly recently. For ordinary investors, I personally think that when you are most enthusiastic, you must keep calm. In fact, we will find that this industry, especially after Yuhong's "three o'clock" was launched last year, a large number of traditional investors rushed in and were in a very crazy state. Last year, when the price of the coin was more than 100000 yuan, a large number of people came into the market one after another. As a result, they were cut with blood. In fact, it's also very simple. The cost of mining is 10000 yuan a coin. Just ask the cost of 10000 yuan. If you dig coins, you can sell more than 100000 yuan in return. Any miner who digs coins can't wait to smash the plate at the first time.
        Ordinary investors outside did not consider it, but bought it because of this enthusiasm, resulting in such a large loss, which is one of the reasons. I have found a truth in this industry for so many years, that is, people who often layout in the bear market will finally gain a lot in the bull market. In a popular sentence now: if the bear market does not layout, the bull market will cry. Let me give you a few examples. After [yibit] stopped, a shareholder friend of mine invested in Avalon mining machine of Jianan Yunzhi. At that time, the investment was very cheap, only 10 or 20 million yuan. During the big bear market in 2014, not many people were optimistic about this investment, but he made billions of wealth in the past two years.
        In the bull market, including when ICO was very crazy last year, most of the investors who rushed this frenzy were bleeding. So I think in the bear market, everyone must be calm and sober, find the right direction, and dare to layout in the bear market. Mr. K: we know that brother Chong is very fond of POC consensus mechanism at present. Can you briefly introduce what is POC consensus mechanism? Compared with POW and POS, what are its advantages? We would like to know why you are so optimistic about the POC consensus mechanism. Worm brother: first of all, the POC consensus mechanism is a kind of pow. POW mining is the first in this industry. Its security and other aspects are more humanized than other consensus mechanisms. It has stronger adaptability to various mining equipment and is more popular, which is its advantage.
        So, what is the pow mining of bitcoin, Wright coin and Ethereum? At the beginning, they all carried out a lot of calculations through chips. For example, bitcoin first started mining from the CPU. Nakamoto's idea at that time was "one person, one vote". Maybe even he didn't expect that ASIC mining machines would appear later. Because everyone has a CPU on their computers, Nakamoto believed that CPU mining was relatively fair, which was the earliest example of pow mining. CPU mining later evolved to graphics card mining, and then evolved to FBG programmable logic chip mining. Next, if FBG is made, it means that this thing can be quantified into ASIC chips to mine. Finally, all mining modes through chip computing will be made into batch mining mode by consuming power resources.
        What is POC? It is completely different from the way of mining through chip computing. It is completely two types. You can simply understand POC mining as mining by looking for random numbers rather than calculation. Its specific process should be: first, we need an ordinary hard disk to do a surveying and mapping work. Before mining, we first use the ordinary CPU or graphics card at home, calculate the random number, and write it to the hard disk while calculating. We call this process "P" disk. It will take more than ten hours for an 8g hard disk to be full. After writing, all the hard disks are ten random numbers.
        When mining, you scan the index of the hard disk to "find" random numbers when you want to get a block. In short, it's like filling the hard disk with lottery numbers. When mining, it depends on who can find the number closest to the answer first. Of course, this number may not be completely consistent, but as long as it is the number closest to the winning number, it will be counted as winning, and there will be a block. POC is mining through "search", not through "calculation". Its advantages lie in: first, the capacity certificate of mechanical hard disk will not be made into ASIC miner. In fact, we can understand it as SSD solid-state disk (that is, chip), and the cost of solid-state disk is very high. At present, its cost cannot be reduced in just a decade, and the later solid-state disk can reach 50t. We believe that it can prevent ASIC mining, and only the capacity certificate can truly prevent ASIC miner.
        I want to explain more about this. First of all, why should we prevent ASIC mining? What are the problems with ASIC miner? I think its disadvantage is that the mining of bitcoin belongs to the mining of power consumption. Every miner needs to sell the coin every month to pay the electricity bill. In this way, the money flows out of the coin circle into the power system. I am not saying that there is any problem with the consumption of power resources. After all, it is also a process of mining. But the biggest problem of power resource consumption is the instability of computing power. You will find that if the currency price falls below your mining cost, many mining machines will shut down and the computing power will decline.
