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Guanglianchu will provide better blockchain credit services in the future through the filing of national blockchain services

Time : 13/11/2021 Author : efs2at Click : + -
        Last Friday (October 18), the state Internet Information Office officially released the second batch of 309 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers. Guangzhou Federal Reserve blockchain Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Federal Reserve") is honored to become the second batch of units that have been filed through blockchain information services. After entry, the relevant regulatory authorities will bring the blockchain information service providers and users into the scope of supervision, and the entire blockchain enterprise and its business will achieve the effect of security assurance and risk early warning and prevention. The filing of blockchain information services requires not only the preparation of application materials for qualification certificates, but also a true, accurate and complete statement of the functions and functions of the service.
        It took more than a year, and after the "9981" audit process, guanglianchu was welcomed by the public, and finally entered the second batch of blockchain information service filing list. Since the formal implementation of the regulations on the administration of blockchain information services on February 15, 2019, the state Internet Information Office has issued two batches of 506 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers. Various industry giants, such as Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, and China CITIC Bank, also have corresponding blockchain service products among them. It can be seen from the two lists that the development of blockchain in China is more comprehensive and extensive, and has penetrated all walks of life, such as culture and tourism, education, e-commerce, justice, medical treatment, supply chain finance, etc.
        With the wide application of blockchain technology, its role in improving the production efficiency of the real economy, reducing production costs and realizing the rational distribution of means of production has become increasingly prominent, and its application prospects in life services, public utilities, social services, cutting-edge technology and other fields continue to be promising. When guanglianchu was shortlisted for the filing of the second batch of blockchain enterprises, its integral SaaS service platform "very affordable" was also upgraded to version 1.2, and will soon be renamed as the "universal redemption bar" integral SaaS service platform. The upgraded version 1.2 of the points SaaS service platform not only provides richer activities, game templates and more refined visual data analysis background, but also enables businesses to do customer business through points more efficiently.
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