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Hainan Free Trade Zone sets up a blockchain pilot zone, and the premise for enterprises to land is legal compliance

Time : 28/06/2021 Author : 5vdn28 Click : + -
        The "Hainan free trade zone (port) blockchain pilot zone" was officially established in Hainan Ecological Software Park, which means that the development of blockchain and other digital industries in Hainan has officially kicked off. At the same time, the software park has successively announced to jointly build the "Oxford Hainan blockchain Research Institute" with the blockchain research center of Oxford University and the "blockchain system innovation center" with the big data blockchain and regulatory Technology Laboratory of Renmin University of China. A policy background is that behind the integration of politics, industry, education and research in Hainan is the general pattern of Hainan's Internet industry taking shape in three years and achieving the goal of 100 billion by 2020, and encouraging software parks to actively promote institutional innovation and industrial innovation. As for why we choose to implement innovation through blockchain technology, Wang Jing, director of Hainan Provincial Department of industrial information technology, said that first, we hope to rely on the globalization platform of Oxford University to gather global blockchain technology and talents, build a blockchain talent training base, promote the research collaboration and technology development of blockchain technology, and form a series of standard intellectual property rights; Second, we hope to focus on the construction of Hainan free trade zone (port) with the concept of first try, explore the application of blockchain in cross-border trade, cross-border payment, inclusive finance, credit evaluation and other fields, drive the industry with application, and carry out in-depth cooperation with blockchain head enterprises, top scientific research institutions at home and abroad.
        Wang Jing said that in the context of the free trade zone (port), how to combine the deepening of reform and opening up, the establishment of free trade system and mechanism, and the planning and promotion of blockchain technology application has brought huge imagination,. Yang Chunzhi, general manager of Hainan Ecological Software Park, said that Hainan chose blockchain, first of all, based on the needs of industrial development in Hainan under the conditions of free trade zone and free trade port, developing digital economy industry through the deep integration of blockchain technology and traditional industries may be the best choice at present; Secondly, the construction of Hainan free trade zone needs to take institutional innovation as the core, and blockchain can play a very important role around how to create an international, legal and convenient business environment; Finally, blockchain technology can provide a good incentive mechanism and international environment.
        Under the opening-up policy of the comprehensive construction of Hainan free trade zone (port), Hainan Ecological Software Park has also become the choice of blockchain and other digital industry enterprises. Favorable policies and environmental factors have attracted a large number of blockchain technology related enterprises to Hainan &mdash& mdash; On April 27, the Hainan provincial government, Alibaba group and ant Financial Group signed a framework agreement on comprehensively deepening strategic cooperation in Haikou to carry out key cooperation in the digital economy; In August, Beijing Dinglu Zhongyuan Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Baidu, was registered to establish duchain network technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd., the legal representative of which is Xiang Hailong, senior vice president of Baidu. In addition, 360 blockchain, Xunlei blockchain and other projects have also joined in succession.
        Chenwanxin, deputy director of the Department of industry and information technology of Hainan Province, told China business news that the major premise for the selection of blockchain technology enterprises in Hainan is legal compliance. At the same time, the enterprise is high-end, influential in the industry, and closely related to the future development positioning of Hainan. Looking at the whole international environment, blockchain technology is becoming another emerging technology after big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies, which is expected to promote mankind from the era of information internet to the era of value Internet. At the same time of rapid development, the industry is facing technological breakthroughs, talent training, application scenarios, system construction and other pain points. Professor billroscoe, director of the blockchain research center of Oxford University, told reporters that on the one hand, mining does consume a lot of energy; Secondly, many anonymous uses of blockchain lead to opaque and undisclosed information, as well as criminal use, which leads to the reputation of blockchain being tarnished; Third, the price change of blockchain currency is like a roller coaster, which is subject to a lot of manipulation and has not been widely used in business, so its stability is very poor; Fourth, how to make blockchain become the mainstream technology and how to make mainstream institutions adopt blockchain technology is a chicken and egg problem.
        With regard to the development environment of China's blockchain, billroscoe told China business news that the research on China's blockchain gave him the impression that the intensity and speed of the research were very high, and the speed and quantity were attracting worldwide attention. It is also a very new experience for him who has been engaged in blockchain research for nearly 40 years. The reason why the blockchain pilot zone of Hainan free trade zone can attract him is also because of its unique industrial policies, support policies, and rich application scenarios and foundations. At present, it mainly focuses on E-government &mdash& mdash; Including government management, real estate registration, medical treatment and general health. In addition, relevant landing will also be carried out for commercial businesses such as supply chain and banking.
        Naturally, there are risks and challenges behind the rapid development. Billroscoe said that the main difficulty at present is the need to establish a systematic and organic scientific research system.
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