        And for the ASIC mining industry, there is a great monopoly of mining machine manufacturers. For example, mining machine manufacturers made a lot of money in the bull market, but how much did they cost? The cost of a mining machine is 3000-4000 yuan. In the bull market, we will find that through second-hand dealers, mining machines will even be fried to 30000 yuan, but everyone will still follow the trend to buy tens of thousands of yuan, because at that time, the price of bitcoin has reached more than 100000 yuan. After simple calculation, ordinary investors will think that I can get back my capital in just three months, so they are desperate to invest, But I didn't think about what to do next, and I also ignored that the market was also changing with the passage of time. These mining machines, which cost 30000 yuan, fell to the market price of 700 yuan a set in less than a year, and almost became a pile of scrap iron, with no future participation value.
        However, if we use hard disk to do mining, its participation value will be very high. With a 1000 yuan hard disk, you can dig for a year. After you format it, empty the random numbers in it, and it turns into an ordinary hard disk, which can continue to be used by you. Moreover, the price of hard disk itself is more value preserving now. A second-hand hard disk, which may be a hard disk that has been used for 5-6 years, will not fall much, so it is a very value preserving thing. Let's talk about the monopoly of ASIC mining. As we all know, for ordinary miners, you can't mine at home. Not only can't you dig, it's very costly, but also the miner itself is noisy and needs heat dissipation, which is simply unrealistic.
        So if you want to invest in mining, you can only invest in mining, often tens of millions. However, the mines will encounter many problems. The first problem is the problem of national policy. For example, many power plants have been closed in Xinjiang this year, and a scandal broke out a few days ago that a mining plant in Qinghai set up a continuous scam to defraud many investors of mining machines. These are caused by excessive monopoly. Whether it is the windfall profits of mining machine manufacturers, or the windfall profits of second-hand dealers, or the risks of mines, ordinary people have been unable to participate. Moreover, the mines are very sensitive to the currency price. If the currency price falls below the calculation power, they will shut down. These problems are real, so is there a way to make up for these defects? We began to think about this problem three years ago. Finally, we found that only capacity certification can completely solve the problem: first, its equipment is very general; Second, it is very value preserving; Third, its dependence on electricity is very low.
        As for the problem of power dependence, we can take an example: for example, now you have invested in an S9 miner, its price is 700 yuan, and its power consumption is 1400 watts; Then we invest in hard disks. For example, if I buy a 700 yuan hard disk, its power consumption is only 5 watts, but a motor rotates in it. The power consumption gap between them is 1/300. Therefore, electricity bill is not the most important link in this ecosystem. In other words, after the calculation power of the capacity certificate is online, miners generally will not shut down, no matter how much the electricity charge or the currency price, because it is not so sensitive to the electricity charge and currency price. For ordinary users, its threshold is very low. It really achieves the "one person, one vote" mentioned in Nakamoto Cong's white paper.
        This is actually a very ridiculous thing. We finally found that in this industry, only capacity certification can complete Nakamoto's dream of "one person, one vote", and mining through calculation will basically become the monopoly situation I mentioned above. When Nakamoto invented bitcoin, I don't think he thought that ASIC miner would appear. Therefore, for the disadvantages of mining now, we believe that POC can completely solve these problems. Mr. K: POC uses computer equipment to mine. We are worried that it will be easier to launch 51% attacks? How likely is this to happen? What is the mechanism to prevent evil?.
        Brother worm: you asked a very good question. I talked with many friends in the industry. The first question for those who know a little about blockchain consensus mechanism is about 51% attacks. Of course, for 51% attacks, we mean whether there are defects in the consensus mechanism itself, which is not caused by 51% hard disks. It does not mean that you can launch attacks with 51% hard disks. We can't understand that. If it is a 51% hard disk attack, we can set
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