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Changsha Kaifu District searched blockchain related enterprises, and experts said that further normalized supervision is needed

Time : 07/07/2022 Author : 0rs7e1 Click : + -
        Recently, Changsha Kaifu District anti illegal work office reported the results of the financial "anti illegal work" and enterprise relief in the district this year, focusing on Wanda business district. Among them, 61 enterprises and 34 enterprises engaged in financial leasing business whose registered name and business scope include keywords such as "blockchain" and "virtual currency" in Kaifu District were checked one by one to find out the risk base and supervise and standardize business behavior. Wanda business district was once the "hardest hit area" for illegal fund-raising and financial crimes, with a large number of "swindler" companies. In the past few years, buzzwords such as "blockchain" and "digital currency" have often been associated with negative images such as ICO (issuing tokens for the first time, raising "digital currencies" such as bitcoin and Ethereum) and illegal fund-raising, which hide many risks and seriously affect the financial order.
        In the past, such enterprises packaged with new concepts such as "blockchain" and "digital currency" were often supported by high-end business districts and magnificent companies. In addition, they employed professional publicity and public relations teams at all costs, making such "fraud" extremely confusing, and many ordinary people who were deceived were deceived but did not know it. In September 2017, seven ministries and commissions, including the people's Bank of China, the central Internet information office and the Ministry of industry and information technology, warned about the risks of ICO activities, requiring that from the date of the announcement, all kinds of token issuance and financing activities should be stopped immediately, and organizations and individuals that have completed token issuance and financing should make arrangements such as liquidation. So far, ICO has been characterized as unauthorized illegal public financing.
        "During the period of ICO, a large number of blockchain related enterprises were registered, but it has little to do with blockchain technology itself. They do not have actual blockchain technology and the ability of project informatization." Yang Zhiping, CMO of soyun technology, said in an interview with the reporter of Securities Daily, "taking what I know as an example, the national enterprise credit information publicity system shows that there are about 1000 blockchain related enterprises in Anhui Province, but no more than 10 actually carry out blockchain projects. It can be seen that some companies do not really do blockchain technology in the name of ‘ blockchain ’.". Today, Kaifu District of Changsha is still vigilant against companies engaged in "blockchain" and "virtual currency" businesses, and popularizes financial knowledge to the masses.
        Since this year, Kaifu District has prevented and disposed of financial risks in advance, carried out accurate investigation of "fighting illegal activities", established a joint law enforcement team for the rectification of "one non loan and three loans" in Wanda business district, and carried out more than 140 activities such as centralized publicity and financial knowledge into thousands of homes, with a cumulative number of on-site publicity reaching more than 15000 people, and carried out more than 900 publicity activities of "seven entries" (entering institutions, schools, enterprises, outlets, communities, village groups and families), More than 33000 people were affected. These measures have prevented ordinary people from being cheated and "cut leeks". "Blockchain related enterprises should further normalize supervision on the basis of finding out the risk base and supervising and standardizing business behavior.
        ”Jia Ke, the initiator of UOC open source project, said in an interview with the Securities Daily, "to regulate blockchain related enterprises, we must first develop measurement standards to measure whether they are serious blockchain projects. At present, the state Internet Information Office has begun to record blockchain enterprises, and the Ministry of industry and information technology is also formulating national standards for blockchain products.". At the legislative level, Gong Fuwen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and vice president of the Shaanxi Provincial Higher People's court, once again called for "strict supervision" this year, suggesting that it is urgent to introduce digital token supervision rules, strictly regulate blockchain project financing, strictly prohibit the issuance and trading of digital tokens, maintain financial order, and prevent financial risks.
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