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Ant node alliance, blockchain community, blockchain third-party integrated service platform

Time : 19/08/2021 Author : q2giwr Click : + -
        Ant node alliance's high-quality blockchain we media platform is committed to building the most influential financial media brand in the industry, with 5w+ fans. Minzhong is an application developed based on the concept of lpchain. It uses the pass mechanism of lpchain to solve the trust and incentive problems between network users and realize the value of various behaviors of users. It aims to build a value-added autonomous community, become a traffic portal in the blockchain field, build a Project Incubation Platform in the blockchain field, and provide traffic resources and services for blockchain projects in various sub sectors. Finwise summit is one of the most influential financial technology summits in the world. The team is composed of experienced financial market experts and blockchain industry elites. It aims to strengthen the exchange of industry practitioners and promote the development of global financial technology.
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